15+ Best Hoverboards for Beginners 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are a kid, a teenager or an adventure loving adult, you always want something fun that brings you the ultimate excitement. Presently, Self-balancing scooters or Self Balancing hoverboards a trend that everyone wants to have hands on. Especially, kids of all ages are excited to shift their lifestyle from conventional bicycles to a smart electric self-balancing hoverboard. These are not only smart and efficient hoverboards but also are much smaller and have hundreds of features as compared to ordinary bicycles. As an entry level rider, you just have to look for what are the best hoverboards for beginners that can fulfill your requirements and make you a pro in future.


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These days we have the era of modern tech. Each and every manufacturer and designer works round the clock to design a product that can give its customer hands on experience on the latest technology. Same is the case for hoverboards. With each passing day, there are improvements as well as many different features are added to reach to the levels of top and recommended hoverboards. But a best hoverboard is one that has all the features included in one package. The best hoverboards for beginners are those having adjustable fast speeds, good battery timings, maximum weight support, all terrains compatibility, a good range and hundreds of other features. With thousands of products out there in the market, it is extremely difficult especially for a newbie to decide what product is best for him/ her?

Thus selection of best hoverboards for beginners is not an easy and trouble free task. You have to select a hoverboard that is perfect for your riding adventures as per your requirements. Therefore, to let you decide and select easily without any confusion , we have created this detailed article where you will find our list of Top 15+ Best Hoverboards for Beginners. Additionally, we have also given some more suggestions at the end for you to have more options to choose from. Similarly, at the end we have created a detailed buyer’s guide for hoverboards to let you decide yourself what are the best beginners friendly hoverboards? Or you can also check our detailed infographic we have created for you to help you select your own best self balancing hoverboard.


As mentioned earlier, hundreds and thousands of products are available from which you have to select? But this is not an easy task especially if you are running out of time and you have to get a hoverboard real soon for your kids or yourself. Moreover, you can be a beginner and can get really confused by the sugar coated adverts of every manufacturer. That’s why we at DigiChasers, after a lot of research, have selected the most recommended hoverboards for beginners due to their key features like good speed, battery life, weight capacity, durability, safety  as well as real customer reviews. All these reviews are completely honest, neutral and are given in details to help you decide the perfect beginners friendly hoverboard without any trouble.

Now let’s get to our comprehensive reviews of Top 15 Hoverboards for beginners.

1. TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard – Overall Best Hoverboards for Beginners


Hoverboards are fun for all ages. Everybody knows this thing. But finding a hoverboard that is really fun as well as a great performer in all arenas is not an easy job. The TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed hoverboard is designed in such a way that is both worthy in catchy design and ultimate performance. Moreover, the cost for all such features is much less as compared to its competitors.

As the name suggests, TOMOLOO Music Rhythmed hoverboard has got the highest quality built in stereo speakers. Moreover, these are connected with Bluetooth Speaker 4.0 that will make your ride much more entertaining. Thus connect these to your smart phone or tablet and you can easily select music track of your choice. In addition, the colorful RGB LED lights installed across the board sparkle and twinkle in sync with music rhythm. During operation, this gives your hoverboard an exciting light glow (especially at night), when music is playing. Thus one can easily spot and listen your hoverboard even from a mile away.

This incredible and powerful hoverboard is lightweight and has got a weight of just 17 lbs. Despite lightweight TOMOLOO Music Rhythmed hoverboard is designed both for kids as well as adults. It has got enough power to transport kids and adults easily up to a maximum weight support of 220 lbs. Additionally it can get to a faster solid speed of up to 12 kmh and that too irrespective of the weight of the rider. Likewise, the board is can comfortably incline up to 15° and has got a maximum range of approximately 10 kilometers.

Not just stylish in design, the board is created from the highest quality fire-retardant and temperature resistant materials. It is UL2272 certified which means that it has qualified the most stringent safety checks. Moreover, chassis of this hoverboard are also robust and temperature-resistant. Besides, this classic hoverboard is designed to perform equally best on hard and smooth surfaces as well as also on grass, hard dirt and other rough patches. Furthermore, this product has got a 12 months warranty by manufacturer as well.

The only problem this awesome piece of leisure has got is that this isn’t waterproof, so this is not suitable for wet weather conditions.

  • High quality Bluetooth 4.0 speaker
  • Music rhythmed LED lights
  • Stable power and performance
  • Fast speed and good range
  • All terrains support
  • UL2272 Certified
  • Hoverboard is not water proof

2. SISIGAD Self Balancing Hoverboard 6.5″ – Stable and Balanced


The SISIGAD 6.5 Inch Hoverboard being budget friendly delivers far more than what you’d expect. Whether it is quality, design or performance; all these features of a premium hoverboard are easily found here. It is especially designed for beginners and amateurs to have fun with your family and friends. Not just this, it has got a lot of catchy and stylish color combinations.

This hoverboard has got the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, with an amazing wireless speaker for entertainment on the run. The speaker is though not of an outstanding quality but of much better quality in this budget. Thus connect your phone or tablet and listen to your favorite tracks on the go. Sisigad 6.5” Hoverboard carry out well both in terms of power and performance. Likewise it is designed for both kids and adults of all ages capable of maximum weight support upto 260 lbs. All this is possible due to dual 300 W motors inside the hood of this amazing hoverboard.

In addition to superior power and reliable performance, the hoverboard has also got impressive top speed of 9mph (14.5 kmh) . Thus it is much faster than its counterparts having top speed lesser than this. Additionally, the battery is designed such that it charges rapidly in a smaller amount of time, whereas after fully charged it gives you a good amount of ride time.

Beside all other features, SISIGAD 6.5” hoverboard is Highly stable as well as secure. It has got the most recent self balancing scooter technology that gives you a safe and simple mounting and dismounting. Therefore it is easy and simple for beginners to get into fun and adventure of two-wheel self-balancing hoverboard for the first time. Similarly this two wheel self balancing hoverboard has got high quality rubber tires and comfortable foot pedals that adds up to smooth riding experience. Moreover, this gadget is UL2272 certified device of the utmost quality which means it has gone through all the required safety tests. Thus it really gives a peace of mind to both riders as well as to parents in case of kids.

  • Quality construction
  • Quick battery charging
  • Good range and speed
  • UL2272 certified hoverboard
  • Low quality speaker
  • Not Waterproof

3. RAZOR Hovertrax 2.0 – Powerful Hoverboard


For years, Razor is globally acknowledged as one of the most trusted recreational products manufacturer. In case of hoverboard, Razor has designed the world’s smartest self-balancing electric scooter. i.e. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hover board. The slim design and powerful updated technology of this new age self-balancing scooter is already proving as the best beginners hoverboards among the counterparts.

Looking at the style and design, the slim design with stunning blue LED light bar display make it amazingly appealing to the eyes. Not just the LED display is cool but also the battery power indicator let you aware of the charging power left in your device. Moreover, the Bluetooth speakers are of excellent quality and provide you with music on the go. Similarly, there are two modes available for you to select. One is training mode that is beginner friendly and let you learn and train easily. The other is Normal Use mode that let you enjoy your exciting ride. Moreover, the fender bumpers ensure an additional safety of the rider.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is equally good for both kids and adults. Though having weight of only 27 lbs, it can easily adjust a rider up to maximum weight of 220 lbs. Besides the 350 watt powerful motor is silent and can provide you maximum speeds of up to 8 mph (12.8 kmh) which is quite faster. Moreover, once fully chargd one can easily enjoy the thrilling fun filled ride for continuous 60 minutes. Similarly the easily removable 36V Lithium ion battery pack is made up of genuine LG cells that charges quickly in no time.

Likewise Hovertrax is manufactured with Razor’s special EverBalance technology that automatically adjusts it for an easier mount and amazingly smooth ride. Moreover, it is built with the premium quality polycarbonate body which is rugged as well as supportive. The quality rubber tyres work with smooth traction and provide complete control over braking and gliding. Moreover, the anti slip rubber at foot platforms ensure no tripping and falling. In addition, it is UL2272 certified which means hoverboard has qualified all industrial safety standards and is safe to use.

  • Quality rubber wheels
  • Good speed and Max range
  • Lightweight hoverboard
  • Shield plus smart battery management
  • Two different riding modes
  • Ever Balance technology
  • UL2272 certified model
  • No Water resistance

4. LIEAGLE Hoverboard, 6.5″ Self Balancing Scooter – Anti Slip hoverboard


As a beginner and amateur hoverboard rider you are always in search of something that you can easily learn and handle. LIEAGLE Self Balancing 6.5”Hoverboard, especially designed for the beginners & amateurs is very easy to learn and maintain balance. You can control it whether you want to go straight, make a turn or rotate 360 degrees without any trouble.

This beginner friendly self balancing scooter has got an impressive anti-slip design plus the most recent self balancing technology. Thus you can easily mount and dismount the board without any hassle. Likewise at the inside are powerful 200W brushless dual motors that offer ride experience of superior performance for both kids as well as adults. Lieagle 6.5″ self balancing scooter is designed for both kids as well as adults of all ages. Moreover, the hoverboard have a maximum weight limit of up to 200lbs. In addition, one is not going to observe any degradation in performance during the inclines.

Furthermore, the hoverboard can attain maximum speed of up to 6.2 mph (9.97 kmh), which is quiet faster. Similarly, once fully charged in 2-3 hours, the board can easily operate for approximate one hour. Thus if board is fully charged (equipped with 36V/ 2A batteries), it can easily attain a range of 6+ miles in one charge. In the same way batteries are fully protected and one cannot fear any danger linked to short circuit or battery damage. Moreover, the colorful LED lights installed on the board give it a trendy and cool look. Additionally, the Bluetooth speaker let you play your favorite tracks while you are on your fun thrilling rides.

This hoverboard is designed with high quality premium materials and manufacturing standards. The pedal is designed as Non-slip (anti-skid). This not only ensures your safety during the ride but also help a lot in not feeling very tired after long-term use. For such thrilling rides, safety is something that cannot be compromised at any cost. Thus even in case of this hoverboard, after ensuring through hundreds of safety checks, this hoverboard is awarded UL2272 certification. This provides a peace of mind to the rider as well as especially to parents.

  • Quality material & construction
  • Fast battery charging
  • Quick 360 degrees rotation
  • UL2272 certified
  • Limited top speed
  • Limited maximum range
  • Not waterproof

5. JOLEGE 6.5″ Two-Wheel Self Balancing Hoverboard – Colorful Hoverboard


Do you really want to learn hover-boarding without any hassle but in a safe and quick way? JOLEGE 6.5” two wheel Self balancing Hoverboard is an answer for you. This hoverboard lets you learn easily and quickly with its powerful self balancing feature. Thus in no time you will master the art of riding hoverboards. Besides, the JOLEGE two-wheel hoverboard is available in many different colors such as Black, White, Pink, Star Blue, Chrome Blue, Chrome Purple, Graffiti, and many more.

Talking about construction of the hoverboard, it has got 6.5” rugged rubber wheels. Likewise the structure, material and design of board are also strong. It can support minimum rider weight of at least 44 lbs whereas maximum weight support is 260 lbs. Thus the hoverboard equally supports kids as well as adults of all ages. The wheels have got bunch of stunning LED lights plus two front LED lights on board that gives this board an awesome look both during day and night. Moreover, the built-in Bluetooth speaker enables you to play your selected tracks during your riding experience. The Bluetooth can easily be connected to your smart phone or tablet to let you choose what you want to play during the ride. Furthermore, the latest self balancing intelligent sensors offer a stable and safer riding experience.

Similarly inside the hood are powerful 300W dual motors that can accelerate you to maximum speeds of up to 7.5 mph (12 kmh). It takes 2-4 hours to fully charge the hoverboard. However, once fully charged, the hoverboard can go up to a maximum range of 15 km. In addition, the battery is of high standard and is not susceptible to damage very easily.

As mentioned earlier, the construction and material of JOLEGE 6.5” hoverboard is unquestionable. The material of board as well as wheel is non slippery and so you are not going to get any feeling of sliding or tripping. Moreover, the hoverboard is UL2272 certified which clearly means that hoverboard is tested safe.

  • Better top speed
  • Excellent range
  • Available in different colors
  • UL2272 certified scooter
  • No water resistance

6. XPRIT Bluetooth Speaker Hoverboard – Best Bluetooth Speaker


Have you got a tight budget and cannot spend even150$ for a hoverboard? Yet your requirements are a complete all in one package hoverboard, then XPRIT hoverboard is what will fulfill all your such dreams. Whether it is LED light wheels, a good quality Bluetooth speaker or some additional features like a self balancing scooter technology, your will find all these in XPRIT Hoverboard and that too for less than $150.

The XPRIT hoverboard is one of the top-selling 6.5-inch hoverboards that delivers you much more than what you would normally expect for this money. Though it is extensively liked by kids, yet as per manufacturer it is an ideal board for all ages and experience levels. It has got maximum weight support of upto 165 lbs so kids of all ages and even young adults can easily enjoy this perfect ride. Additionally the improved the self-balancing technology of this hoverboard, makes it much easier to mount and dismount. Thus it makes this hoverboard an entry level best hoverboard for beginners as well. Likewise during operation it offers a secure, smooth and stable ride from start to end.

XPRIT hoverboard offers an impressive charging time of just two hours. Thus once fully charged you can easily enjoy your seamless ride for a range of up to 60 minutes easily on a single charge. Though the maximum speed is less as compared to others, but still 6mph (9.6 kmh) is really not bad. Moreover, this hoverboard equally performs well in all terrains especially on a relatively smooth and dry surface. Additionally, the powerful motor can easily handle inclines up to 15 degrees without any loss or degradation in performance.

Another impressive feature of this budget friendly hoverboard is Bluetooth speaker. The quality is much better whether in terms of connectivity or sound quality. Thus allowing you to tune up your favorite tracks while enjoying your exciting ride. Similarly, the colorful LED lights adds up much more to the style and design of this hoverboard that sparkle and flash at the front and in the wheels. Moreover, this hoverboard is available in different attractive colors, so choose whatever suits your mood. Similarly the attractive exterior styling and responsive controls will force you in liking this hoverboard even more.

Furthermore, this hoverboard is not just superb in design but also excellent in its build quality as well. The material is robust and the manufacturing quality is excellent. Being UL2272 certified hoverboard, this gadget has obviously qualified all required safety standards that provides an additional comfort to the rider.

  • Colorful catchy design
  • Quality Bluetooth speaker
  • Fast battery charging
  • All terrains hoverboard
  • UL2272 certified
  • Relatively slower speed
  • Less maximum range
  • Not suitable for wet weather

7. GYROOR Warrior Hoverboard 8.5” – All Terrains Hoverboard


Gyroor is considered as one of the top of the line electric vehicle manufacturer that is widely popular for its products. Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard 8.5” is a rugged hoverboard known for its durability and sturdy structure. Due its rugged material and good construction, it is going to accompany you even for years.

Available in four different colors, Gyroor Warrior is a hoverboard designed for all terrains. It has got solid 8.5 inch high quality tires and 700 Watts powerful motors (02 x 350 W motors) that ensure your smooth and trouble-free ride on all terrains. Thus you don’t have to worry about any terrain. Whether it is dirt, grass gravel or even wet surfaces, feel free to ride like a champion. Moreover, this is also one of the best hoverboards for beginners due to latest self balancing technology. The built in computer sensors and processor inside the main logic board detect even the minor changes in speed and tilt and adjust your board accordingly. Thus it allows even beginners to master the art of balancing with safety and fun.

The Gyroor Warrior has some bright and stunning lights that make it an amazingly looking hoverboard. The front and rear LED lights not only give it a spectacular look but also increase your safety especially at low lights. Moreover, these are also controllable and can be adjusted as per your requirements and mood. What’s more is the built in music speakers for music lovers. It is a high quality Bluetooth speaker that you can use to play your favorite music on the go. A slight issue in this region is that once you turn ON the Bluetooth speakers, the system will give you a loud indication “Bluetooth ON”. Though it is not a fault or an issue, but as some people have privacy concerns, the manufacturer should have included an option to turn off this feature.

The 350 W powerful motors of this smart electric scooter do not only give you the power to ride easily on all types of terrain. Also these are good enough to put this hoverboard at an amazing maximum speed of up to 9.95 mph (16 kmh). Due to such high speeds this hoverboard also takes its place in one of the fastest hoverboards equally suited for beginners as well as pros. Not only this, but these motors are capable of climbing inclination up to 30 degrees without any performance loss. Moreover, having weight of 33 lbs the hoverboard supports maximum weight of the rider up to 265 lbs. Thus both kids as well as adults can enjoy their rides on this Warrior hoverboard. To make it memorable, attach a small camera to your helmet to record your memorable adventures for you.

In addition there is a dedicated app that can be used to control and modify different features of this App controlled hoverboard. For example, you can change between adult and child mode, adjust led settings, play music, adjust speed, activate anti theft alarm and much more. Moreover, it is also IP 54 water resistant hoverboard. Similarly, Gyroor Warrior is UL2272 certified which means it has qualified all critical safety tests and is safe to use.

  • Powerful motors
  • IP 54 water resistance
  • Dedicated app for hoverboard control
  • All terrains support
  • Quality speakers
  • UL2272 certified model
  • Heavy weight hoverboard
  • Loud indication of Bluetooth ON

8. SWAGBOARD Vibe T580 App-Enabled Hoverboard – App Controlled Scooter


Do you want to buy a super smart hover-board that is really versatile in all its features? Swagtron Swagboard T580 has got you covered in all required arenas. Swagtron has not just designed this single hoverboard, but is globally renowned for its fun filled scientifically designed and engineered hoverboards and scooters.

Here in this smart hoverboard, you don’t have to be an expert to drive this amazing ride. Rather it is much beginner friendly and let anyone drive and master this easily. Swagtron T580 App enabled scooter has got all the features that you would required in a hoverboard. As compared to others, the dedicated iOS and Android mobile app, and integrated Bluetooth hoverboard allow you seamless connectivity on the go. Thus you can easily control your ride using dedicated app in your smart phones. In addition, the Bluetooth speaker play your favorite music tracks all along your ride. 

Its triple mode selection is something you will not find easily in any other hoverboard. For each level of expertise you have got a separate mode. You get to choose between all these three modes as per your practice and experience. For beginners or inexperienced riders there is Learning Mode. Then there is Standard Mode where intermediate level riders can practice and enjoy their rides. For expert and professionals, there is Special Advanced Mode that one can easily select using dedicated mobile app.

Inside the hood, the T580 hoverboard has got 200 W powerful motors. These let you experience powerful performance letting you drive up to a maximum speed of 7.5 mph (12 kmh). Moreover, it is capable of climbing inclines up to 30 degrees without any degradation in performance. Also the smart battery management system let you drive up to a maximum range of 8 miles in one full charge. The hoverboard is rugged and durable enough to have a minimum of 44 lbs and maximum weight limit of up to 220 lbs. Thus this smart hoverboard is equally suitable for kids, teenagers as well as adults.

The SwagTron T580 is UL2272 certified, which means the device has gone through rigorous testing and has qualified all required safety standards. Furthermore, the device also has a fireproof outer casing that provide protection against short-circuits or fire. Similarly, protection and health of batteries is ensured by smart battery management systems. It monitors their charging and discharging process efficiently. Moreover, the patented Sentry Shield Technology in Swagtron Swagboard T580 ensures safety of a rider in all dimensions.

  • App enabled hoverboard
  • Three different riding modes
  • Battery Sentry Shield technology
  • Ability to climb up to 30 degrees
  • UL2272 certified model
  • Limited color range
  • Not suitable for rough terrains

9. BESTON Sports Newest Generation Electric Hoverboard – User Friendly


As the name suggests, Beston Sports hoverboard is an electric hoverboard which is classy for new generation. Being equipped with latest smart self balancing technology, it is one of the best beginners friendly hoverboards. Beston Sports has is available in 12 different colors. Thus you have a wide variety to choose according to your wish and mood.

Similarly, the colorful board as well as the vibrant LED lights both in wheels and on the board, gives this entry level hoverboard amazing and wonderful looks. These stunning lights not only add up to the beauty of this stylish hoverboard, but also make your journey safer especially in low light. Likewise the Bluetooth connectivity it offers for its high quality Bluetooth speakers is worth mentioning. Just let your phone or tab connected to the hoverboard speaker and have fun listening to the tracks during your ride.

Beston Sports Self Balancing hoverboard has got a maximum weight support of up to 180 lbs. Thus it is suitable hoverboard for both kids as well as teenagers. At maximum the hoverboard takes 3 hours to fully charge from flat. Once fully charged the hoverboard can easily give you a range of 7.4 miles (12 km). The maximum speed this hoverboard can attain is 6.2 mph (10kmh). Though there are no separate learning and normal use mode, but still this hoverboard is very easy to learn and master.

Moreover, the hoverboard proves to offer maximum performance during the ride as well as is robust and durable. Additionally, its anti-slip footpad is thicker as well as durable. Therefore, you get better stability as well as good traction experience while riding. Moreover, the self balance technology helps new riders to learn and ride smoothly with safety. Furthermore, the hoverboard is UL2272 certified that proves it a safe hoverboard to ride. The only problem you can face on this hoverboard is that it is not designed for multi terrains. Thus you cannot use it on all kind of surfaces.

  • 12 different colors
  • Good quality Bluetooth speakers
  • Anti slip thick footpads
  • UL2272 certified model
  • No Multi terrain support
  • Not waterproof

10. SWAGTRON Swagboard Outlaw T6 – Best Weight Support


Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 is one of the beasts in the adventures of hover-boarding. Why are we referring to this hoverboard as beast? This thing is going to blow your mind that this beast can support maximum weight up to 420 lbs (191 Kg). Thus it is a perfect hoverboard for heavy and healthy adults. Obviously as the minimum weight it can support is 44 lbs, thus this hoverboard is equally good for both kids as well as adults. Therefore, this is one of the recommended hoverboard for riders of all shapes and sizes.

Its frame is made from ABS – acrylonitrile butadiene styrene – which is combination of plastic and aluminum. Due to this sturdy construction, the hoverboard is durable and its strong frame is capable of supporting up to 420 pounds. But on the other hand, the hoverboard weights a little bit more than 30 pounds. Due to this weight it is one of the heaviest hoverboards. Swagboard T6 is having dual rugged 10” tubeless tires that are perfect to explore all terrains. Thus without any issues you can try and experience this hoverboard on all terrains even on wet and muddy platforms as well. Moreover, T6 inside the hood you will find a robust 300-watt dual-motor system. This dual motor ensures smooth performance at all terrains without heating up or degradation in drive. Moreover, it can easily adapt to any inclinations up to 30 degrees.

The batteries used to run the hoverboard are lithium ion types. From flat to fully charged it takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. Though it is given by the manufacturer that T6 can give up to 12 miles in one charge, however, in most cases it is estimated from 7-12 miles. The main reason behind this is the pattern of usage. If you are going to listen to your favorite music tracks all along the ride on its quality Bluetooth speakers then you are going to drain the battery quickly. You can use dedicated Swagtron App to connect to your hoverboard and listen to your favorite tracks. Moreover, here you can enjoy maximum speeds up to 10 mph (16 kmh), which makes it one of the fastest hoverboards.         

Just like T580, this hoverboard is also one of the multipurpose hoverboards. It has also got three different modes that you can easily select from mobile app. These are learning mode for beginners, standard mode for intermediate level hoverboard riders and advanced mode for professional hoverboarders. T6 outlaw is UL2272 certified hoverboard, which means it has qualified all required safety standards. In addition, the Sentry Shield protection of batteries protects batteries against overheating and catching fire. Moreover, the foot pedals are extra wide as well as anti skid that not only provide you ease but ultimate protection during your bumpy rides.

  • Amazing weight support
  • Rugged and strong construction
  • Faster top speed
  • Hoverboard with app connectivity
  • Sentry Shield battery protection
  • Multi-Platform support
  • Three ride modes
  • UL2272 certified model
  • Not a lightweight
  • Bluetooth battery drain issues
  • No water resistance

11. CITY CRUISER 6.5″ Scooter Hover Board – Best Kids Hoverboard


As the name suggests, the City Cruiser hoverboard lets you hover around in the city streets. Not limited to only this, this is a beginner friendly self balancing scooter that lets you learn the art of riding a hoverboard in a safe and secure way. The hoverboard has got a scratch and fade-resistant finish that keeps it looking marvelous indefinitely. Without any doubt, the exterior styling and build quality of this hoverboard is marvelous.

The RGB bright LED lights not only give this hoverboard a dazzling look but also ensure a safer riding experience during low light conditions. Likewise, the all-terrain quality rubber tires over 6.5” wheels are great for dealing with slightly uneven and rough surfaces. The wheels are powered by powerful dual motors inside the hood. These motors are powerful enough to give a maximum speed of up to 6 mph (9.6 kmh) which is slightly lower as compared to others. But still as the beginners friendly safe hoverboards, these are better for new users to get themselves acquainted with. Moreover, the hoverboard is capable to carry riders upon slopes of up to 10 degrees without any performance degradation.

City Cruiser hoverboard comes with a built in quality Bluetooth speaker that lets you connects to your smart phone or tablet easily. Thus you can play your favorite music tracks during your ride. Well you can also enjoy this by connecting Wireless Headsets if they are compatible. Worth a try. Suitable for both adults and children alike, City Cruiser hoverboard has maximum weight support of up to 198lbs. Normally the hoverboard takes 3 hours to fully charge from flat. Once fully charged, the board is has got a range of up to 6 miles. This means that in one full charge the hoverboard can remain operational for almost 60 minutes.

It is an all capacity hoverboard that can perform well on all terrains. Though the manufacturer claims it to be equally perfect on snow, ice and sand as well, but normally it is not the case. This hoverboad is an ideal one only on flat surfaces. On rough terrains, it works. But the performance is not an exemplary one. Besides, the hoverboard is UL2272 certified which means in addition to performance and features, the hoverboard has qualified all safety standards and is safe and secure to use.

  • Scratch and fade resistant material
  • Quality bluetooth speakers
  • Ideal for kids
  • UL2272 certified
  • Low top speed and maximum range
  • Degraded performance on rough terrains
  • Not waterproof

12. SWAGBOARD T881 Twist Lithium-Free Hoverboard – Fire Safe Hoverboards for Beginners


Swagtron T881 Twist Lithium-Free Kids Hoverboard, just like its other self balancing scooters by Swagtron is a notable and popular model. It is one of the most stable hoverboards for a beginner that is not only stable but sturdy and strong as well. The Startup Wheel Self Balancing technology of this hoverboard makes it safe and easier for both kids and teens to mount and dismount the board. In short, it is one of the perfect hoverboards for beginners to learn and master the art of riding hoverboards.

Swagtron T881 is available in different appealing colors. Moreover the series of ultra-bright LEDs increase the exquisiteness of this attractive self balancing hoverboard. Not only this, but these LEDs help you in your riding experience during low light conditions. Inisde the hood, there are dual 250 W motors that drive the hoverboard. These motors are capable to push your self balancing scooter even on rough terrains without any degraded performance. Also the hoverboard is capable to deal with inclined slopes up to 30 degrees with consistent performance. Moreover, the board has got a maximum weight support of up to 155 lbs. This means both kids as well as teenagers can get to ride this entry level hoverboard easily.

In terms of speed, the hoverboard is not considered to be a faster one. It has got a maximum speed of 7 mph (11.2 kmh) which is quite slow as compared to the competitors. But still the slower hoverboards for beginners are the better ones keeping safety in consideration. Swagtron T881 Self balancing scooter uses a lithium free battery. The battery takes almost a prolonged time of up to 5 hours. Also you can keep an eye on the battery status and levels looking at the built in battery and system indicators. After fully charged, the hoverboard can give you a maximum range of up to 5 miles.

Though the board’s own weight is more, but one can easily carry it around using a carry bag included in the package. In terms of safety, the lithium free battery ensures better fire safety. Moreover, the hoverboard is UL2272 certified which means the hoverboard has qualified all required electrical and safety tests. Thus hoverboard is safe and secure for use.

  • Ideal hoverboard for kids and teens
  • 30 degrees slope support
  • Battery status indicators
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • UL2272 certified model
  • Less weight support
  • Prolonged battery charging time
  • Less maximum range
  • Not water resistant

13. FELIMODA Self Balancing LED Light Hoverboard – Intelligent Sensors Beginners Hoverboards


Ever heard of strongest hoverboard that not only allow for heavy loads but is also perfect once it comes for a stable riding experience? Felimoda Self Balancing Hoverboard is what fulfills the above-mentioned features. This hoverboard is created from state of the art aircraft frade aluminum alloy frame. It proves equally good for providing a strong and rugged construction as well as for a maximum load support of up to 265 lbs. Thus it is equally good hoverboard for both adults and kids. Similarly, its adjusted acceleration sensor and intelligent security system are the features that make it an easy to learn hoverboard for all.

Felimoda Self Balancing Scooter is driven by dual 300 W engines that are powerful enough to provide a maximum speed of up to 9.3 mph (15 kmh). The speed is quite good and beginner must exercise caution while riding at such higher speeds at the initial stages. The high quality 6.5”rubber tires provide a stable and smooth riding experience.

Moreover, the tires and motors are capable to climb up the inclinations up to 15 degrees. Though it varies depending on the rider’s weight, speed of hoverboard and terrain but still the performance is consistent in most of the cases.

In terms of design, the customization and colors are heart throbbing. The stunning lighting strips on the fenders and the glowing matrix LED bright rims give a superb view and confidence to the rider. Moreover, these beginners friendly hoverboards are equipped with a high grade quality battery. The battery takes almost three hours to charge from flat. In one full charge, the hoverboard is capable to reach a maximum range of up to 12 km. This range is very good to cover on a hoverboard as compared to other competitors.

Safety wise, the hoverboard is self balancing and thus safe to mount and dismount even for new learners. Moreover, being UL2272 certified it is always a peace of mind knowing that the hoverboard has qualified all safety standards.

  • Faster speed hoverboard
  • Good maximum range
  • Stunning colors and customization
  • Rugged construction
  • UL2272 certified model
  • Relatively higher charging time
  • Not suitable for wet weather

14. HOVER-1 Titan Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter 10″ – Electric Self Balancing Hoverboards for Beginners


Hover-1 Titan Electric Self Balancing Scooter with 10” tires is a rugged and sturdy hoverboard designed for rough and tough terrains. With tough and strong 10” wheels the hoverboard is not only an all terrain hoverboard but is also designed to support heavy riders up to 265 lbs as well. Thus with this much weight support, the hoverboard is suitable for both kids as well as adults. Moreover, the drive is flexible and smooth and even if you are a beginner you will not have any difficulty riding this beast.

Inside the hood, Hover-1 Titan has got dual 250 W powerful motors that drive this beast on almost all types of terrains. Similarly, the motors are powerful to ride on any inclinations up to 15 degrees without any trouble or loss in performance.  Moreover, here you will also get maximum speeds of up to 7.45 mph (12 kmh), which is quite impressive. Likewise, the 36V 4Ah lithium ion rechargeable battery takes up to 4.5 hours to fully charge from point zero. Though the time of charging is more but still once it gets fully charged it gives you a fair range. In one full charge one can easily cover the range up to 8 miles, which is though not impressive. But it is one of quite good hoverboards for beginners and kids.

The Built-in Bluetooth high quality speaker can be connected to your mobile device to listen to your favorite music during you ride. Moreover, there is an additional speaker as well. This speaker is for giving you safety alerts to keep you safe during your ride. In addition, there is a dedicated App that you can download and have an ultimate control over your hoverboard. Using the app you can monitor your battery life, speed, distance, plan your ride routes and much more. Additionally, the bright LED lights give it a stunning look. Similarly, these lights help you a lot especially riding safe at night.

In all hoverboards, safety is an aspect that cannot be avoided at any cost. Similarly, in Hover-1 self-balancing scooters, safety is one of the best features. The Titan is UL2272-certified; including a UL certified battery and power cord. This means it has qualified passed all required rigorous safety tests, including overheating, overcharging and electrical tests.

  • Additional speaker for safety alerts
  • Good maximum speed and range
  • Dedicated app controlled hoverboard
  • UL2272 certified hoverboard
  • Slightly longer charging time
  • No waterproofing

15. OXA Hoverboard – UL2272 Certified – Budget Friendly Hoverboards for Beginners


One of an easy to learn and new comer friendly hoverboard is OXA Hoverboard. It has got the latest 3rd generation intelligent control system due to which even a beginner can learn to ride hoverboard in just 30 seconds. This self balancing scooter has state of the art sensors that can detect the required changes and automatically balance and level your ride. Thus providing a smooth and safe experience to its rider.

OXA hoverboard is having a strong and sturdy construction that has got an unbelievable maximum weight support of up to 330 lbs. Therefore with this much weight support it is an ideal choice for both adults and kids riders of all weight, shape and size. Likewise, even with this much support the hoverboard is capable to ride inclined slopes even up to amazing 45 degrees. Additionally the hoverboard is capable of attaining maximum speeds up to 7.5 mph (12 kmh).

Similarly the hoverboard has got a high quality battery that has got a quick charge feature and can get fully charged in just 3 hours. Moreover, the best feature of this hoverboard is its amazing range. It can give you ranges up to 17 km (10.5 miles) which is quite good. Another amazing feature of this hoverboard is its two different modes. Both these modes have different speeds and other adjustments as per the expertise. There is a Non Self Balance mode for new learners and kids and a Self Balance Mode for experts and professionals.

Safety wise, you don’t have to worry using OXA Self balancing hoverboard. This hover board is equipped with overheat protection, battery protection, over-speed protection and slope protection. Moreover, the hoverboard being UL2272 certified already means that it is safe and secure to use. The only issue this hoverboard has got is that it doesn’t have any speaker or Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, if you are a fan of different color hoverboards, this is not going to be your favorite choice.

  • Amazing 45 degrees slope support
  • Two different modes
  • Smart self balancing
  • Strong construction
  • Weight support of 330 lbs
  • UL2272 certified hoverboard
  • No manufacturer warranty
  • No color options
  • Bluetooth speakers are missing
  • No water resistance

More Recommended Hoverboards for Beginners

As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of hoverboards available from which you have to make your final choice. Above you will find a list of top 15 best hoverboards for beginners. But if these do not accomplish all your required objectives, then here are some other recommended beginners friendly hoverboards.

CHO POWER SPORTS Electric Self Balancing Scooter 6.5″

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CBD Bluetooth Hoverboard for Kids

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Gyroor Swift Self Balancing Hoverboard

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UNI-SUN 6.5″ Bluetooth Hoverboard for Kids

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Hover-1 Ultra Hoverboard Electric Scooter

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FLYING-ANT Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter 6.5″

Click on the picture below to learn about the features and current price of FLYING-ANT 6.5″ Self Balancing Hoverboard.


Spadger 6.5″ Self Balancing Hoverboard

Click on the picture below to learn about the features and current price of Spadger 6.5″ Self Balancing Scooter.


DOC Electric Smart Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Click on the picture below to learn about the features and current price of DOC Electric Smart Self Balancing Hoverboard.


HOVERSTAR All-New HS2.0 All-Terrain Hoverboard

Click on the picture below to learn about the features and current price of HOVERSTAR All New HS 2.0 Hoverboard for all terrains.


Best Hoverboards for Beginners – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hoverboard is a modern day transportation gadget. It is globally popular both with kids as well as adults. There are hundreds of different companies out there that are having hundreds of hoverboards as their products. Therefore, to select what is best scooter for you from such a large number of self balancing scooters is really a time consuming as well as a tedious task. Especially the beginners or even pro board riders who are new to hover boarding, really need to understand that there are many factors one really have to look into before buying an entry level hoverboard. All these factors are equally important and play a vital role in selection of the best beginners hoverboards as per your preferences.

Though in this whole detailed article, we have already given you a bunch of some of the top and recommended hoverboard for new learners. All hoverboards were selected after analyzing in details each and every product as well as evaluating reviews from practical users’ experiences. But still if you want to research yourself and want to look for something other than these, you must study this complete buyer guide carefully. In this section we have selected all the important factors that one must always look into before making a final selection. You must read and understand each factor very carefully to select a self balancing hoverboard that really suits all your requirements.

How to Choose the Best Beginners Friendly Hoverboards?

As already mentioned, you should look into many factors and features before going for your final choice. For professionals and a beginner, requirements are a lot different. Moreover, in some cases the rider may be a professional, but the usage may be different, so subsequently the selection of product is going to be different.

Check and keep this detailed infographic buyer guide with you to let you decide a top class hoverboard even if you are a beginner.


All of these features given below play a significant role and helps a lot in selecting the new entry level hoverboards for beginners. All these factors are explained in details below:


The size of a hoverboard as well as size of wheels matters a lot in providing a smooth riding experience. If the hoverboard is bigger, there will be more space for feet and so people with wider feet can get accommodated easily on this. Though the bigger hoverboard support more weight but as a result, usually the wider and bigger hoverboard is not lightweight itself.

Similarly the size of wheels/ tires also plays an important role. Hoverboards are available in different wheel sizes such as 6.5”, 8.5”, 10” and others. The bigger the wheels the more inclination slopes it can support. Moreover, hoverboards with bigger wheels are normally hoverboards for al terrains.


Speed is a crucial factor that must be kept in mind once deciding your final choice. As beginners in hoverboards it is always recommended to have an adjustable speed hoverboard. Thus you can always start slow and increase your speeds up to maximum once you master your own hoverboard. The faster speed hoverboards let you cover greater distances.


The choice of hoverboard also depends on your usage. As explained earlier, you can be a beginner or professional. Likewise, you can be an indoor or outdoor hoverboard rider. Thus in each case the usage is going to be different. Similarly, you also have to look for your terrain if you are an outdoor rider. Therefore, factor of usage must be kept in mind once you want to buy your favorite hoverboad.


Range means the extent to which a hoverboard can take you in one full charge. If the hoverboard has got a good battery and speed, then your hoverboard can take you even up to few miles. The range is an important factor because if you want to ride your hoverboard from one point to another, you must have a clear idea of how much range your hoverboard can give?

Battery Charging

The top class hoverboards have the quick or fast charge option. This option gives you a hoverboard that charges quickly and then you can hop on your ride. Moreover, an excellent battery is one that charges quickly but at the same time remain charged and gives you good operational time and range. Similarly, battery must be safe and tested to avoid any risk of hazard.


In terms of transportation, the term power always means a lot. Usually in this case, you will come across hoverboards with dual motors. These motors are responsible for weight support, speed, inclination climb etc. Thus if you have got hoverboard with powerful motors then you can easily go on multi terrains without any degraded performance. Moreover, you can also enjoy faster speeds and maximum weight capacity of the rider.

Terrain Support

Multi Terrain Hoverboards are those that can give you smooth rides on almost all platforms. This feature is dependent on several factors particularly the wheels and motors. High quality wheels and powerful motors ensure a balanced and smooth ride even for a beginner. There are many hoverboards that are equally good on different surfaces such as snow, ice, mud, etc.


Hoverboarding is fun but at the same time it is not free of risks if not done safely. Safety must not be compromised at any level. That is why always go for a hoverboard that is UL2272 certified. This certification ensures that a hoverboard has qualified all critical safety standards. Moreover, wearing of proper rig such as proper shoes, helmet, knee pads, arm guards etc must not be avoided as same may help a lot in case of any mishap.

Extra Features

Without additional and extra features the hoverboard is not so much fun. A good high quality Bluetooth speaker lets you connect to your smart phone and play your favorite music during the ride. Moreover, the LED lights not only provide a stunning look but also provide safety in dark times of day. There are also app controlled hoverboards that can be easily controlled using your android or iphone. There are hundreds of other features are well. Thus in going for a final choice, one must check if the hoverboard has got all your required features.

Most Recommended Beginners Friendly Hoverboard

In the end, after analyzing thoroughly and deep research, checking the key features in depth and studying the practical experience and reviews of different riders; we at DigiChasers selected TOMOLOO MUSIC RHYTHMED HOVERBOARD FOR KIDS & ADULTS as our favorite beginners friendly hoverboard.

In the world of smart riding and new gadgetry, creative and amazing gear is produced regularly. So if you think that we should have included some other best entry level beginners hoverboards in our list of Top 15+ Best Hoverboards for beginners, just drop down your comments and share your experience.

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