MacBook Pro i7 vs i9 – Which One is Best for You? An Ultimate Guide


As a MacBook lover, every one of us want to grab the latest and powerful model. However, for some people the decision becomes quite difficult in choosing between two almost similar models. With the release of MacBook pro, the 2 main variants are the i7 and i9 versions. This detailed guide will help you clarify all the confusions about MacBook Pro i7 vs i9.

Dell vs. HP Laptops: Which is Better & Why? – Ultimate Guide


There are many laptop manufacturers to choose from. But the most famous, renowned, admired and loved ones are HP and Dell. Both these companies produce excellent laptops and thus dominate the whole laptop market. The decision between the two can be quite difficult when it comes to choosing between them. If you want an in-depth look at Dell vs. HP laptops, then this ultimate guide will be your definitive choice.

12+ Best SSD for Video Editing and Photography – Ultimate Guide

As a video editor and photographer, you have to deal with some huge amount of data. This data may be an enormous collection of RAW images or some massive 4K Ultra HD videos. Therefore, obviously you will need some good amount of storage to keep all your data safe and secure. To make it easy for you, we have found some of the best SSD for video editing and photography.

How to Fix Pink Screen on a Laptop? – 12+ Solutions to Try


While using a laptop, sometimes you will come across some really frustrating screen issues. The most annoying ones are the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and Pink Screen. Those who have not come across the pink screen must be the blessed ones, as this issue becomes a really annoying one. However, in this detailed guide, we will tell you about many methods to let you know how to fix pink screen on a laptop?

How to Use Headset Mic on PC with One Jack – Complete Guide


A headset or headphone is one of the most important and basic peripherals of every PC or laptop. Whether you are playing games, enjoying a movie, watching documentaries, or taking online classes, a headset is always required. Using a headset with a computer is very easy by just plugging in. However, what if your headset has two plugs, whereas a PC or laptop has a single jack? Then how to plug such headsets in and how to use Headset Mic on PC with one jack?