PUADIManager. Is it harmful?

If you have recently installed Pivot Animator, Cheat Engine, or another program and received a virus warning about PUADIManager, don’t panic, I will explain why.

This is not a virus, it gets a detection warning because it can download a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA). If you want to be sure about it, just decline all offered applications.

PUADIManager threat false positive

Nowadays, many programs include unwanted browser add-ons that track which websites a user goes to sell this information to advertisers or add advertising to web pages.

PUADIManager is a downloader, who can download a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA). You can get PUA from popular software like GIMP, Nmap, or VLC.

How to remove unwanted software

If you accidentally install unwanted software, the simplest solution would be to simply uninstall it.

how to remove unwanted software
  1. In the search bar type: “program“.
  2. From the resulting result, select: Add or remove programs.
Select unwanted app and press Uninstall
  1. Select the unwanted app and press Uninstall.

In this way, you will delete the unwanted program. To find unwanted programs, simply sort the list by date of installation.

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I repeat, this is not a virus, but it can infect your computer with all kinds of unwanted programs.

Therefore, always before installing the program when you are on Setup, pay attention to whether there are no masked checkboxes, which are automatically marked and can contain all kinds of unwanted add-ons.

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