Top 10 Best Parkour Shoes in 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Parkour sports is one of the most intensive physical training discipline for strengthening your body. It involves different rapid movements such as running, jumping, rolling and a lot of other calisthenics movements. It is pretty obvious that Parkour sports is a lot of different form all other types of athletics. So you cannot use ordinary running or jogging shoes or trainers. For ultimate experience and better results in Parkour, you always need the appropriate equipment. Parkour shoes are one of the most important gear of Parkour sports. With appropriate parkour shoes, you will see a considerable improvement in your overall performance. Best parkour shoes will greatly improve your strength, safety, and performance and will keep you away from any injuries.

That’s why we have only selected some of the best parkour shoes as Top Ten Parkour Shoes. This post is for all parkour shoes lovers, fitness trainers, the best runners and athletes who are looking for the shoes that will assist in training for parkour.


What are the best shoes for parkour?

The best parkour shoes are the ones having maximum flexibility and grip along with comfort. There is a variety of shoes available for different athletics and sports that you can use as parkour shoes. But the shoes that are to be selected for parkour are the ones that gives you good shock absorption when you hit the ground from height. Moreover, the best parkour shoes give you a good grip over almost all surfaces. Therefore, to let you choose easily without any confusion, we have created this detailed article where you will find our list of top ten best parkour shoes. Moreover, at the end we have created a detailed buyer’s guide to let you decide yourself what are the best parkour shoes? Or you can also check our detailed infographic we have designed for you to help you select your own top parkour shoes.

Best Parkour Shoes 2021

Though it is very unfortunate that very little is available online about this amazing physical training, but it is favorable that a lot of good stuff for Parkour sports is now easily available.  Therefore, after a lot of research, we have selected the Top 10 Best Parkour Shoes according to their key features like performance, quality, durability, comfort, design, sole type, cost as well as real customer reviews. All these reviews are completely unbiased and are given in details to help you decide the perfect outfit with no confusion.

Now let’s get to our detailed reviews of top 10 best parkour shoes.

1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 — Best Parkour Shoes!


When it comes to sports shoes, Asics has an excellent reputation. ASICS GEL-Venture 6 shoes provide a comfy fit not only for athletes, but also for people accustomed to using traditional sneakers. The prominent feature of ASICS GEL-Venture 6 shoes is its high quality soles. The soles of ASICS GEL-Venture 6 are much thicker than the soles of many Parkour shoes available in the market. This significantly decreases the amount of tactile feedback you get.  At first you will believe that the thicker sole limits your mobility, but as a trade-off, the increased grip of these shoes is fantastic. Many wearers observed that the shoe is rugged, tough and is having a very strong and durable build, which is great for tougher terrains and surfaces. As compared to other competitors, the ASICS GEL-Venture 6 can make for a more affordable and stylish Parkour shoe option.

These shoes give a comfortable feeling and the additional padding provides a much warmer feeling, while the outer mesh allows your feet to breathe when required. This eventually gives you a nice dry running experience in your parkour exercises. The internal padding provides a greater resistance. Additionally, it also resolves the issue of shoes rubbing against your ankle. Besides, the lower sides give your feet a greater range of free movement. Its rear foot Gel Padding System absorbs shocks during the impact phase and allows smooth transition. This is especially helpful when you are trying to climb up two parallel walls or performing any thrilling actions in Parkour sports… Moreover, it makes them ideal for cold conditions where barefoot Parkour may be too slippery.

Performance wise, everything is exceptional in these best shoes for parkour training. These are extremely durable because of the technologies like AHAR and GEL Technology. Additionally, you can find Gel-Venture 6 for women; same shoes but especially designed for women. One can easily use these shoes for all kind of parkour training sessions, including the ones that are long and distant. But as they are mainly designed for trail running, so their flexibility, elasticity, and grip becomes vital. Again, the above-mentioned technologies used, provides you an amazing grip on almost all surfaces whether rough or smooth. One can feel the good traction and durability over here. In addition, due to amazing outer sole design, the flexibility is further improved. One can easily go for those extensive parkour exercises and never worry about the physical state of their feet or condition of their shoes.

The only thing one may not like is the weight. Because each shoe weighs around 317 grams, which is just a slight more weight than regular parkour shoes available. Besides, looking at all amazing features such as the new GEL technology, comfort, shock absorption and ease; a slight weight is a trade-off that can simply be neglected without any trouble. Furthermore, these are also one of the best parkour shoes for beginners because these have extra padding and will help you a lot in different obstacles.

  • Best shoes for Parkour
  • Stylish & trendy
  • Good traction & shock control
  • Perfect fit
  • Extremely Durable
  • Breathable parkour shoes
  • Best Parkour Shoes for beginners
  • Overall weight

2. Onitsuka Tiger Unisex Ultimate 81 — Best Arch Support for Parkour!


Onitsuka Tiger has been producing stylish and trendy sports products since 1949. Their inspiration comes from the Japanese values of craftsmanship and concentration o each and every detail. The Ultimate 81 by Onitsuka Tiger are one of the most admired running shoes; especially categorized into some of the best shoes for parkour sports. They are available in stylish design and numerous catchy colors. Moreover, you get the feature of shock absorption as well.

These are one of the most stylish shoes you will ever come across. As these shoes were basically designed as sneakers; but, Onitsuka has added certain features to these shoes which makes them not just good-looking but also as one of the best parkour shoes. You can also call these best looking parkour shoes. The shoes provide a comfortable feel to the feet and whole body.  As Parkour sports require a great comfort during ongoing sessions, Onitsuka Tiger Ultima 81 proves as one of the most comfortable parkour shoes. If you observe the outer sole here, a rather soft exterior is observed, but it is for the comfort and lightweight of the shoes. Additionally, with each usage it gets rough and then produces the best results in longer run.

The lightweight build of the shoes offer effortless motions, and the mesh-hole shock absorption system helps a lot in rough landings. The combination of all these elements in this shoe makes them look like they’re meant for parkour sports. You will feel these a lot comfortable during your whole training.

In addition to comfort by the outer sole, there are three vent holes in the midsole which not only give these shoes a nice look but also add to performance. These vent holes are not only for design purposes, but these provide an amazing shock absorption during parkour sports. These holes are deliberately placed where tension accumulates the most. Whether you are running or jumping over, the shock absorption enables you to feel not even a slight shock when your feet touch the ground. So these shoes are able to reduce the energy absorbed from, even from lofty jumps. Therefore, you will get ideal traction and shock absorption, with the help of their improved stability due to the revolutionized outsole design.

The upper part of the shoes is made up of two different materials. At the front and sides is a soft net like fabric which is a breathable one. The remaining top part is a hard jeans like fabric, which gives these shoes the overall design and shape. Additionally, you will find a circular shaped traction pattern on the outer sole, which provide an amazingly good grip on almost all surfaces.

Together all these features provide full comfy support to the feet of a runner. The quality and worth of these shoes for parkour is absolute. They are just ideal shoes for parkour sports, offering an amazing grip on all surfaces such as concrete/rock, wood and metal. So, you will be satisfied for all your parkour sessions if you bought them. Each shoe weighs about 311 grams, which is not so much as looking at the quality and design of these best shoes for parkour sports.

  • Better arch support
  • Good absorption
  • Stylish design
  • Improved stability
  • Slightly heavier
  • Light colors
  • Initially not good for rough landings

3. Vibram Men’s KSO EVO — Best Cheap Parkour Shoes.


Vibram’s Five-fingers designs have earned their place amongst the best parkour shoes. Despite the fact that the KSO EVO shoes are originally cross-trainer shoes; these are equally best for parkour sports. The synthetic outsole won’t stop you from free running in any terrain. It has got remarkable 0 mm heel-to-toe drop and lightweight outline which offers the right amount of comfort needed in the best parkour shoe. They are made up of polyester fabric and are having a rubber sole (less than 5 mm). Moreover, the perfect combination of padding and materials provides a comfortable fit in any exercise.

Vibram created this design in a very smart manner. A build which is meant for multipurpose; the perfect fit, which assists in parkour sports and an outsole that aids in trekking. The saw-like blade drag outsole will enhance the grip on almost any surface you place your feet on. If we talk about the insole, then Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross training shoes has got a 2 mm cushioning EVA insole. The midsole of the shoes is EVA rubber. It is all over, aligned with the outer sole. This insole provides a modest support to both the arch and heel. These one of the best barefoot running shoes also include an Antibacterial Sock liner that repels bacteria, protecting your feet from humidity and sweat, preventing foot odors. The material used at the upper portion is polyester stretch mesh fabric. This fabric is very flexible with the runner’s feet and is also super breathable to keep your feet dry at all times. These shoes are much durable considering the outer sole. The TC-1 rubber material used in the design of the outer sole makes sure the grip is great. Those parkour sportsmen who are used to with added support and comfort would really love these shoes. All you require is the protection and support, and Vibram’s KSO EVO cross-training shoes are offering the same. You can use these shoes on almost any surface whether wet or dry and these shoes will be your grip control buddies. Vibram KSO EVO shoes are really flexible, which is very clear from the scientific and technical design.

In addition, these shoes are good trainers for walking, providing you with a more natural experience during walking. As said earlier about the design of shoes, these are designed differently as compared to others. KSO EVO offers you the comfortable feel with a glove like design having an individual pocket for each finger. These shoes enable you to experience any terrain with great grip and flexibility. The thing that gives tough competition to others is that they are machine washed and dries rapidly through air dry.

Each of the shoes weighs around 141 grams, which is very light. With such a lesser weight, you are not going to feel a thing and can perform any parkour activity swiftly. Moreover, the laces used are hassle-free, and you will not be disappointed in the quality and usage. Lastly, with such an awesome design and perfect features; Vibram’s KSO EVO shoes are one of the best cheaper shoes for parkour. In other words, you can easily put these in to the category of best budget shoes for parkour sports.

  • Fits perfectly like a glove
  • 100% Vegan parkour shoes
  • Very lightweight
  • Cheap parkour shoes
  • Natural experience
  • Odorless anti bacterial sock liner
  • Perfect size issues for some feet
  • Bad support for heights

 4. New Balance Men’s Arishi — Comfortable Parkour Shoes.


The New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi running shoes for men combines the cutting-edge Fresh Foam cushioning with daily lifestyle. These Men’s Arishi Running shoes by New Balance feature a classic synthetic and mesh upper material combination. This arrangement is great for letting your feet not only to breathe; but also provide them with greater flexibility to move around freely. These shoes are loved for the fresh foam midsole which is created with well research. The shoes provide an excellent cushioned ride and are great for any kind of adventure. The cushioning is going to help you on any type of terrain in any kind of parkour sports.

Overall, these shoes are designed for a greater comfort. One of the best features about these versatile parkour shoes is the Fresh Foam sole, which really provide the ultimate comfort with every step.  The fresh foam sole will help your feet feel a great reassurance in each and every single step you take. Additionally, there’s even a response performance insert (by New Balance) between the mesh upper of the shoe to help provide you even more support. The Arishi sole is non-slippery on any surface. The rubber lugs dig into any surface whether dirt or gravel or turf and are not slippery even on wet floors. Moreover, it also supports your feet and whole body in traction control and shock absorption. The well engineered woven upper portion breathes well. You will actually feel your feet do not overheat or sweat in summer.

During parkour sports, you have to carry out sessions comprising jumps as well as running. So if you are planning to just walk in them, or want to have a run on city sidewalks for exercise; these sneakers are equally helpful as both walkers and racers. You can use these for any of the workouts in parkour sports. Your feet, ankles, knee and occasional other parts will let you know fairly quickly once you start using these shoes.  In addition, for people having issues like Arthritis or shin splint issues, these shoes are quite helpful.

New Balance Men’s Arishi running shoes fit like a glove. Furthermore, these are super light-weight as compared to other cheap parkour shoes. Whether you want to carry out some hardcore training in winters or run marathons in summers, these shoes will never let you down. These are one of the top running trainers and without any doubt you can easily include in the list of top 10 running trainers.

Additionally, with just a little bit of care, these shoes can last much longer. Moreover, these shoes are not just comfortable and versatile, but also stylish and trendy.  New Balance Men’s Arishi running shoes has got neutral colors and casual style that go great with a lot of different colored shorts and pants. To sum up all, the New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Arishi running shoes are ready to take you from a workout to your whole day activities, with ultimate comfort in your every step.

  • Fresh foam comfort
  • Non slippery grip
  • Additional insert for more support
  • Best shoes for Arthritis and shin splints
  • Looks good with every outfit
  • Not good for wider toes
  • Size issues

5. Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn — Affordable Parkour Shoes.


The Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneakers are an amazing pair of sneakers for those searching for the perfect fit for their Parkour performance. These parkour shoes have got a leather plus synthetic upper body, in which you’ll be able to move freely and comfortably.  Additionally, these shoes have got leather upper with tonal stitching detail, lace-up closure, padded heel collar and tongue. There are pull tabs on both the heel and tongue for easy on and off. So you cannot rip your shoes off by not wearing or removing properly.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about tearing down these because of the excellent quality leather in their material. The padded tongue and collar has provided an extra comfort for its wearer. The cushioning is pretty soft, and even if you use this shoe as a daily shoe, it’s very good. If you observe keenly, you’ll notice the luxurious and comfortable feeling when wearing these shoes.

You can wear these shoes for any of your Parkour experience and these will never let you down. You can quickly move around anywhere in them, and you don’t have to worry about any dirt that can accumulate on your shoes during any of your adventure. Why? Because due to its dark-colored synthetic material, accumulation of any dirt such as mud or dust is not so evident. In fact, no one is going to notice any accumulation of dirt on your parkour shoes. During our reviewing experience, we came across this point that even most of the foot doctor recommends Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn Sneakers to their patients. Even most of the patients who were suffering from shin, legs, or feet problems have recommended these as compared to other shoes. Isn’t this amazing?

The comfy design, excellent construction and wide sizes fit really well on almost all feet sizes. During our reviews, some parkour athletes discussed this issue that some parkour shoes do not fit really well for wider feet. But in Skechers AfterBurn Energy Sneakers you will find a perfect fit even for wider feet sizes. Initially, wearing these shoes, the leather tongue rubs against the sides, and you will notice an obvious squeaking sound, which gets really annoying. But after using it for few days of your Parkour sports, it eventually breaks in, and you can walk silently. You will not only feel the comfort and sturdiness, but you will also observe an extra bouncing effect giving you excellent propulsion.

In addition, due to bouncing effect of these shoes, you will get a good shock and traction control. Surely, these Skechers Energy Afterburn Sneakers will take you from the prince of parkour to the king of court; all in just a day. Furthermore, the shoes are not so expensive and one can easily think of these as one of the best cheap shoes for parkour. These Skechers Sneakers fit the bill, provides an excellent fit, support, and are reasonably priced.

  • Excellent material sneakers
  • Easy on and off with pull tabs
  • Recommended by feet doctors
  • Affordable parkour shoes
  • Initially leather squeaking sound
  • Not ideal for very rough terrains

6. Saucony Men’s Bullet Sneakers — Low Profile Parkour Shoes.


If you want super slim shoes that fit like a glove and can be used for any Parkour sports, Saucony Men’s Bullet Sneaker is the perfect option for you. Saucony is well known for making athletic shoes since long. The Saucony Originals Men’s Bullet Classic Shoes are made up of 100% nylon. These shoes help get you through whatever Parkour journey you’re about to take. The Original Men’s Bullet features a rubber outsole, and a removable insole which is perfectly designed to help keep your feet protected at all times. Due to its rubber outsole, you can land gently while doing parkour or any other outdoor activity. The removable insole is great for those who need to change their insoles to something more medically suited for their feet. EVA midsoles, that can absorb shock, cushion your feet and give you excellent support, is another amazing feature of these sneakers.

This design is actually the redesign of the 1985 original Saucony Bullet, removing the spikes and other designs of the genuine track shoes to make it street worthy. The bullet is having a super low profile, and is created with nylon and swayed for a more casual look. The combination of Nylon upper with suede overlay is comfortable and stylish. Moreover, the rubber outsoles not only provide the traction control but also give these shoes a trendy outlook. In addition, the low profile of these shoes is also perfect for Parkour, Because of their low profile shape; you’ll be able to swiftly get through any terrain whether rocky or plain. The trendy and stylish design also gives it an astoundingly retro outlook. Moreover, this retro look is combined with soft fabric lining along with more padding at the tongue and collar for more comfort and support.

You can use these sneakers not only for Parkour but for gym as well. Whether you do a lot of power lifting, weights, kettle bells, or any other workout, these shoes will give you an ideal comfort. They are a perfect alternative to very expensive weight lifting shoes. The slightly raised heel is pretty solid, which makes them great for squatting. Moreover, whether you are interested in parkour or free-running, these sneakers will never disappoint you. Furthermore, the sneakers grip to any surface: Carpet, hardwood, concrete, or grass, the sneakers has got your feet covered. These don’t slip anywhere. Also, they can be used as an alternate of a soccer shoe as well as an average tennis shoe. Moreover, for those thinking of this as a not a product of a top 10 shoe company, just try it at least once.

These Bullet sneakers are highly functional. These have got an amazing flexibility and are very much durable and breathable. They are very tight, form fitting shoes, having a similar structure to climbing shoes, but much more flexible. The only issue these shoes got is the perfect size selection for your feet. If you have more narrow/ normal sized feet, get the size that you would normally get in any other shoe. If you have got particularly wide feet, it is a suggestion going up by half a size.

  • Super low profile shoes
  • Best grip on every surface
  • Comfortable and stylish shoes
  • Breathable and durable
  • Perfect size selection issue
  • Not recommended for wide feet

7. WHITIN Men’s Minimalist — Best Barefoot Parkour Shoes!


WHITIN Men’s minimalist trail runners are brilliant barefoot Parkour shoes. Their flexibility, lean sole, minimal heel-to-toe drop and wide toe spacing are some of the features that must be appreciated. Thus, due to its supreme flexibility, your feet are free to move and engage the ground naturally, preventing muscle immobility and deterioration. Moreover, you will also get a good grip along with shock absorption from the ground naturally. These trail runners are thin and firm, which allows for much better feedback from the ground during any of your parkour sports journey. Moreover, for those running cross country races, these are the best running runners, or you can call them best runners for running.

The wide toe room on these shoes gives you much better spacing, which allows your toes a room to spread. Believe it or not, this helps create a much better stability. These days, barefoot shoes are a new trend and are liked for both comfort and fitness benefits. Some of the benefits of barefoot shoes like these include strength, balance, posture, and reflexology. The upper part of the shoe is half rubber and half synthetic material. There are small vent holes in it for ventilation of air. Although it is not as good as breathable mesh, yet this material holds well on wet surfaces. Here you will have odor free parkour shoes because moisture is not going to get inside. All these form an excellent base for your feet where ever you go. In addition, these shoes are vegan friendly and 0% animal products are used in its production.

We loved these Parkour shoes because they’re great barefoot shoes which help enhance your natural movement and maintain your strength, balance, and posture.  See, what we have here been a type of shoes that are much more flexible. This is due to its barefoot design. It’s like wearing shoes while walking barefoot. If you want a much more barefoot exposure, you can remove the insole as well. But it is advised to remove it only if you are walking and not running. Many people claim barefoot as a more natural way of walking. Actually, the point is that we were born to walk and run on our natural feet, but obviously with the way things are there is always a risk of getting cuts walking barefoot. But these are perfect barefoot shoes for parkour. There is no limitation on the foot, so it rests in its natural position. Because of just enough protection to keep you from the elements, you naturally start to walk/run on the forefront of the foot instead of heals. Using heals instead of forefront is what causes injuries, shin splints and knee pain among other things. Moreover, these are not too expensive as compared to others. Initially looking at the material, you will get this depiction that these are not going to last long. But we have come across some of the wearers who said that they have used these for 100+ miles and are still good as new.

Though, the minimalist design has made these shoes much light weight and slim. But due to this minimalist design, it is usually not liked for a very small amount of padding for foot protection. Yes, the cushioning is there for protection and comfort, but it is not really good for some rocky or rough terrains. The good thing is that these are light enough that you can just throw these in the wash with your sports outfit and get it clean easily.

  • Best barefoot parkour shoes
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect minimalist design
  • Easily washable
  • Not good for rough terrains
  • Poor support for height landings

8. Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 3 — Lightweight Parkour Shoes.


Do you want to freely jump anywhere, knowing you’re protected and ready for any parkour challenge ahead? The Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 3 Trail Runner has got you covered. This barefoot shoe has a regular sock-like feel for a perfect fit, plus a Vibram sole with almost zero ground-to-foot separation. To be honest, these are minimal look, maximum performance runner shoes. These are classic Parkour shoes having synthetic upper and rubber sole. The synthetic material comprises a mesh and TPU upper, which is perfect for letting your foot to breath when your body gets all hot and sweaty. One of the best features of this Parkour shoe is its well-known Trail project pad. This pad provides the ultimate underfoot protection, which is exactly what your foot needs for Parkour sports. If you want to try something ninja-like, with greater breathability and flexibility; the Vapor Glove 3 fills this role perfectly.

With the absolute underfoot protection, you’ll certainly observe a great improvement in your Parkour performance. This enhanced protection allows you to jump around freely during any of your parkour journey. You will neither be having any concern about where you place your foot nor how the impact may affect you.

Initially you will feel about the terrain, like if the surface beneath your feet is frozen, you are going to feel it. But once you start using these trail runners, you get used to this. This trail running footwear is light enough to have that barefoot feel, but with a strong enough sole to run gravel or road comfortably. As long as you watch for the bigger pebbles (ouch) these will keep your feet comfortable and free. The shoes have extra holes at the top for the shoe laces. This allows the shoes to be tied tight so that they fit comfortably around your ankles.

These Parkour shoes are pretty much one of the comfiest shoes for parkour out there. There’s absolutely no time to be wasted by waiting to break these shoes in at all. The life of shoes is really not a question here because with good care these shoes are going to be your buddies for long. Just get them out the box, pop them on your feet, and you’ll be immediately protected and comforted. Whether you want to use these shoes for parkour sports, or for trail running, or any other extensive workouts, these are equally helpful in all scenarios. They have amazing flexibility in its vibram sole with a great feel for maintaining support. They will fit exactly to your size and are budget friendly parkour shoes. If you are looking for a shoe that sync with your foot whilst giving you the necessary protection, these are the ones. The only problem is for the people with big toes. If you have got a big toe, it will start tearing through the top mesh. So you can order an upsize for this adjustment. Therefore, always consult the size chart before ordering your shoes.

  • Best underfoot protection
  • Extra holes for shoelaces at top
  • Regular sock like feeling
  • Long lasting shoes
  • Lightweight parkour shoes
  • Poor support for rough terrains
  • Frozen surface felt beneath feet

9. Nike Free RN Sense — Best Nike Parkour Shoes!


Raise your selection of shoes for parkour journey and free running to new levels by using Nike Free RN Sense shoes. Nike is one of the renowned brands for producing high quality sports shoes. Nike Free RN Sense is one of them. These shoes are equally good for any kinds of sports, including parkour. The features in the Free RN Sense are exactly what you should be searching for in a parkour shoe. The Nike RN Sense is extra flexible and has got full cushioning around the shoe. This padding provides comfort as well as shock absorption. As during parkour or running cross country, you have to cover long distance. So you need perfect support and cushioning, which are key features of Nike Free RN Sense.

A precise outsole pattern offers great flexibility to optimize each step and jump. Rubber expansion at heels and toes increases traction along with maintaining durability at par excellence. The Tri-Star pattern on the outsole expands and contracts in a natural way that allows your foot to move naturally as a whole. Moreover, the outsole is able to widen more commonly in different directions, making sure that the runner is able to move freely and swiftly. The ultra lightweight of shoes provides a rigid and firm grip over different surfaces. You will not face any problem even over rough places, making the parkour easier for you. These shoes are well-designed for people who are professionally in parkour sports. The stylish RN Sense parkour shoes are perfect for parkour professionals to show off their skills with excellent gripping and comfort. Furthermore, RN Sense brings a secure, perfect and adaptive fit through your mid-foot as well with the help of flywire technology.

The fabric used in Nike Free RN sense is of excellent quality. Free RN has a Phylon midsole combined with two layers of cushioning. It is lightweight that give you absolute feel of comfort. The upper portion is made up of spandex, which is a lightweight and stretchy fabric. This certainly allows maximum air flow to keep your feet dry in parkour or any other sports. These shoes are a true combination of both design and performance. These are not only comfortable but also very stylish running shoes which you can also use as your regular shoes. The minimalist design and the least height give it a catchy look. The height is just a few inches above the ground, which makes them comfortable as well as gives it a trendy look. For people obsessed with black running trainers, this shoe is definitely a choice.

Though shoes by Nike are always expensive as compared to its counterparts, but the quality speaks for itself. These shoes are not just designed in a single day. Rather, these are developed by some of the Nike’s, who aimed at creating a pair of weightless shoes. The team spent almost a few years studying and analyzing the bio-mechanics of a runner’s feet in motion.

RN Sense by Nike has shown impressive results for parkour training. The fit and the feel of these shoes are quite amazing. You literally don’t feel a thing because of its minimalist design. They are durable, because most users suggested that you can use these as regular everyday outfit shoes and they won’t get worse. You also get a good traction and shock absorption because of the super flexible outer sole. Lastly, like most Nike shoes, they look splendid.

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Rigid and firm grip
  • Durable minimalist design
  • Works with every outfit
  • Expensive parkour shoes
  • Low stability
  • Tread groves capture rocks and pebbles

10. Merrell Men’s Trail Glove 4 — Best Flat foot Parkour Shoes!


As we have discussed earlier about Trail Glove 3 Sneaker, it’s the latest upgrade Trail Glove 4 Sneakers are equally worthy to be placed in top ten best parkour shoes. The Trail Glove 4 is equally brilliant like its predecessors. The changes they made to this shoe are an integrated tongue like a flap, as opposed to being its own separate piece. Nevertheless, one doesn’t have to worry about its style. These sneakers are definitely one of the most attractive looking parkour shoes.

The fit of sneakers is nice and snug and are very comfortable. The grip is impressive, which is why you will certainly go for these minimalist parkour shoes. The cushioning in them is equally comfy for a parkour trainer, and you can take long hauls without murdering your foot. These shoes will also change the way you run. Moreover, there is a tag on these shoes that tell you how to run in these shoes properly?

The 4 mm EVA midsole with underfoot cushioning offers extra durability and stability. It will last much longer as it is compressed. Furthermore, this adds to its lightweight attributes. These parkour shoes are made with 100% pure synthetic material. The sole is made with rubber and is also lined with trail protect pad for underfoot protection. There is also breathable mesh, so you can run far-off without worrying much about the condition of your feet. The tread pattern sheds mud and debris quickly while running to maintain grip. The shoe is nearly weightless, as each shoe weighs just 0.5 pounds (226.8 g) only. The material is also abrasion resistant, in addition to It’s less weight.

The thing that concerns most of the people is the arch support in this shoe. It is completely flat at the bottom. Although it is flat but there is a trail protection pad in-between the midsole and the outsole. It will provide protection to your feet from pointed objects, pebbles or uneven surfaces. It further maintains the forefoot flexibility of the shoe. But the insole has a bit of curve in the middle portion. Thus, for those who are having a slightly flat foot then this shoe is perfect for you. But if you require more arch support for your foot, this shoe is not for you. Additionally, in the foot bed, there is a secure microfiber which prevents microbial activity. It keeps your feet neat, free from any humidity and also prevents odor.

The glove-like fitness of the shoe comes from its Merrell Omni-Fit shoelace system. These sneakers have a lace-up closure to tighten it up as per your feet’s size, This shoe gives you an excellent grip due to the Vibram Outsole as well as good efficiency in parkour because of improved flexibility. The cushioning in the collar and tongue also makes this shoe much snuggly. Not only it fits perfectly but also keeps your feet in proper place and prevents it from slipping. Though the amount of padding is less over here; but Merrell Trail Glove 4 is more about fitness, performance, and responsiveness rather than comfort.

The issue that you will notice is that the toe box has gotten narrower over the generations of Trail Glove. Though it fits perfectly for some; but for those having a big toe, these shoes are not recommended. Still, if you really want to buy these, get a bigger size for yourself and consult the size chart before ordering your parkour shoes.

  • Perfect grip
  • Great lace up closure
  • Microbial activity reduction
  • 100% pure synthetic material
  • Narrower toe box
  • Poor support for curvy feet

Good Parkour Shoes — More Recommendations

Some of the shoes didn’t make in our list of Top Ten Best Parkour shoes, yet these are of such amazing features that you can check these as well. These are also some of the best recommended parkour shoes which you can buy and have an amazing experience.

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Vibram Men’s Trek Ascent Insulated Walking Shoes

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Best Parkour Shoes — Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

You can see from our list that we created, Parkour shoes come in all shapes, structures and sizes. But they all give you required benefits depending on what your feet need. The good thing to know about these shoes is that it doesn’t matter which pair you buy. In other words, these shoes will always be able to support, comfort and protect your feet along with providing you with your best performance in Parkour.

After reviewing top ten best parkour shoes along with some of the other good suggestions, a complete buyer guide is created for you to choose and decide easily. This parkour running shoes’ buyer guide will surely help you choose what parkour shoes are best for you? Though we have given you some of the best top parkour shoes available in the market; but still if you want to decide yourself then this comprehensive buyer guide for Parkour shoes will surely help you a lot.

What is Parkour?

Parkour was originally developed by the French in the 1980s and then later popularized by movies in the late 90s. It is the practice of different movements that was developed from military obstacles course training. It is training of both mind and body. It involves traversing different obstacles in a natural or man made environment. It includes running, vaulting, jumping, climbing, rolling and a lot of other movements to move from one point to another efficiently. Moreover, all this is done by just utilizing human body and without any equipment. Parkour is actually a lifestyle to get strong, both physically and mentally. Through proper training, you will be able to adapt as well as overcome different obstacles in any environment with ease and tactics.

How to choose the best Parkour shoes?

Are you confused about How to find parkour shoes? There are a lot of Sports shoes available in market. Some are for specific sports like tennis, football, volleyball, etc. whereas others are for regular use or running marathon. For Parkour sports, the requirements are a bit different; since you have to do a lot of running as well as jumping on different platforms. In this detailed buyer’s guide for parkour shoes, we have covered each and every aspect of shoes in details. You can read this guide completely and then select your final pick as per your requirements. Some of the best features that one must look in Parkour shoes are:


It is pretty much obvious that owning lightweight shoes will give you an upper edge during parkour training. You can see from our list, almost all shoes have less weight as compared to other products available out there. Yes, some people love a bit of weight on their feet. But in parkour sports, the speedy you are, the better you are going to be. This is possible only if the weight of your shoes is negligible and these do not drag you down due to their weight. The lighter your shoes are, the less pressure these are going to put on your feet.


Grip is what makes a parkour shoe best or worst. It ensures your ability to run over different terrains. Moreover, it also ensures your ability to jump and maintain balance over obstacles. Most of the soles provide an excellent grip on normal surfaces, but fail drastically over rough or wet surfaces. So always go for the grip that is equally good on all surfaces.


When buying Parkour shoes, it is an essential factor to make sure that it is made up of flexible material. You must check for all the material in insole, upper portion as well as outsole to be flexible and elastic. Parkour shoes have to be flexible enough to move with your foot. Whether you leap up through the air or hit the ground hard, the flexibility will sync your foot with every move you make. The shoes that are not flexible and are stiff will cause you inconvenience during your parkour exercises. The material with which shoes are made describes how long these will last. One must keep in mind that softer materials are excellent for gripping, but can run down much sooner.

Perfect Sole

Each shoe is suited for a different job and is thus having different sole material. One must keep in mind that Parkour is a very extreme and intensive sport. Therefore, it must have the perfect sole for proper feet protection. There are variants of shoes available with one-piece sole as well as multiple soles within the shoe. We will recommend a one piece sole as these last much longer along with providing an extra comfort. For Parkour, thicker soles are not recommended, because these are not able to maintain the proper physical balance of your feet with the ground. Therefore, it can damage skin tissues and can cause injuries. Always select the ones with a thinner and robust sole is best sole for sports shoes which provides good landing impacts and is good for feet muscles.

There are different footwear soles types that you will come across. The issue with many soles is that as they are not designed to withstand a lot of jumping. These soles are glued together and so with leaping here and there the gluing becomes weak, and so they tear off sooner. So they are not recommended for parkour sports. Moreover, you must always opt for rubber soles as these provide an excellent grip. The harder soles break easily and are not so much comfortable.

Arch Curve

Some people have a flat foot, while others have an arch curve in their foot. As mentioned earlier, each foot is different from other in terms of its structure. There are some parkour shoes that are not good for people with an arch curve. Similarly, a great lot of shoes not compatible with flat foot people are also there. So choice and selection is yours. Look at the arch curve in your foot and buy the shoes accordingly.


It is a common misconception that the costly a thing is, the better it would be. Yes, in many cases this is the reason. But here in our reviews you will find Parkour shoes under $40 to as high as Parkour shoes with a price tag of 100+$. So you must have some budget in your mind before buying parkour shoes. Do not go for something very cheaper than these. Because we would advise you to buy something that is comfortable for you and can help you with its long life.  For instance, if you’re going to train a lot, and you have got something cheap; your shoes are going to wear out very quickly. So if you purchase some cheap Parkour shoes; then these will not last very long at all, and you will have to get a new pair much sooner.

Moreover, with cheap shoes, the factor of health as well as safety is involved. Because if you spend less on your shoes, and they are not of good material, it is going to be a nightmare for you. It will not only prove as exhausting and fatiguing, but will also make your feet worse. So if budget is an issue, go for one of the best budget friendly parkour shoes from our list.

All these features are very crucial and must be checked before getting your final pick. If you don’t have time reading this detailed buyer’s guide, you can check this comprehensive, friendly infographic to let you decide quickly. This is an answer to all your questions like How to choose parkour shoes? What to wear for Parkour? Etc.


Top Rated Best Parkour Shoes

At last, after thorough research and reviews of different sports shoes, checking the key features thoroughly and analyzing the practical experience of different wearers; we at DigiChasers selected ASICS MEN’s GEL VENTURE 6 RUNNING SHOES as our favorite pick. This is because of its perfect sole, proper fit, extra cushioning support, good durability and flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

There is always a space for improvement when looking for such creative and amazing gear. So in case if you think that we should include some other best parkour shoes in Top Ten Best Parkour Shoes, do let us know in your comments.

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