Best Inflatable Kayak for Fishing 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Fishing is not only fun and adventure but also a passion for some. Going for Fishing expedition out in open water is a great experience for you to relax and enjoy. A fishing kayak is a fisherman’s best buddy. If you are not comfortable with your fishing kayak, you are not going to enjoy the ultimate fun of fishing adventures. There are numerous types of fishing kayaks available out there. Though, one must understand that a normal (traditional) fishing kayak is going to cost you a lot. Moreover, sometimes these do not prove as a comfortable for fishing for whole day long. That’s where a best inflatable fishing kayak come to rescue.


These kayaks are inexpensive, user friendly, portable and much capable. Moreover, now the best inflatable fishing kayak is made up of rugged materials that will last much longer than what you think.

What are the Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks?

The best inflatable fishing kayaks are the ones having all the features that a fisherman will require. Some of these features are portability, lightweight, stability, cost effectiveness and some others. There are hundreds of inflatable kayaks available for different purposes. Thus selection of an inflatable kayak that is best for fishing is not an easy and trouble free task. You have to select an inflatable kayak that is perfect for your fishing adventures as per your requirements. Therefore, to let you choose easily without any confusion we have created this detailed article where you will find our list of top ten inflatable fishing kayaks. Additionally, we have also provided you with some more suggestions for you to have more options to choose from. Moreover, at the end we have created a detailed buyer’s guide to let you decide yourself what are the best inflatable fishing kayaks? Or you can also check our detailed infographic we have designed for you to help you select your own top inflatable fishing kayak.


As mentioned before, hundreds and thousands of products are available from which you can select what is best for you? But this is not an easy task especially if you are running out of time and you have to get a kayak real soon for your family or friends fishing trip. Likewise, you can be a beginner and can get really confused by the sweetened and sugary slogans of every manufacturer. That’s why we at DigiChasers, after a lot of research, have selected the most recommended inflatable fishing kayaks according to their key features like stability, weight, weight capacity, size, durability as well as real customer reviews. All these reviews are completely unbiased and are given in details to help you decide the perfect fishing boat without any trouble.

Now let’s get to our comprehensive reviews of top ten inflatable kayaks for fishing.

1. Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Fishing Kayak – Best Inflatable Kayak for Fishing


Intex has got a great fame in producing inflatable kayaks since long. Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Fishing Kayak is creatively designed great looking kayak. It is designed for two persons having two seats and is great for your fishing adventures. Though the Kayak is inflatable, the seats are actually adjustable which you can adjust as per your comfort. Also, the seats have got adjustable backrests which make the seats more comfy. Additionally, in rear section there is sufficient space where you can store your fishing equipment, food, water, and any other required items. Moreover, the cockpit contains plenty of space as well.

Intex Explorer K2 kayak is remarkably light having a weight of only 30 pounds. Though it is light, but it has maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. Therefore, it is capable of adjusting two persons easily. The kayak has got a bright yellow color that is not only catchy and trendy but will also help you a lot in case you get an emergency while out in waters. Moreover, this yellow color also make this kayak as one of the best inflated fishing kayaks for children as this enables parents to keep a watch on them easily.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is perfect fishing kayak for casual paddling as well as fishing in calm waters such as rivers and lakes. A highly effective air pump for inflating the fishing kayak is included in the package. Additionally, high quality aluminum oars are there in the package as well. Thus you have got all the necessary gears required for a best inflating fishing kayak in one complete package.

Explorer K2 is not only reliable and comfy but is also very easy for beginners. Using its own air pump (included in the package) the inflation is very easy and user friendly. Thus, if you are a newbie in fishing field and you are afraid of fishing kayaks, Intex Explorer K2 is there for you. This is one of the most recommended inflatable fishing kayaks for beginners. Additionally, the setup of kayak and inflating do not take too much of your time and is very quick as well. Besides, to aid in steering as well as to ensure directional stability, the Explorer K2 Kayak has got a removable tracking skeg. This will make sure that your Kayak is stable in water and will help in smooth steering as well. Moreover, despite all these qualities in such a best inflatable fishing kayak, the kayak is not so expensive and one of the best budget friendly fishing kayaks. One of the issues this kayak has got is that is that as this is designed for calm waters only, it is not too much reliable for seashore conditions. Thus it must not be taken out for some coastal expeditions as this can prove risky and dangerous. Secondly, the black bottom of Kayak if exposed to too much of the heat or high temperature may gradually expand. Though, truly speaking this is not so much of an issue and can be avoided easily with due care. After all, we must say that this Kayak has got everything you will wish for a 2 Persons inflatable fishing kayak.

  • Adjustable seats
  • Adjustable backrests
  • Great stability
  • Good visibility
  • Inexpensive Fishing Kayak
  • Beginner friendly
  • Black bottom heat absorption
  • Risky for coastal environment

2. Intex Challenger K2 Inflatable Fishing Kayak – Enhanced Paddling


As mentioned before, Intex has not produced just one masterpiece in the field Fishing Kayaks, but there are many to talk about. Intex Challenger K2 has got a sleek, smooth and streamlined design that allows you trouble-free and easy fishing as well as kayaking experience. Moreover, the color and design is extremely visible, trendy and sporty that is appealing to the eyes as well. Intex Explorer K2 kayak is a lightweight Kayak having a weight of just 32 Pounds that allows for fast and smooth movement in water. Besides, even being lightweight, it is designed for 2 persons and can be used as a one person or two persons inflatable kayak for fishing. The seats are inflatable and will keep you relax and comfy during your fishing expeditions.

This kayak is designed to be used in calm waters such as lakes and rivers. This inflatable fishing kayak will let you navigate efficiently and freely for your fishing experience. Moreover, it is convenient to carry along and is a good portable inflatable kayak for fishing. Just like other amazing Kayaks of Intex, this one is also super durable and affordable. Additionally, I-beam floor of Kayak is also inflatable that helps a lot in optimal stability and rigidity of fishing kayak. Thus, one with a little bit of knowledge or even as a beginner can set up, operate and transport this kayak easily without any trouble. Truly speaking, it is one of the best compact inflatable kayaks for fishing.

Some of the other top distinguished features Intex Explorer K2 fishing Kayak has got are a removable skeg, two high quality aluminum paddles and an efficient air pump. The removable skeg can be detached easily and will ensure the stability of kayak in water. Moreover, it will also help you steer smoothly and efficiently. The paddles are of high quality aluminum and do not break/ malfunction easily. Furthermore, the air pump will let you inflate your kayak easily in no time. The inflating/ deflating can be done using a Boston Valve on each side. What make it the perfect and safe inflatable kayak for fishing are its vibrant colors due to which it is very much visible. Thus making it easier for you to be noticeable in case you are caught up in some disaster.

Intex Explorer K2 is made up of strong Vinyl Material. Therefore, though this kayak is designed for calm waters but if you are caught up in some rough rivers and lakes, you don’t have to worry. This kayak will assist you even in those harsh situations as the material is strong enough to resist such conditions. Additionally, the Vinyl material also makes this kayak resistant to punctures from rocks as well as the effects of UV rays. But this strength and quality of material is to be kept for emergency situations only. It is advisable to be cautious and do not take your kayak for fishing in rough weather conditions.

As mentioned earlier, though the Explorer K2 is light weight having weight of just 32 pounds, still it has got a better weight limit of 350 pounds. Thus, two persons can easily accommodate in inflammable seats of kayak. It offers ease and comfort not just in sitting during your fishing expeditions but also an extremely great paddling experience. The enhanced paddling system enables you to fully discover the lakes and rivers for your fishing voyage. Additionally, along with other accessories in the package a repair patch kit is also included that aids in carrying the basics repairs of fishing kayak. Last but not the least, there is enough cargo spacing (not too much) in Explorer K2 for storing your required equipment and other essentials.

  • Rugged Vinyl material
  • High quality paddles
  • Enhanced paddling system
  • Good visibility
  • Compact design
  • Limited storage space
  • Difficult to clean

3. Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3 Person Inflatable Sports Kayak – Suited for every water sports


Are you in search of the best inflatable kayak for fishing? The Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3 inflatable kayak is not only best for fishing but equally great for every water sports. The 370 Sport Kayak has got a superb popularity not just in present but has also been admired for years. It is the ultimate starter kayak This inflatable fishing kayak is well designed, highly portable, inexpensive as well as easy to paddle.

Sea Eagle 370 is being loved for its 3 years warranty as well as a full package kit. The kit includes AB30 84 inch aluminum paddle for paddling inflatable seats for sitting comfortably and a carrying bag to transport kayak easily. Moreover, it also contains an efficient air pump for inflating of kayak and a repair kit to deal with all basic repairs. The kit also has a multi-purpose kayak storage box along with two rod holders. This storage box can easily be shifted and used in any other fishing kayak or paddle boat. In addition, kayak has got a covered front as well as rear storage. This storage is more than enough to accommodate your fishing gear, food, water, survival kits, life jackets and any other required items.

Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3 is an inflatable fishing kayak for three persons. It can carry three persons and is having a weight limitation of 650 pounds which is quite good. Thus due to such weight flexibility, one can easily take along every important gear required for fishing or any other adventure such as exploring river voyage or camping expedition. Moreover, the material of Sea Eagle 370 Pro 3 is indestructible molded plastic which gives it durability and toughness. This material is without any doubt equally strong and can ensure protection against wear and tear. Thus, due to this ruggedness, one can easily carry out the fishing journey in some slightly rough waters.

Despite of such ruggedness, this kayak is quite lightweight having weight of just 32 pounds. Thus this kayak is, without any doubt very much portable. You can just put this portable inflatable kayak for fishing in the trunk of your car and go out for your fishing voyage. In addition, to ensure smooth steering and good stability in water, the kayak has got strongly constructed skegs. Moreover, it does not require any additional expertise and is easy and quick to setup.

The only issue that has been reported sometimes is the flooring which is not a high pressure floor. Though, it has got rugged PolyKrylar hull that is incredibly durable, still some people are not very happy with it. But overall the material and quality of both the hull as well as complete body are more than better for your fishing kayak trips. The best thing is it can be called as one of the best cheaper inflatable kayak for fishing as in such a base price you are getting such a professional inflatable kayak for fishing along with each and every required essentials.

  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Budget friendly
  • Multi-purpose kayak storage box
  • Efficient air pump
  • Strongly constructed skegs
  • Not a high pressure flooring

4. Intex Excursion 5, 5-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars – Best Inflatable kayak for family


Are you a family or group of friends that really loves fishing as well as kayaking? If yes, then this amazing Intex Excursion 5 is a right choice for you. It is a 5 person inflatable fishing kayak that’s great for having fishing fun out in waters. Intex is not new to the field of water sports/ fun. It goes beyond forty years of history. Initially Intex produced different water products such as beach balls, pools, spas, pool toys, and now some amazing inflatable fishing kayaks. The products of Intex are without any doubt super affordable as well as fun.

Just like other products of Intex, Intex Excursion 5 is not just fun; but it has also got some excellent features. It has got two inflatable seats that are not just comfortable but also spacious. Moreover, the backrests as well as cushions in the seats add more to the comfort. Thus you are not going to get tired during your fishing adventures and can enjoy and relax all day long. The floor is also inflatable that not only provides extra comfort, but is also rigid and strong.

If you think that just one puncture is going to sink your Excursion 5 fishing kayak, then you are wrong. The material of kayak is heavy duty as well as durable PVC vinyl which is quite excellent. Additionally, the kayak has three air chambers, which include an auxiliary chamber in the hull as well. This ensures the rigidity of kayak and let it float easily even in case of any puncture. Moreover, if you like additional features, Excursion 5 has got oar locks and built-in fixtures to mount a trolling motor too. Thus if you just want to relax and are not in the mood of rowing, you can just buy a small trolling motor and mount it easily on your Kayak and enjoy the endless adventure and fun.

The maximum load capacity of Excursion 5 is 1,000 pounds max, which is quite enough for 5 persons or 2 or 3 persons with a lot of fisherman gear. Moreover, there are four built-in fishing rod holders that make it a really good inflatable kayak for fishing adventures. The Intex Excursion 5 kayak has got everything you will require for your water voyage. In the package, you’ll get a gear pouch, 54 inch good quality aluminum oars, a high-output efficient manual air pump, and a repair patch for any emergencies. Moreover, the ease of setting up Excursion 5 and its relatively small size when packed makes it a real gem. It only takes a few minutes to fully inflate as well as deflate when done. The Boston Valves on the two main chambers of kayak make the inflating and deflating processes quite quick.

An issue here, with this kayak is, that Intex gives warranty for duration of 30 days only, which is quite limited time. Another issue is that though the kayak is rigid and of a high quality material, still it is not much durable as expensive kayaks. But looking at the overall features, this is one of the best inexpensive inflatable kayaks for fishing. In less budget, you can get an enormous fishing adventure, not just for yourself but for your friends and family as well.

  • Affordable fishing kayak
  • Great portability
  • Good load capacity
  • Good visibility
  • Inexpensive Fishing Kayak
  • Limited 30 days warranty
  • Less durability as compared to expensive kayaks

5. Sevylor Quikpak K1 Inflatable Fishing Kayak – Best Kayak For Every Age Group


Just like other best inflatable fishing kayaks makers, Sevylor also holds a great fame in this field.  Sevylor Quikpak K1 is an inflatable kayak designed for one person. The kayak is lightweight and is can be carried around easily. Likewise, carrying it becomes much easier due to its lift handle and backpack system that actually turns into a comfy seat. The kayak has got a flexible design that offers a spacious interior where you can stretch your back, legs, and hands easily. Truly speaking, it works the same way as conventional sit on top kayaks.  However, after deflating this kayak, you can fold it easily to a size that fits in the included backpack in the package.

Sevylor Quikpak K1 is ideal for every age group especially in a family everyone can use it easily. Moreover, though designed for one person only, still it can hold weight up to 400 pounds. This weight limit is quite sufficient not just for one person but also for fishing gear and other equipment as well. Additionally, as designed for one person, it can easily be set-up within five minutes and that too without any additional help. The inflating and deflating process is very quick and easy because of the double lock fast valves that ensure swift inflating and deflating.

In addition, Quikpak K1 has got a multi-position foot rest where you can find your most relaxed and comfortable position. Also, there is even a cup holder to for your hot or cold beverages on board. So, listen to your favorite track on a wireless headset, enjoy your beverage as well as your fishing voyage.

The kayak is made up of 21-gauge PVC material which is rugged and strong. This material is sturdy enough to be used in any calm waters. Moreover, the bottom of the kayak is of the tarpaulin material, which gives it an extra protection from holes and punctures. In addition, the reinforced bottom and the thick PVC ensure a sealed airtight system against any leakage issues. In addition, if you hit a rock or any sharp object, and your kayak does get a puncture, again you don’t have to worry. Quikpak K1 has got multiple air chambers (Three chambers design), thus making it resilient against any such emergency. Thus making it possible for you to return ashore safely if any puncture mishap strikes you on your voyage. Moreover, due to its slight broader structure the kayak does not capsize easily.

The Quikpak K1 is spacious to store your food as well as fishing gear. Additionally, you can store your extra food or gear utilizing the bungee cord situated at the front of kayak. The lift handles or Carry handles on both ends of the boat make it very convenient to put the kayak in or out of the water. Furthermore, inside the package of Quikpak K1 you will also find some other essential accessories. These include a hand pump, a paddle and the backpack as well.

An issue that most users reported about is the paddles quality. The paddles included in the package are not of some superior quality and thus with constant use their connectors break easily. However, you can use these with due care and must understand that this kayak is not designed for fast paddling. Thus with due care you will not have any issue regarding paddles in long run.

To conclude, the Sevylor K1 Quickpak is a very affordable inflatable fishing kayak and is really great for both beginners as well as experienced kayakers who are in search of a compact inflatable fishing kayak.

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Multiple air chambers
  • Does not capsize easily
  • Enough space for everything
  • Poor paddles quality

6. Intex Excursion 4, 4-Person Inflatable Kayak – Best Multipurpose Kayak


Do you want an affordable inflatable fishing kayak for your whole family? Or want to take a few friends on some fishing trip along with you? The answer is Intex Excursion 4 Inflatable Fishing Boat. The Excursion 4 is a multipurpose boat enough to accommodate your family or friends. It is a great little fishing kayak for small families, fishermen, and students looking for some fishing fun.  In addition, it is perfect for camping trips, fishing trips, downriver cruises, and picnics or enjoying weekends with friends.

The Intex Excursion 4 boat is product of heavy duty, puncture resistant PVC vinyl, which is quite sturdy and rugged material. This tough PVC vinyl is three layers thick. There is an inner mesh layer of polyester upon which two heavy gauge PVC outer layers are coated. Additionally, the inflatable I-beam flooring not only ensures the comfort to its fishermen but also provide the required rigidity and flexibility.

Despite of the fact that material is thick and tough, just one person can inflate it quickly and set it up without any hassle. One can easily and quickly inflate or deflate complete kayak using a Boston Valve on two main hull chambers. In addition, the three separate air chambers ensure resistance against sinking due to punctures and provide requisite buoyancy and safety. The fishing kayak is having welded oar locks that are very strong and won’t break under pressure. In addition, the two oars that are included in the package are made of aluminum and are quite robust The aluminum material ensures that these oars are not only rust proof, but also lightweight. Each oar is having length of 54in .i.e. 137cm.

As per design of kayak, there are four seats providing support for seating of four persons in the fishing kayak. When Excursion 4 is fully inflated it has dimensions of 124″ x 65″ and weighs just 44 pounds. It has carrying limits of 880 pounds maximum which is not just enough for four persons, but also for fishing gear as well. In addition, it is Coast Guard and NMMA certified inflatable fishing kayak. Besides, there are back rests along with the seats to make your fishing expedition comfortable. Moreover, there is a grab line all way around the boat that is good enough for added safety and ease. Also, in kayak there is a grab handle on the bow which provide you incredible ease in putting the kayak in or out of the water.

Inside the package you will find two 54″ (137cm) aluminum oars that are properly welded on oar locks, a carrying bag for the boat, a gear storage pouch, a high-output effective hand pump, and an inflatable kayak repair kit.

Further, if you are one of those fishermen who enjoy roaming around in the lake sometimes, then Excursion 4 has got your back. There is an option to add a small motor to your kayak, which will give you the freedom from constant oaring and thus you can visit any of your desired fishing or scenic spots easily.

  • Good portability
  • Lightweight
  • Added safety and security
  • Option to add a motor
  • Limited 30 days warranty

7. Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe 2 Person Inflatable Sport Fishing Kayak – Best Lightweight Kayak


Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe is one of the best inflatable fishing kayaks that is creatively designed for two people. It has got enough space for two persons to sit comfortably as well as there is enough space for stowage of fishing gear. The weight of kayak is only 26 pounds but it has got a good load capacity of up to 500 pounds that is enough for supporting weight of two persons as well as required gear for fishing.

Despite lightweight the construction of Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe is quite sturdy. The hull has got an outer length of 11feet 2 inches and an inner length of 9 feet 6 inches. The kayak is made up of 33 mil extra thick and puncture resistant Polykrylar material which is strong and rugged. Moreover, the high-frequency welded seams add up even more to the durability of kayak. The kayak has got three separate chambers (Stbd. Wall, Port wall, I beam flooring). Therefore, making 330 Deluxe kayak resistant against any punctures. Additionally, the flooring is inflatable I beam, that provides durability as well as stability and a firm platform for paddling. Due to this rigid flooring the 330 deluxe has got an amazing load capacity of 500 pounds.

Thus this construction and design makes this kayak not only rugged enough to survive in any rough conditions but also lightweight to prove as a portable inflatable fishing kayak. In addition, the hull material is sun resistant, thus making it capable to survive in hot weather as well. Due all these reasons, 330 Deluxe is rated up to Class III rapids and can be paddled on calm waters, white water as well as ocean surf. This kayak can be used equally both as either a solo or a tandem fishing kayak. Generally, Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe can perform great in fresh or salt water, both in rivers and lakes as well as for paddling in the ocean. Therefore with the 330 Deluxe, you can enjoy unlimited fun and fishing adventures with one of your friends or family members.

In addition, Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe comes fitted with to oars plus a solid foot pump and a carry bag. In addition, the package also includes two AB30 high quality paddles as well as two inflatable seats for two persons. The kayak inflates quickly and deflates just as easily due to Deluxe one way valves. Thus one can easily inflate this amazing inflatable fishing kayak in six minutes and then deflate it easily and pack it with ease in a carry bag. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of any straps or bands when inflating or deflating it. Moreover, the kayak has got two skegs that not only improve stability in open waters but also assist a lot in steering well. In addition, for ease and comfort of a fisherman, the kayak has also got bow and stern carry lines.

One of the issues reported by users of 330 Deluxe is the handling issues in paddling on open water. Particularly, the going a bit off track when the wind picks up. But this is not an issue rather it is a part of inflatable kayaking once you are out in the open. Another important thing one always has to keep in mind is that the Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe is that it is only designed for simple fun and enjoyment. It is not a pure pro level kayak for professional sports.

  • High frequency welded seams
  • Rigid and stable flooring
  • Great stability due to skegs
  • Good paddling
  • Very lightweight
  • Handling issues in open waters

8. Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Inflatable Angler Kayak – Strongest Inflatable Fishing Kayak


Sevylor Big Basin is a comfortable inflatable fishing kayak designed for 3 persons. The seats are adjustable to let you fit in as per your height and comfort. The seating arrangements of kayak ensure that all three persons have a stable, secure and relaxing sitting position. Additionally, the adjustable backrest on seats gives you a nice back support. In addition, each seat contains a water bottle holder. So you can easily put your hot or cold beverages ready with you. Moreover, the Spray covers provide protection against splashing and ensure you to stay dry during your kayaking voyage. Big Basin 3 is a lightweight kayak having a weight of only 35 pounds. Still it has got an amazing load capacity of 490 pounds which is sufficient for adjusting 3 persons as well as fishing gear and other essentials as well. Though some people have got concerns regarding the limited space as you cannot stow anything additional other than your essentials.

The rugged construction of Sevylor Big Basin 3 really needs an appreciation which makes it one of the strongest inflatable fishing kayaks. The material used for its construction is heavy duty PVC for the body plus reinforced Tarpaulin for the bottom. Thus, this material provides the kayak protection against abrasions or punctures from rocks or any other sharp objects. Moreover, this sturdiness allows you to have your 4 legged friends such as a dog or cat along with you on your voyage as the material will provide resistance against their claws that can puncture the kayak.

Additionally, the kayak has got three air chambers to ensure that if even the kayak gets punctured it still stays inflated. Besides, this multi-chamber design also allows you to keep all your important stuff organized. Most importantly, the Big Basin 3 has got the Sevylor’s patented AirTight system. Thus this air chambers design and Air Tight system ensure the safety of inflatable kayak. So even if your one chamber starts leakage due to some puncture, you can still return to shore safely as the other two chambers will still be inflated. In addition, the Big Basin 3 also includes a repair kit in the package that will assist you in quick and basic repairs.

The Big Basin 3 has got an amazing tracking stability that let you even go solo, paddling straight and stable because of the 2 directional strakes (essential rudders). Likewise, the Removable fin at centre also offers an improved tracking. Inflating and deflating the kayak is easy as it comes with three double threaded Boston valves (one for each chamber) and a pressure gauge. The Boston valves are secure and stand for high pressure. Moreover the pressure gauge enables you to keep a close eye on the air pressure of kayak and adjust it as per recommended levels. The inflating and deflating just takes about 5-10 minutes. But unfortunately there is no pump included along with the package so you have to get one yourself. Therefore, it is recommended to buy an electric pump to make it easier and quick for you.

  • Good portability
  • Rugged and strong material
  • Great stability
  • Safe air chambers design
  • Great tracking stability
  • Can be converted to solo
  • No pump or paddles in the package
  • Not perfect for solo use

9. Airhead MONTANA Inflatable Angler Kayak – Comfortable Fishing Kayak


This Airhead Montana Inflatable Angler Kayak is a lightweight and portable inflatable kayak designed for 2 persons. There is also a solo version designed for one person available as well. But here we will be reviewing a 2 person version. This inflatable kayak is best for flat water to mild waters fishing or kayaking experience. Interestingly using this kayak you can quickly move through the water and get to your desired location swiftly. This kayak is lightweight and portable, enabling you to carry it around anywhere with ease.

Airhead Montana 2 Person is identical to the 1 person version of Montana, except it is just approximately 2 feet longer, weighs 9 pounds more, comes with two seats and is having more weight limit. This is the tandem version of the Montana that is ideal for just paddling or fishing with a friend or family member. Moreover, you can also go solo in it and bring more gear as it is more spacious and have more weight limit.

Airhead Montana has got a catchy orange color that gives it a great visibility. Such colors really prove helpful especially in case of emergency for rescue purposes. The material used for its construction is 840-denier nylon with UV and water-resistant coatings that provide resistance against water splashing as well as from UV rays.

Some of the features this awesome 2 person inflatable fishing kayak has got are the Grab handles that provide you with ease to bring the boat in or out of the water. Similarly, you are provided with the soft neoprene Elbow Guards that keep your elbows, arms and hands comfortable and provide protection against any abrasions. Likewise, the person sitting at the front is provided with footrest at the front. Whereas the person sitting at the back can use the front seat as footrest. So just wear your comfortable sports shoes and hop in for fishing trip. Moreover, as mentioned before there is enough storage capacity inside for you to stow your equipment. Additionally, you can use the extended net at the front too for tying up your gear as well.

Furthermore, the seats are comfortable as well as adjustable. The seat’s base is inflatable whereas the backrest is adjustable and can be adjusted accordingly. The seat secures properly to the D-rings inside the kayak. In addition, the both seats have got a mesh back storage pocket, where you can easily put your most essential items.

Inflating and setting up of Airhead Montana is quite easy and quick. One can easily complete whole setup process in roughly ten minutes total with the foot pump. The kayak has got three separate air valves (three separate air chambers) to inflate. These are situated one for both sides and one for the floor. Thus having three separate air chambers each having own air valve is best because if one of your chamber or valve gets leak you can still return ashore safely.

An issue that this kayak has got is that it does not come with carry/storage bag. But it still has got good carry straps which make it easy to carry around. Moreover, seats can be a bit wobbly if you over inflate them.

  • Quick inflating
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Comfortable and adjustable seats
  • Better support for footrests
  • Elbow guards for protection
  • No bag (for carrying) in the package
  • Wobbly seats (if over inflated)

10. Driftsun Voyager 2 Person Inflatable Fishing Kayak – Stable Fishing Kayak


If you are a fan of blue color and a sleek and slim design, then Driftsun Voyager 2 has got you covered. This is kayak is not just having a sleek and slim design but the blue color also give it a trendy look. The kayak is easy to inflate and in less than five minutes you have got your inflatable fishing kayak ready for action. Moreover, the inflating becomes much easier using the (valves that won’t leak) due to highly efficient hand pump provided with the kayak. Once deflated you can easily carry it around as it has lightweight and weighs 27 pounds only. Despite lightweight, it still has got support for two persons.

The body of Voyager 2 is made from a heavy-duty PVC material. At the bottom, there is tarpaulin material which provides protection against punctures. Moreover, Voyager 2 comes with two aluminum paddles with ergonomic grip handles in the package. In addition, if you want more storage space you can easily remove the paddles. Likewise, as Voyager 2 is designed for 2 persons, 2 EVA padded seats (not inflatable) are included in the package. In addition, the seats are adjustable and can be adjusted easily as per your height and requirements. Similarly, as the seats are behind one another both the seats can be adjusted as per the comfort of both persons. Furthermore, if you are going solo, you can simply remove one seat to have more spacing and comfort for yourself and your equipment.

Truly speaking, Voyager 2 is designed in such a way that you can use it in calm and mild waters as well as in waters having a decent current. Thus, even if you are a beginner at kayaking, you can take this masterpiece out in the water and enjoy a hassle free ride. In addition, if you are in rough waters, you can use a removable rear tracking fin that allows you to adjust to the current. Moreover, it comes with a travel bag for carrying it and a repair kit to carry out some basic repairs.

Overall, this is a great kayak for anyone who wants to have some fishing fun. It is simple inexpensive as compared to other expensive inflatable fishing kayak. It is easy to carry and have perfect stowage for your gear. You don’t need to exert too much force for the kayak to smoothly propel it forward. Moreover, if you want a solo ride you can easily remove one seat and make it a one seater. The only issue this kayak has got is that it has no pockets or pouches to keep your items (such as your phone, tablet or a portable monitor) dry and safe from splashing.

  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic grip handles
  • EVA padded seats
  • Rear tracking fin adjustment for stability
  • Inexpensive Fishing Kayak
  • No pockets or pouches

Good Inflatable Fishing Kayaks – More Recommendations

Some of the inflatable fishing kayaks didn’t get in our list of Top Ten inflatable kayaks, yet these are great products of such amazing features that you can check these as well. These are also some of the best and recommended inflatable kayaks that you can use for fishing, which you can buy and have an amazing experience.

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak, 1-Person Inflatable Kayak Set

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ADVANCED ELEMENTS Island Voyage 2 Inflatable Kayak

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Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

With each passing day people are having more and more interest in water adventures especially fishing. There are hundreds of different companies out there that are having thousands of inflatable fishing kayaks. Therefore, to select what is best for you from such a large number of kayaks is really a time consuming as well as a tedious task. Especially the beginners or even pro fisherman who are new to kayaking, really need to understand that there are many factors one really have to look into before buying a kayak for fishing. All these factors are equally important and play a vital role in selection of a best fishing kayak as per your preferences.

Though in this whole detailed article, we have already given you a bunch of some of the top inflatable fishing kayaks. All these inflatable kayaks were selected after analyzing in details each and every product as well as evaluating reviews from practical users’ experiences. But still if you want to research yourself and want to look for something other than these, you must study this complete buyer guide carefully. In this section we have selected all the important factors that one must always look into before making a final selection. You must read and understand each factor very carefully to select a fishing kayak that really suits all your requirements.

Advantages of an Inflatable Kayak

There are numerous advantages when talking about an inflatable kayak. As here we are discussing about inflatable fishing kayak, so like other areas these are also best for fishing voyages. These kayaks are lightweight and are easy to carry around anywhere. So you just throw one of these in your car trunk and just move on for fishing. Moreover, most of these kayaks are provided with lift handles that let you put the inflatable kayak in or out of the water.

Likewise, the inflating and deflating is not so tedious and time consuming. Additionally, the seats provided are comfy and sometimes adjustable that gives you an additional comfort. Furthermore, some of these kayaks have got a rugged material that make it last longer. Similarly there are countless advantages of these kayaks that you need to explore yourself while enjoying your fishing adventures.

Why Use an Inflatable Kayak for Fishing

As already discussed, you have the option to take a wooden/ traditional fishing boat or an inflatable kayak, so inflatable kayak is much better in many ways. You can enjoy endless fishing adventures alone or with your friends and family in many enjoyable and interesting ways. Additionally, these inflatable kayaks are inexpensive as well as compared to the traditional ones. Moreover, there is added comfort in the form of adjustable seats, storage, leg spacing, paddling etc. Thus you can utilize all its benefits in many different ways. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about anything other than concentrating on enjoying your fishing adventures.

What are the Types of Inflatable Kayaks?

There are many types of inflatable fishing kayaks. Some of these are designed just for the sake of fun, whereas others are designed for professionals. Likewise, some are for solo, others are for 2 or more persons. Similarly, you will find most of these where you sit in, while others where you will sit on top. Moreover, some of these kayaks are known for their speeds, whereas others will be known for their durability or stability. So there are hundreds of these available out there. That’s why to make all this selection easy for you we have selected some of the most recommended inflatable fishing kayaks in this article. This will help you a lot, without any extra trouble, in selecting what is best for you.

How to Choose the Best Inflatable Kayak

As already mentioned, you should look into many factors and features before going for your final purchase. For professional fisherman and for a beginner, requirements are a lot different. Moreover, may be one is a professional but require a kayak for family, so here again conditions are different.

All these factors are very crucial and must be ensured to let you decide what’s best for you. If you don’t have time reading this detailed buyer’s guide for inflatable fishing kayaks, you can check this comprehensive friendly infographic to let you decide quickly.

All of these features given below play a significant role in buying a new inflatable boat for fishing. These factors are now explained in details below:


There is always a purpose behind some product. Similar is the case for inflatable fishing kayak. Before buying always decide whether you want fishing kayak for solo or tandem use. Solo kayaks are designed for one person only. Tandem kayaks support more than one person. Thus you have flexibility in tandem kayaks to bring along some partner whether it is from your friends and family or your pet buddy. In addition, most of the kayaks are available that are designed for two or more persons, but still they can be used for solo fishing. Likewise, the tandem kayaks especially the ones that will provide you with conversion into solo, will cost you more. Therefore, select according to the purpose of inflatable kayak for solo or tandem use.

Level of Expertise

In the field of fishing or kayaking, you may be a beginner or a pro. Each one is having different requirements during fishing. Both of these are having a different set of skills and thus their preferences are going to be different. As a beginner you will always want your inflatable kayak to inflate easily without any trouble. Moreover, you will also want a kayak that is completely stable in water. For this you have to go for a something wider. That is, a kayak that is having a wider structure will offer more stability. Though here, the maneuverability will become a bit difficult and slow, but for beginner the stability is main concern. Therefore, the wider is more stable and so much better for a beginner.

In contrary to this, an expert or professional kayaking fisherman will need something swift that will provide him with quick maneuverability of his kayak. Though, someone pro would also love his kayak to be stable, but still a kayak that has got some stability as well as good maneuverability is always a perfect choice. Interestingly, as an additional tip, whether you are a beginner or pro always record your memorable fishing events with a Mini Camera for your later unforgettable stories.


The size of a kayak always plays a key role in its selection. The size is greatly defined by the spacing in the kayak as well as the number of seats that a kayak has got. If it is designed for four or five persons, that is definitely going to be bigger than the one designed for solo fishing. Thus you have to consider this fact whether you have got company or you will be going solo.

It is pretty much clear that the greater the size of a kayak, the heavier it is going to be. Though inflatable kayaks are designed as lightweight but one must understand that a five person kayak is going to weigh more than a one person kayak. So you have to select according to your preferences.


When it comes to material, all these boats are made from different material. So it is one of the most important factors to check before you buy an inflatable kayak. Though, truly speaking, all these materials are strong and durable. But they differs a lot in their cost, performance, weight and longevity. Most of these are made up of PVC, Hypalon or Nitrylon.

The PVC material is budget friendly as well as rugged and strong. Though it is not as durable as Hypalon and Nitrylon, but still it is an inexpensive choice.

Nitrylon is eco-friendly and is highly resistant to punctures. This material especially helps a lot in colder regions. So if you have got a cold weather in your area, you must invest in a kayak made of Nitrylon. It will really give you a great durability in such conditions.

Hypalon is one of the most costly material from which some of the kayaks are made. But these boats are much durable as compared to any other material used for inflatable boats. It is actually the synthetic rubber that offers great protection against extreme weather conditions and UV rays. Thus this material make inflatable kayak as puncture resistant.


In fishing adventures, the factor of comfort must never be compromised. As described earlier, an advantage of investing in an inflatable kayak is that they are comfortable. As in fishing, you have to spend hours or sometimes even a complete day, so the comfort is the utmost requirement.

The comfort of inflatable kayak depends on many factors. One of these is the design and construction of seats. As most of these kayaks have got inflatable seats, they are easy to remove or install. But they are not really good for a longer time. To be honest, you are going to be uncomfortable sitting all day long in these inflatable seats. On other hand, some of the kayaks have got padded seats, which provide you an ultimate comfort. But here you will not have the freedom of just deflating your seats and packing it in your carry bag.

Another thing to look in this area is the adjustment of seats. If you are able to adjust your seats according to your height or body structure, this is going to be a plus point for your comfort. Moreover, you can make the adjustment as per your leg spacing or as desired. Moreover, the trouble-free paddling inside inflatable kayaks provides an additional comfort to let you sail with ease.


Everyone wants a product that is going to last longer and provide a great longevity in the longer run. In case of inflatable kayaks the material, design as well as the due care of the user are the main aspects that define the durability of an inflatable fishing kayak.

As explained before, the kayaks made of Hypalon are much stronger as compared to any other material. But these are going to cost you a fortune. Therefore, if you want a budget friendly but a durable inflatable fishing kayak, select the one that has got a good design. For example, the kayak having inflating/ deflating valves, paddles or oars in a proper position is not going to damage it. Similarly, if there is a kayak having hooks etc. in an inappropriate location that is going to damage the hull or body. Also, it depends a lot on the user, how he takes due care of his kayak? One must always take a good care of his inflatable kayak in order to be his partner for long.


The cost of anything depends greatly on your requirements as well as preferences. The cost of inflatable kayaks ranges from few dollars to thousands of dollars. You have to see whether you are a person going for fishing daily or you go there once or twice in a month or year. Thus you can invest in an expensive one if fishing is your daily routine. But if you are a onetime person, go for an inexpensive one. Moreover, you have to see whether you are a beginner or pro. As a beginner, invest in something budget friendly. Later on, when you become a pro, buy yourself something good.

Also, with price comes durability. Though it is always not the case, but the more it costs, the better material it is going to have and the longer it is going to last. In addition, you also have to include expenditure of your fishing gear or any other required equipment before you make your final selection.


The bigger the kayak, the heavier it is going to be. Though most of these kayaks are designed of lighter material, but still the bigger size is going to affect this. Moreover, weight has a direct relationship with portability. The lighter the inflatable kayak is, the easier it will be to carry around or move from one place to another.


As described above, the weight is going to affect the portability of a kayak. The heavier it is, the more difficult it becomes to fold and carry around. Moreover, how these kayaks deflate and then folded also greatly affects the portability. In other words, if the inflatable kayaks deflate into something smaller and lighter, the easier it would be to fold and carry along.


The factor of capacity is as vital as other factors to decide about your final choice of inflatable kayak. Generally, the dimensions of a boat decide the total capacity. But still it further depends on other factors as well. One factor is whether you are buying a boat designed for 2 or more than 2 persons. So in that kayak you can have the flexibility of more spacing and capacity as compared to the solo kayak. Moreover, if you use such kayaks for solo use you can have much more space as well. Additionally, the design as well as structure of the kayak also provides you with more or less capacity. But one must ensure that there is enough spacing for yourself to be comfortable as well as for the fishing gear to be kept without any trouble.

Weight Support

Similar to capacity, weight or load support of a kayak must not be forgotten. As you will be going out to waters such as rivers, lakes or any other areas, so you must not take risk of overloading your kayak. Each kayak is designed for a specific number of persons as well as for a specific amount of load. Thus, if you have a kayak for 2 people that is having a weight support of 400 pounds, you must remain within the limits of 400 pounds. Additionally, this weight limit is not just for the weight of the persons but for other equipment such as fishing gear, food, water cooler etc. as well. So you must always keep in mind the weight of everything onboard as well.


Stability is something that everyone wants in their inflatable kayaks. The stability of a kayak depends on its overall hull design and construction. A good fishing kayak is the one that is steady and stable in waters. In short, the wider the kayak, the more stable it is going to be. But wider kayaks have got the issue of less maneuverability. So go for the one having stability as well as good maneuverability.


If you want to move quickly and take sharp turns in water, you are going to need a kayak that is having a good maneuverability. This is generally a case when you are in a river and need the occasional speeding as well as getting back to your desired location. But if you are in a wide open lake, then quick maneuverability is not going to be that much of an issue for you. Still you will require something that will not stress you over taking some turns, but the requirement is not that much as compared to a speedy trip.

It also depends on the size of a kayak. The smaller the kayak is the easier it is to maneuver. Moreover, if you have got a good paddling as well as steering system, your maneuverability will improve even more.

Inflating/ Deflating

A best inflatable fishing kayak will be able to inflate and set up within minutes. Whether it is to inflated by a manual hand pump or an electric pump, the operation must be easy and beginner friendly. Moreover, once not in use the deflating must ensure that kayak is fully deflated and easily folded to carry along. Here something important to consider is the availability of valves and air chambers. The best valves such as Boston valves will ensure inflating operation quickly and without any hassle. Moreover, these valves are normally installed on each air chamber that ensures the floating of kayak even if one of the air chambers gets damaged. Thus always go for an inflatable kayak having a good fixing of air chambers.

Top Rated Fishing Kayaks

At last, after thorough research and in depth reviews of many inflatable fishing boats, checking the key features thoroughly and analyzing the practical experience of different fishermen; we at DigiChasers selected INTEX EXPLORER K2 IFNLATABLE KAYAK as our most favorite fishing kayak. This is because of its lightweight, rugged material, great stability, good portability, durability, budget effectiveness and a many other amazing features.

There are always personal choices as per preferences when looking for such creative and amazing water sports products. So in case if you think that we should include some other best inflatable kayaks in our Top Ten Inflatable fishing kayaks, do let us know in your comments.

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