Why is the PS4 so Expensive? Expert analysis.

The Sony company was founded 75 years ago on May 7, 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. M. Ibuka and A. Morita probably had no idea how successful a company would become. After 75 years, it is still one of the most influential technology brands in the world.

Sony is a Japanese company that makes movies, phones, TVs and many other devices that make our lives easier and more comfortable. But in the gaming industry, Sony brings exceptional success and profits. In 2020, Sony’s gaming industry made around 25 billion USD, for example in 2012 they made 7,52 billion USD from the gaming industry.

Why is PS4 still so Expensive?

Gaming console leaders

PlayStation 4 was released on November 15, 2013, and PlayStation 4 PRO on November 10th, 2016 and instantly became a hit console around the world. To be fair, the PlayStation has been dictating the fashion for the console market since 1994 when PlayStation 1 was released. For example The PS4’s main competitor is the Xbox one, which has sold 41 Million Units and the PS 4 has already sold 115.4 Million Units to this day.

Sony is the leader in gaming consoles, where you need to use your TV. Otherwise, the leader would in console world will be Nintendo.

PS4 is expensive for the following reasons:

  • Heavy demand
  • PlayStation 5
  • COVID restrictions

Heavy demand

On January 2021, Sony made an announcement that it will stop production on the new PS4 console. Such a statement has significantly increased the price of the new PS4, as soon, a new PS4 will no longer be available for purchase. For example, today the PS4 at amazon cost around 600 USD.

Release of PlayStation 5 – aka PS5

Most thought the price of the PS4 would drop dramatically after the release of the PlayStation 5 (November 12, 2020), but that didn’t happen. It is speculated that many sold their PS4 to buy a PS5, but failed to do so and bought a PS4 again.

COVID restrictions

In these times of the COVID pandemic, many of us spend more time at home than we used to. And at home, people want to relax and play a variety of games with their consoles. The PS4 costs much less than the PS5 besides PS4 games are much more affordable. That’s why the PS4 makes it a coveted console.

What is PS4 price on release day and today?

When the PS4 was released in 2013 it costed from 399 USD in USA and 399 EUR in Europe. And even after 8 years the price of PS4 is still high. As mentioned earlier, the price of the PS4 was greatly affected by the pandemic, the high demand, Sony promise of supporting PS4 updates till 2023 and the suspension of the new PS4 manufacturing.

new PS4 price chart 2020
Data from https://www.pricecharting.com

In this chart you will see that PS4 in July 2020 cost more than 500 USD, it was heavily influenced by the COVID pandemic.

new PS4 price  list on ebay 2021
Data from https://www.pricecharting.com

Today’s prices are also unhappy, with the price of a new PS4 hovering between $ 400-500.

When PS4 price will drop?

Sony will support PS4 until 2023. After this date, a significant drop in prices can be expected. As this will be a big signal to all gamers that the PS4 will become an outdated console.

After that, prices on the secondary market (used in Ebay or Amazon) will decrease drastically, and maybe after 10 years it will start to rise again. The price will rise, because there will be a generation of people who will feel the sentiment for the PS4 console and want to play it or just have it.

The same thing happened with the PlayStation 1. On its release date (September 9, 1995) it cost 299 USD and now it costs from 1000 usd (brand new, unboxed) and used in as condition costs from 200 USD. And prices of old consoles are rising.

Most Expensive PS4 Games

Here is a list of the top 5 most expensive games on PlayStation 4.

5. Godzilla

The PS4 game Godzilla is on amazon.com and costs from $259.95 to $599.99 (used).

4. Gryphon Knight Epic

The PS4 game Gryphon Knight Epic costs $375 to $450 (price on Ebay.com)

3. Tamashii

The PS4 game Tamashii is on ebay.com and costs from $434.69 to $2,057.25.

2. 1001 Spikes

1001 Spikes

The PS4 game 1001 Spikes price on ebay.com starts from $999.99.

1. Poop Slinger

Poop Slinger

The PS4 game Poop Slinger price on ebay.com starts from $6,000.00 to even $9,959.40.

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The Sony PlayStation 4 is still the leader in the console market at this time, and there is still a big demand for it. The high demand for consoles, which was also increased by the COVID pandemic, allows Sony to maintain high prices of PS4 in the primary and secondary markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is PS4 still expensive?

The main reason is the big demand and pandemic.

Why is PS4 controller so expensive?

Supply and demand increase PS4 keypad prices in the market.

Why is Godzilla PS4 so expensive?

Godzilla is a very well known Japanese fiction character. The game was not released in high circulation, and was therefore quickly sold out. With high demand for the game, the price of the game in the secondary market boombed.

Why is the Amazing Spider Man 2 ps4 so expensive?

Compared to other games, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PS4 game is not so expensive. You can buy used games on Ebay.com for $59.99.

Why is Lego Star Wars so expensive on PS4?

The PS4 Lego Star Wars on Ebay.com costs about $10, which is considered a low price.

Why is PS4 vr so expensive?

The PS4 vr has a big price from the start. When it was released on October 13, 2016 it costed $399.

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