When is the Best Time to Buy a New smartphone?

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It is hard to imagine today’s world without mobile smartphones.Technology is evolving rapidly and when is a good time to buy a new smartphone? Recently, telephones were the only means of communication through which information was transmitted, but now that the world has changed, the phone can perform virtually all the tasks assigned to it, from frame capture to text translation. Buying a new smartphone can be a serious decision.

But did you really need a new phone? Or it is just a trendy thing?

Phone Becomes Slower

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If your smartphone becomes very slow and all applications opens and operates very slowly, there is a chance that your phone is really old and is no longer capable of doing daily jobs.

Currently phones must have at least 4 GB of RAM to do their daily jobs. If your phone have less, than that there is no other way, than just change the phone to a new one.

If your smartphone has 4 GB or even more rams, and still lags than there can be some other problems, it can be a software or hardware problem. Maybe your phone just got a big operating system update and it is still unstable? Or maybe your phone does not get new updates? Some phone manufacturers update their phones for about 2-4 years.

Hardware, maybe your phone always feels hot? And a heat already caused some problems with the processor or graphics card?

Battery life

Most phones have Lithium-ion batteries, and this kind of battery has a charge cycle, and the more cycle you do, the less energy it can hold.

If your phone can’t survive a day without a charge, then it is a big red flag.. Of course, if you are a true gamer, and you play 4-5 straight hours with phone, than it is a normal anomaly. But if your daily routine is normal and battery life dramatically changes, then there is almost no way, other than just buying a new phone.

Nowadays almost all smartphones have built in batteries, which can be hard to change, and if you bring it to repair shot they can ask you for more money than the phone is worth. Of course, you can buy cheap batteries from China, and try to change it by yourself but it needs knowledge and steady hands otherwise I can be even more expensive.


Sometimes lagy phone can be because there is no empty space on the phone storage. If you take a lot of pictures and videos, and your phone becomes more and more slow, it can be a reason. Try to create a space in storage by uploading all the videos and pictures to your computer, internal hard, or cloud services.

Worst time to buy a new Smartphone

If you have not done proper research, any time can be bad. Because you can buy a smartphone, which can be even slower than your old one. In this century there are many phones on the market and all of them have different specifications.

Good time to buy a new Smartphone

Some make purchases like this on Christmas or Cyber sales, Black Friday. And yes, December is the best month to buy a new smartphone, the reason is that big phone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi drop from their initial prices by then. In February, a lot of manufacturers launching a new phone models, so it is better to save money on older Galaxy, than getting the newest Galaxy because the latest upgrades almost all the time is not really worth the extra cash.

And yes, it is a good time, but best time will be, when a new model was announced and started to sell.

Why is this like that? All phone retailers want to fast sell older phones because there is a new model on the market, so that’s why you get theese sales like 40 or 50 percents.

Also you can buy phone during Amazon Prime Day with what usually starts in the middle of July, although not always on the exact same date. On Amazon Prime Day the retailers offers big discounts on all electronics, including smartphones.

So if you are an Amazon Prime member, you definitely need to watch for that day and if you are not, you always can sing up for a free trial to get access to all the deals.

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