Garmin Alpha version 23.73 Update for Fenix 6/Enduro/Tactix Delta/Quatix 6/Marq

Hello fellas. On Oct 4, 2022, Garmin released a new Alpha update for Fenix 6, Enduro, Tactix Delta, Quatix 6, and Marq. This update is in the Alpha version stage, so if you want to get it, you will need to do it manually.

Alpha 23.73 is not a big update. A snowboarding activity has been added, an exercise load graph has been added, and some problems have been fixed.

Garmin watches update types

Alpha Garmin software: This is an incomplete software version, which can only be written to the watch manually. This version usually has the most bugs and inaccuracies. There is a tutorial on how to install it.
Beta Garmin software: This software version is still in an unfinished form. However, it should be more stable than the Alpha version and can be saved to the watch by connecting to the Garmin Beta software program. There is a tutorial on how to install it.
Official Garmin software (Public): This is the most stable and reliable version of Garmin software, which updates automatically on watches. Of course, if you are in Auto Update mode on the watch.

What’s new in Garmin Alpha version 23.73 Update

  • Added Backcountry Snowboarding activity.
  • Added Exercise Load graph.
  • Updated altimeter calibration to use weather forecast data to improve calibration.
  • Updated the activity profile limit to 75.
  • Fixed a UI issue with the Recovery Widget.
  • Fixed an issue on the Dog Tracking widget where distances would only display in yards, and never in miles.
  • Updated the UI of the nautical units menu.

Source: Garmin Forum.

My experience

I did the Alpha version update, and this is what I noticed.

Garmin Alpha version snowboarding

I am not in a Snowboarding activity, so I can’t check its accuracy, but it is good to have this feature. I was most interested in this update regarding the Exercise Load graph.

Garmin Alpha version exercise load

This is not a significant change because you could see Exercise Load in a different representation before that.

Although the updated exercise load graph looks good.

If I find any issues with this update in the future, I’ll share them with you.

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