How to join the Garmin Beta software program? Answered.

Hello, today we are going to talk about Garmin watch updates. Garmin has long been known as a company that constantly provides new updates, even for older watches. There are three forms of Garmin updates, Alpha, Beta and Official software.

To join Garmin Beta software program is quite simple, you just need to visit connect Garmin website and press on Join Beta Software Program.

  • Alpha Garmin software: This is an incomplete software version, which can only be written to the watch manually. This version usually has the most bugs and inaccuracies. There is a tutorial on how to install it.
  • Beta Garmin software: This software version is still in an unfinished form. However, it should be more stable than the Alpha version and can be saved to the watch by connecting to the Garmin Beta software program. Further in this article, we will explain how to do this.
  • Official Garmin software: This is the most stable and reliable version of Garmin software, which updates automatically on watches. Of course, if you are in Auto Update mode on the watch.

Tutorial on how to join the Garmin Beta program

I will do a step-by-step guide to make it easier and simpler for all of you to connect to the Garmin Beta Software program. Many of you want to try new updates. For example, the 22.80 beta software version that appeared a few days ago has new functions such as HRV, ACUTE LOAD, LOAD FOCUS, etc.

Connect Garmin watch to PC via USB cable

Step 1. Connect Garmin watch to PC via USB cable.

garmin check software version

Step 2. Check your watch software version via Garmin Express. To download Garmin Express, you can get it from here.

Garmin connect on garmin express

Step 3. Press on Garmin Connect. It will open a browser and probably show all your data, like in the following picture. If not, log in here.

garmin connect select watch

Step 4. Select your Garmin watch.

garmin join beta software program

Step 5. Press on Join Beta Software Program. After that pop-up notification will appear – Agree with it.

Somehow I didn’t save the photo. But the action is not complicated.

Step 6. Disconnect the watch from the USB port and reconnect after a minute. You should then see an available update in Garmin Express. Select install it.

garmin beta update intall

Step 7. Once again, disconnect the watch from the USB connection, and a notification about a possible update should appear on the watch. Press Install Now. And don’t panic if the installation takes more than 3 minutes.

garmin beta update

That’s it, now you are participating in the Garmin Beta software program, and you have the opportunity to try the update one of the first. Usually, the Beta version is replaced by the Official after 3 weeks.

garmin leave beta software program

If you wish to no longer participate in the Garmin Beta Software Program, go back to Garmin Connect and select Leave Beta Software Program. Also, on the Garmin Connect page, you can report a bug if you encounter one when using Beta software.

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As long as I used the Garmin Beta software, I did not encounter any major problems, but if you have important training or competitions in front of you, you can stick to the most stable official version.

If you have any suggestions or observations, you can leave them in the comment section or write directly to me.


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