PS3 CECK01 backwards compatible? Short Answer.

Hi, you probably have a PlayStation 3 console and are considering playing PS2 games. Not everything is so simple, so you should first find out what kind of PlayStation 3 model you have.

The problem is that the PlayStation 3 has different models like CECHK, CECHB, CECHC, CECHE, CECHA, CECHG, CECHH, CECHJ, CECHP etc. and not all of them are compatible with PS2 games.

Short answer

Unfortunately, the PlayStation 3 model CECHK01 does not play PlayStation 2 discs.

You’re lucky if you have a CECHA, CECHB, CECHC, or CECHE PlayStation 3 model. You can easily play PlayStation 2 games. 

Where to find the PS3 model name?

Finding out your existing PS3 model is not difficult. Just look at the serial number on the back of the console. Below are sample photos of where to find and how to decipher the numbers.

Where to find the PS3 model name

There is a sticker with the numbers on it at the back, and we will find the model number. Let’s see how the sticker looks up close.

how to find the PS3 model name

As you can see, the PS3 serial code I have includes the model number. In this particular case, we have the CECH-2504A model, which is already a bit newer and will no longer be able to run PS2 games through it.

PS3 CECK01 model

This model was released between 2008 and 2009. It was a FAT PS3 version that had 80 GB of internal memory.

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Why some PS3 models can play PS2 games?

Only the first PS3 models released were compatible with playing PS2 games. This happened because the first PS3 models, such as CECHA, CECHB, CECHC, or CECHE, had PS2 parts on the motherboard, but as is speculated on savings, SONY abandoned PS2 parts on the PS3 console, after which backward compatibility became no longer possible.

The PlayStation 3 console, which was released between 2007 and 2010, is expected to work with PS2 games. It should also be mentioned that all PS3 models work with PS1 games.

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