What is DDE Server Window? Simple explanation.

If you visit my blog, you will most likely encounter DDE server windows explore.exe application error. Today I will briefly and clearly explain what DDE Server Window is and how to remove the error.

Short answer

It is an old Windows technology that allows applications to communicate with each other by exchanging data. This is not a third-party program or virus.

What is Windows DDE Server?

Windows DDE server means – Windows Dynamic Data Exchange server. Windows offers several ways to transfer data between programs. One option is the Dynamic Data Exchange protocol (DDE). 

The DDE protocol is a collection of messages and guidelines. It uses shared memory to send messages between applications that share data. The DDE protocol can be used by applications for both one-time data transfers or continuous data exchanges, in which applications send each other updates as new data becomes available.

It is an extremely primitive version of OLE (Object Linking and Embedding), allowing you to insert Excel spreadsheets into a Word Document.

DDE server windows error when turning off PC

This is a fairly common problem when some programs do not have time to shut down when the computer is turned off. I will provide three solutions below.

  • Turn off “Automatically hide taskbar in desktop mode”.
  • Check for the latest windows updates.
  • Do not shut down your computer by using the start menu.
  • Remove the second monitor.

Turn off “Automatically hide taskbar in desktop mode”

It is quite simple. Just follow the steps below. This method worked for me. Maybe it will help you too.

DDE server windows error when turning off PC taskbar

Press on Start menu->Settings->Personalization->Taskbar and turn off “Automatically hide taskbar in desktop mode”.

Check for the latest windows updates

This problem may have occurred due to Windows not being updated for a long time, so updating Windows may solve this problem. Checking if your computer has the latest updates is not difficult.

Step 1.

  • In the search bar, write “updates” and press on “Check for updates”.

Step 2.

windows how to check for updates step 2
  • Press “Check for updates” to check if you are up to date. You can also download and install “Optional quality update“.

Do not shut down your computer by using the start menu

It is also quite a simple method. Press the right mouse button on the start menu and select Shut down or sing out->Shut down, like in the picture below.

Do not shut down your computer by using the start menu

Remove the second monitor

Just simple try disconnecting the second faucet and see if the problem persists.

If the problem persists, try to increase the shutdown timeout if it’s bothering you. The steps are given below.

  1. Press Win+R to open the Run prompt.
  2. Type regedit and hit the Enter button.
  3. Click Yes in the UAC prompt.
  4. Navigate to the Desktop folder in HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
  5. Double-click on HungAppTimeout.
  6. Set a value in milliseconds.
  7. Click OK and close Registry Editor.

Is the DDE server window a virus?

No, it’s not a virus. It’s a built-in windows protocol that helps programs communicate (share data) with each other. If you are facing a DDE server window error while turning off the computer, try to complete the steps given above.

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