Why does a person disappear from people you may know on Facebook?

Hello, today we will talk briefly about the social network Facebook and try together to figure out where the people you may know appear and why they disappear. Firstly, Facebook has long been a simple social network. It is a complex, unique system with its algorithms.


Facebook (meta) does not share its algorithms with the public, so the information provided in the article is collected from my and other people’s experience.

Short answer

Most likely, Facebook is just updating the suggestion list and trying to offer a list of new people you may know. This can happen because your profile has changed: for example, you’ve visited new places, started like new things, and made new friends.

The list of people you may know has changed

Why does a person disappear from people you may know on facebook

So, as we’ve talked about before, Facebook is a complex patchwork of algorithms, and no one outside of the company knows exactly how that algorithm works.

Nor can it be denied that one of the components of the algorithm may be that Facebook on the suggestion list puts people who frequently visit your profile.

So below is a potential list from which the algorithm compiles a “people you may know” list.

  • Mutual friends
  • Account searches/Profile visits
  • Workplace (Working history)
  • Facebook Groups
  • Common interests
  • Location also check in
  • Visited places
  • Education
  • Profile visits/name searches
  • Liked/shared similar pages
  • Tags
  • Phonebook and Email contacts

And that’s certainly not the whole list that the Facebook mechanism can use in compiling a list of people you may know suggestions. Also, your Facebook activity and account may not change. Just a person from the suggested people list may start to like things like you, etc.

What happens if you dismiss the friend suggestions?

If you dismiss the suggestion, you will not see it again. The algorithm is likely to use this information to compile a new list in the future.

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Facebook provides a list of suggestions for people you may know using a complex algorithm in my deep confidence. So people missing or appearing on the list may be due to various new events in your account or a person on your list.

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Frequently asked questions

What does people you may know mean on Facebook?

As Facebook writes: “People You May Know is a list of people who you might want to be friends with because you have things in common, like a mutual friend, school or workplace.

Facebook people you may know based on profile visits

There is no verified data for this fact, and there is no denying that this is not the case. As mentioned in the article, this is a complex algorithm, one of the components of which can be profile visits.

How to get rid of people you may know on Facebook?

You can’t. You can temporarily hide it from News Feed by clicking three horizontal dots near “People You May Know” and selecting “Hide People You May Know”.

How to turn on people you may know on Facebook?

It’s always on, just sometimes suggested peoples show up on the News Feed. To find a list with peoples, you may know on the desktop, go to: https://www.facebook.com/friends/suggestions (link)
On the mobile, you need to press the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner and press on friends> Suggestions.


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