Countertop Dishwasher: Connecting faucet/tap adapter

I recently decided to buy a portable/countertop dishwasher. I chose such a compact dishwasher because there is simply no room for a regular-sized dishwasher in the apartment I rent.

So, this will be an atypical article that I write on my blog. I’m writing it because I had a hard time finding clear information on the Internet about connecting such machines to the water supply using a tap.

Also, did you know that using a dishwasher can save up to 45 minutes per day?

Short answer

The water inlet hose in the dishwasher usually uses a universal 3/4 in. size connector. This is the same hose used in washing machines. And if you want to connect the water inlet hose to the kitchen tap, you will need to have a faucet with a removable aerator. Standard Aerator in the USA is 15/16″ male threaded or 55/64″ female threaded.

So if you’ve done the math and have the male aerator with standard dimensions, then the Faucet tap Adapter should be 15/16 in. – 3/4 in. like this one (affiliate link).

Further in the article, we will talk about connecting the top dishwasher to the water supply with a different type of kitchen faucets. I will also show you how I connected everything, and what improvement I ordered, which I am waiting for when it arrive.


I’m not a professional plumber, more of a tech savvy guy, so you take full responsibility if you fail to properly connect the dishwasher.

What Faucet Aerators are found in kitchens and what adapter to use?

Male or Female adapter?

To use the adapter, you will need to remove the faucet aerator. The adapter must be installed in the same way as the previous tap aerator.

So, let’s start with how to identify a Male faucet aerator from a female faucet aerator. It is not complicated, the male goes inside, and the female goes on top. I will give more clear examples below.

faucet adapter male conector
  • That’s how the Male aerator looks. You can see its threads.
faucet adapter female connector

And that’s how a female aerator looks. Threads go inside the body.

So, if you determine the type of aerator, and you know whether it is male or female, then you need to determine the exact dimensions so that you can buy the right size adapter.

Determining the size of the adapter you will need

Basically 4 standards are used. Which size can be measured using coins or simply can be measured with a tape measure. The most common is Standard (ST) – 15/16 in. male threaded or 55/64 in. female threaded size.

  • Standard (ST) – 15/16 in. male threaded or 55/64 in. female threaded. Regular size in EU for male – M24. Quarter Size.
  • Junior (JU) – 13/16 in. male threaded or 3/4 in. female threaded. Regular size in EU for male M21.5. Nickel size.
  • Tiny Junior (TJ) – it is metric-size aerator, which is M18.5×1 male threaded . Penny size.
  • Tom Thumb (TT) – it is metric-size aerator, which is M16.5×1 male threaded or M16.5×1 female threaded. Dime size.

Suitable adapter for countertop dishwasher

So, below I will give examples of what kind of adapter you need. In my case I had a standard faucet with a 15/16 in. male threaded aerator.

The links from Amazon are affiliate links, so if you buy using the link, I will receive a share of the commission. Of course, you can always find the aforementioned adapter in another store, maybe even a local one next to your house.

Connecting adapter to Standard (ST) type faucet

  • If your tap aerator is standard size (ST) male, you need such an adapter to connect the dishwasher water inlet hose.
  • If your tap aerator is standard size (ST) female, you need such an adapter to connect the dishwasher water inlet hose. Yes, it is the same adapter link because it has a transition in a package, with which you can connect to the standard male and female connector.

Connecting adapter to Junior (JU) type faucet

  • If your tap aerator is Junior size (JU) male, you need such an adapter to connect the dishwasher water inlet hose.
  • If your tap aerator is a Junior size (JU) female, you are lucky, you should be able to immediately connect the dishwasher water hose after unscrewing the Faucet aerator.

Connecting adapter to Tiny Junior (TJ) type faucet

Connecting adapter to Tom Thumb (TT) type faucet

How I connected the Countertop dishwasher to the water hose

Countertop Dishwasher faucet adapter

I live in a rented apartment, so I cannot connect a normal dishwasher. By the way, there is no place for her anyway. Lucky for me, my faucet aerator was a standard size, so I just had to buy that type of adapter (Standard (ST)).

unscrewing faucet aerator

After that, I unscrewed the existing faucet aerator and connected the aforementioned adapter. The faucet aerator rotates in the direction of the arrow as shown in the photo above.

connecting faucet adapter to dishwasher

After that, I connected an adapter to the faucet so that a portable dishwasher water inlet hose could be connected. The adapter is screwed in the direction shown in the photo.

connecting dishwasher to tap

After that I connected Dishwasher water hose to Faucet. Dishwater hose is connected by tightening in the direction of the arrows.

connecting tap adapter to dishwasher

Once the dishwasher hose is well attached, the water can be turned on and the dishwasher turned on.

faucet divider for dishwasher

I ordered a faucet attachment from China that should allow me to hook up the dishwasher water hose once and for all. But for now, it’s just on the way, so when I get it, I’ll update the article and tell you how I managed to connect a water tap diverter to a Faucet.

Video of connecting adapter to kitchen tap

Here you can see a short video of how I connected the adapter to the kitchen faucet. If you liked it and found it useful, you can subscribe to my channel.


I am very happy that I was able to quickly and reliably connect the dishwasher to the Kitchen tap. I hope you managed to do it without any problems.

And don’t forget, dishwashers also save water. Therefore, by purchasing it, you will also help nature.

If you have any additional questions or observations, you can leave them in the comments section or write to me directly.

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