Scratched Garmin watch screen: What to do?

Hi, today we’re going to talk about my one of favorite topics – Garmin watches. It’s no secret that I use Garmin products, and I really like them, you can see this from my previous articles. So what to do if your watch glass get scratched? There are some cheap and some expensive solutions. So let’s not waste your time and fix scratched Garmin screen.

Little scratches on the Garmin watch glass

If you got small scratches on your watch probably it has Gorilla Glass, which is not as scratch-resistant as sapphire glass.

If you want to remove scratches from Garmin watch, my suggestion is to use tempered protective glass on all Garmin watches that do not have sapphire crystal glass. It cost only 5-10 USD and can protect your expensive watch from all kinds of damage. Also, when you are upgrading, you can sell your old Garmin watch without scratches on the screen, and get more money back.


If only scratches are visible on the glass and not cracks, you can buy a protective glass and put it on the Garmin watch, this way you will hide the scratches and they will become invisible or almost invisible.

Scratches and cracks over Garmin watch glass

First of all, if you bought the watch from the second hand market, maybe you got lucky and it have a screen protection glass which you did not notice before. If there is no protective glass, it means that the main glass is damaged. And putting on a safety glass won’t really improve the situation.

Garmin manufacturers do not provide a warranty for cosmetic damage, but as many have already heard, Garmin support is quite flexible with such requests for help. Below I will present possible solutions to solve this problem.

Solution #1

Contact Garmin support depending on the country you are in. Explain the situation in detail, indicate when you purchased the watch, attach the purchase documents, and there is a chance that Garmin will give you a big discount on the purchase of another watch, or maybe even take it back and send you another watch. It all depends on the situation and each one is unique.

Solution #2

If the cosmetic damage does not prevent you from using the watch effectively, just live with it. Each crack has its own story, so it can be a great icebreaker when starting conversations with strangers.

Solution #3

If a scratch or a little crack bothers you, and you just can’t live with it, just sell the watch on the second hand market.

Garmin watches are usually not a decoration, but a functional tool for various sports and activities. If you put the watch at a reasonable price, I think you can easily find a buyer who doesn’t mind scratches or even cracks.

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Some people laugh at those who put $5-10, glass protectors, on $500-$1000 watches because it somehow hurts their image. I look at it a little more rationally, the item is expensive – it can easily lose value, so why not allocate 5-10 USD to preserve the value of the item? It’s a completely different story for sapphire glass watches, although some put tempered screen protector on them, which also seems understandable to me.


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