Garmin Connect badges: Collect them all

At first glance, it may seem a little childish to collect Garmin badges. But what I can tell you is that it is a very addictive activity that is enjoyable and at the same time can improve your physical and mental condition.

Garmin badges motivate me personally and even invite me to try something I’ve never tried, like going for a run on Halloween or going for a night swim.

Short explanation

Garmin Badges are a prize for certain activities it is like virtual medals. You can get a Garmin badge (1 pts.) for the first activity and a badge for completing a Marathon (8 pts.). The harder the Badge is earned, the more points you can get. All earned points are summed and after reaching a certain number, your profile level increases.

The Garmin page states that Garmin Point levels range from level 1 up to level 10, but it is not true. The Max point from the badge is 8. Maybe in future, there will be some harder activities, never know.

Garmin Profile level

As I mentioned, the more Garmin Badges you collect, the more points you have in total, which increases your profile level. The minimum Garmin profile level is 1, which is obtained as soon as the profile is created, and the maximum level is 10, which is very difficult to achieve.

Below is a table where you can see how many points are needed to reach the specified level.


In my understanding, reaching level 10 is almost impossible. So that you understand what I’m talking about, at the moment when I write the article there are 696 (1493 points) outdated badges, 203 (410 points) inactive badges, and 177 (391 points) active badges.

This means if you add up all possible Garmin Badges you get 2294 points (1493+410+391=2294). True, it should be mentioned that some Garmin Badges are repeatable, so you can reach higher levels a little easier. As far as I know, one user has reached level 9 and currently has 549 badges and 7213 points. And yes, this is a man who has completed the 100 mile run 4 times.

Yes, that’s right, if you’ve been collecting Garmin Badges since they came out and you’ve collected them all (once), you should be a level 7 athlete by now. But do not despair, you still have a chance to reach 10 level with time. Because Garmin Badges are constantly updated for various occasions.

All Garmin connect badges list

There are currently 177 active Garmin badges, which you can view here. And in total, during the period of their existence, 1076 of them were created. And they exist for quite a short time, the first one appeared in 2018.

Below I will mention and discuss the easiest and hardest Garmin Badges to get.

These Garmin Badges are the easiest to get

  • Getting Started (Record an activity using your Garmin device.)
  • Challenge Accepted (Complete a challenge with your connections.)
  • Photogenic (Add a profile photo.)
  • First Gear (Add your gear – running shoes, for example – in Garmin Connect.)
  • Weigh In (Record your weight.)
  • Well Rested (Get 8 hours of sleep.)
  • Commentator (Comment on an activity or a challenge.)

These Garmin Badges are the hardest to get

  • Intense 300 (Get 300 Intensity Minutes in a day.)
  • Marathon (Run 26.2 miles (42.2 km) in a single activity.)
  • 50K Ultra (Run 50 kilometers in a single activity.)
  • 50-Mile Ultra (Run 50 miles in a single activity.)
  • 100K Ultra (Run 100 kilometers in a single activity.)
  • Insanity (Run 100 miles in a single activity.)
  • 60-Day Goal Getter (Hit your daily steps goal 60 days in a row.)
  • 100-Mile Ride  (Ride 100 miles in a single activity.)
  • Indoor 4-Hour Ride (Record a 4-hour indoor cycling activity.)

What I collected in half a year

I cannot boast of impressive results, because I am neither a professional athlete nor a serious athlete. I’m just a tech geek who likes to exercise sometimes for better health.

I have currently reached 2 Garmin Profile levels and have collected 38 Garmin Badges. Of course, some are easy to get, but some require effort. The ones that please me the most are the following.

  • On fire (Record an activity 5 days in a row.)
  • 10K Run (Run 10 kilometers in a single activity.)
  • Frosty (Record an activity when it’s below freezing.)
  • Well-Oiled Machine (Improve your cycling VO2 Max or running VO2 Max levels.)
  • Stepping Up 15K (Get 15000 steps in one day) Planning to beat that in the near future.

Of course, these are not spectacular achievements, but they make me happy and make me keep trying. So good, when you have friends who use Garmin, you can add them to your connection list and compete with them a little.

Garmin Connect badges where to find?

It is not hard, for me the easiest way to check them is through the Garmin Connect app. But you can also do this through the Garmin Connect web page.

Garmin Connect badges where to find

Open Garmin Connect app and just press on your Profile picture–> select All Badges and then you will see all your earned Garmin Badges and your Profile level.

Garmin Connect badges not being awarded

Sometimes this happens when you perform the activity with a non-Garmin device, in which case you will not receive the Garmin Badge.

Another reason why you are not receiving Garmin Badges may be because the Garmin Profile region is set incorrectly.

Garmin Connect badges not being awarded fix

To fix this, go Garmin connect webpage and then click on your profile –> Account Settings–>Upload Time Zone. Select the time zone you are in. This small change can fix this problem.

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In my opinion, this is a great way to motivate yourself. Also Badges, like medals that remind you of hard but enjoyable activities. I will update the article in the future when I collect more Garmin Badges.

I hope I cover well things about Garmin Badges. If you have suggestions or questions, you can leave them in the comment section.

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  1. For the easiest Garmin Badges I would add:
    – Thanks for Sharing Share an activity)
    – Welcome to the Party (Join a group)
    – Like to Like (Like an activity or comment)
    – Trailblazer (Create a segment)
    – I’ve Got Connections (Add a new connection)
    – Networking (Search for connections by linking your account with a social network)
    – Pathfinder (Create a course)

    Well done for 10K Run!


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