Do Motherboards come with SATA Cables? Answered

When you’re upgrading the computer or your motherboard suddenly fails, you need to change motherboard (MB). Although there may be many reasons why you have reached the question “do motherboards come with SATA Cables”

We’ve only recently learned that a lot of people don’t know before they buy new motherboards whether they come with SATA cables or not.

Will SATA Cables come with Motherboard or PSU?

The motherboard often provides 2 SATA data cables, but sometimes there are more. The two SATA cables are for connecting an HDD or SSD to the motherboard. But this is not the rule, often the motherboard has enough SATA data cable to connect all the necessary devices. We suggest to watch unbox videos before buying the motherboard or if you need additional cables just buy them separately.

A PSU – or otherwise a power supply unit – is for powering components. In most cases there are no SATA data cables in PSU. Power supply, have a SATA power cables which are intended to supply electricity to components.

sata data cable conectors
SATA data cable

SATA data – from HDD/SSD/OPTICAL to motherboard.

sata power cables
SATA power cable

SATA power – from PSU to HDD/SSD/OPTICAL.

Where to get SATA cables?

If you bought a new computer and still have the old one, you can always “borrow” a SATA cable from an old computer. SATA cables have been in use since 2003, so if you have a PC no older than 2003, you’ll probably find a bunch of SATA cables in it.

SATA cables are not expensive, and buying more than one, you can get a good deal. For example, you buy 3 SATA cables on Amazon for 6,99 USD.

Cable Matters 3-Pack 90 Degree Right Angle SATA III 6.0 Gbps

How many SATA cables do I need?

It depends on how much different HDD or SSD you need. Because each individual device requires a separate SATA cable. If you have 2 separate drives and an Optical (CD / DVD) drive then you will need at least 3 SATA cables.

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