Dropped RAM stick. Easy fragile?

Sometimes little accidents happen when you are building a PC. For example, a RAM stick drops on the ground, and you immediately wonder if the RAM stick was damaged? We’ll try to reassure you right away – RAM doesn’t have any moving parts, such as graphics cards or power supply units, making it much less likely to get damaged.

RAM sealed in package

RAM sealed in package example drop

If the RAM stick is dropped on the ground while still in the plastic package, it will absorb shock from the wall without a problem.

RAM packs are specially designed for various shakes and light shocks during transportation. The RAM suffered various shocks during the transport and was shaken in various ways, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

So if the RAM has fallen to the ground and is still in the package, you shouldn’t be scared anyway.

Dropped RAM stick

dropped ram chip

Suppose it had already happened that the unpacked RAM had dropped, and the impact was really strong. Perform a visual inspection.

RAM is of all types. Some have large coolers (metal heatsinks), others do not, and all chips are open.

  • If the RAM stick has a cooler (metal heatsinks), make sure everything is in place or the cooler is not bent.
  • If the RAM does not have a cooler (metal heatsink) and the chips are open, check that they have not been dropped or otherwise damaged.

Do not put the RAM stick in the motherboard if you notice any damage.

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Do not worry about dropping RAM packages. If they’re packed in their packaging the plastic can absorb the impact of the fall with no issues. If the RAM were unpacked, nothing terrible would have happened to him anyway, as they are usually made to last.

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