Have you lost the NVMe screw? Where to get one?

Sometimes, we lose the NVMe screw, and it is no longer clear which screw and where to look. In this short article, we will help you buy or customize an NVMe screw from elsewhere.

Usually, motherboards come with an installed stand for NVMe. But if the standoff is not on your motherboard, then you can get away with it from the older motherboard or buy it.

Don’t forget that some motherboards manufacturers install m.2 slots screws just next to m.2 slots. So check the motherboard before buying a new one.

What is NVMe screw size?

What is NVMe screw size?

NVMe m. 2 uses mainly uses 2.5 mm or 3.0 mm screws. But when it comes to a standoff, they come in a wide variety of sizes. This is because of the differences between motherboard manufacturers and others used in laptops.

Motherboard with M.2 connector

But if your motherboard does not have an M.2 connector, you will use a PCIe adapter to connect NVMe storage. You can read more about PCIe adapters here – What is PCIe NVMe SSD? Explained.

PCIe NVMe screw

NVMe screw equivalents

If you have an old pc or laptop lying around, you can search for similar screws from it. The standoff can be adapted from the standoff of the old motherboards. A man applied an NVMe screw from an Intel SSD 530 Series in the video below.

You can also try to fit a screw from a laptop chassis. They can be a little longer than necessary so that you can cut screws ending with sharp pliers or file them whit a knife sharpener.

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Do NVMe drives come with screws?

No, NVMe drives do not come with screws. NVMe screws come in a package with motherboard or PCIe NVMe adapters. If you dont have these screws or buyed prebuild PC without it, best way is to buy NVMe screw kit.

If you can’t find an NVMe screw, you can always look for such screws in old components that are no longer needed or order new ones.

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