Apple watch the Green Screen of Death

The Apple brand is known as one of the most reliable brand of manufacturers on the market. But electronic devices wouldn’t be electronic devices if they didn’t fail from time to time. Today we will talk about the apple watch’s a green screen of death and ways to fix it.

Short answer

This is not a software failure, it is a hardware failure that is handled by disassembling the watch. Therefore, if your watch is still under warranty, it would be wise to replace it with a new one. The green screen of death appears when the screen digitizer fails.

What is green screen of death?

If I’m not mistaken, this name comes from the name Blue screen of death (BSoD), which is officially known as a stop error or blue screen error. So in general terms, Green screen of death on Apple watch is a stop error with green color on screen instead of blue color.

Causes of green screen of death

It is quite a common problem in apple watches. But if your watch has a valid warranty, it probably won’t be a problem to replace it if no water damage is found (or other outside damage).

It is often discussed in the Apple watch owner community that the Green screen error indicates water damage, but this is not always the cause.

The green screen of death appears when the screen digitizer fails. And it can fail for various reasons.

  • Water damage.
  • Poor assembly.
  • External factors (shocks, falls).
  • Poor quality screen digitizer.

Apple watch green screen of death fix

If you don’t have a warranty, I suggest you evaluate the value of the watch, is it worth repairing, or is it better to sell it as defective and buy a new one?

If you are good with electronics repair, you can try replacing the screen digitizer. Just keep in mind that handling Apple watches is very tricky because it’s glued on tightly.

In the video, you will see an older Apple watch screen removable procedure. But just be very careful when separating the LCD connector cable, because there are some very delicate connectors inside that you can damage.

Is it worth fixing the Apple watch screen?

It depends on the series of Apple watches and the condition of your watch. I mean, is the battery still holding a charge well enough, or is there some other damage?

It is also important to know the value of the watch, whether it is worth repairing at all or selling it for parts.

Used Apple watch prices

SeriesSecond hand pricewith a screen defectScreen digitizer (no LCD)
Apple watch 1st generation (2015)from 30 to 150 USD30 USD15-50 USD
Apple Watch Series 1 (2016)from 30 to 50 USD10 USD15-50 USD
Apple Watch Series 2 (2016)from 50 to 70 USD20-30 USD20-30 USD
Apple Watch Series 3 (2017)from 60 to 100 USD20-30 USD20-40 USD
Apple Watch Series 4 (2018)from 70 to 150 USD30-40 USD25-40 USD
Apple Watch Series 5 (2019)from 100 to 180 USD30-50 USD28-40 USD
Apple Watch Series 6 (2020)from 150 to 220 USD30-50 USD30-50 USD
Apple Watch Series 7 (2021)from 220 to 280 USD50-120 USD30-40 USD
Apple Watch Series 8 (2022)from 400 to 500 USD200 USDNot on the market
Apple Watch Ultra (2022)from 700 to 800 USDNot on the marketNot on the market

In my opinion, it is worth changing the screen digitizer Apple watch from series 4. Keep in mind, if the LCD screen is damaged (the first layer of the screen that you can see), then the price of parts will be twice as high.

Also, if you fail to remove iCloud, then the price of the defective watch will drop significantly.

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The green screen of death on the Apple watch is a very annoying problem, which usually cannot be solved by restarting the watch or updating it, it is a hardware problem that must be solved mechanically by replacing the screen digitizer.

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