Best mini Spycam 2021 Reviews – Top 12 Products

Mini Spy Camera is a modern day stealthy device to make you aware of situations that you would have never even imagined. Do you want to keep a secret eye on everything that matters to you? Do you need to record the activities of your children? Are you concerned about your home or office security, or want to have the legal evidence of important events? We have got you covered with a list of the best mini spy camera options available in the market, keeping in mind all your needs.


Spy cameras are smart devices that can be concealed easily without being spotted and are easy to use. With the help of it you can spy on people, keep a check on your valuable properties and can record anything you wish. Spy camera also known as spy cam, hidden cam or mini hidden spy camera come in various sizes and shapes. They can be hidden inside daily usable gadgets like watches, pen, or sunglasses.

Best Mini Spycam 2021

There are a number of mini spy cameras in shape of speakers, pens, belts, watches etc. with different features, different capabilities and varying prices. Sometimes it gets difficult to buy a perfect gadget for your needs. We have gathered a list of the best mini spy cameras available, with a detailed analysis on their different aspects, making it easy for you to select a suitable gadget as per your requirements.

Here we have listed some of the Best Mini Spy Cameras for you to help you decide and choose what is best for you.  You will find detailed reviews regarding each of these Top 12 Mini Spy Cameras, along with the sections consisting of our likes and dislikes related to these Spy Cams. Furthermore, Pros and Cons of each of these Spy Cameras are also described, to help you decide and select the best product easily.

At the end, we have written a comprehensive but easy buyer’s guide. A detailed catchy infographic is also designed, explaining what are best mini spy cams? And what are the important features of best Mini secret Cameras? And How to compare and analyze different mini spy cameras? This infographic will serve as a Quick Buyer’s guide for you. So using these guidelines you can analyze any Mini Spy Camera. Then you can decide yourself what is best for your requirements.

1. EHOMFUL E002 Mini – Smallest Spy Camera


The E002 mini Wi-Fi camera by EHOMFUL is considered as the world’s smallest wireless spy camera being just a size of coin. It is a Wi-Fi spy a camera having the functionality of real time live video streaming through Wi-Fi. It also posses a function of offline recording in case if your Wi-Fi is not working or you are not in range of a Wi-Fi. E002 may be small in size but comes with great features and that’s why it made to our list of best mini spy cameras. It is one of the best night vision spy camera offering an auto night vision that convert surveillance images into monochromatic images detecting people and objects even in the dark.

EHOMFUL E002 – Hidden Best Mini Spy Camera

The design is cool and simple with the whole exterior made up of plastic and is a light weight camera. It comes with an integrated battery and can be used wirelessly for like an hour in one charge. At the front of the device there are sensors for motion detection, an IR bulb for night vision along the camera itself. At the upper side there is micro USB port for charging, three LED lights one for charging, another one for Wi-Fi status and the third one showing on and off status of the camera and an SD card slot for offline recording storage. On one side of the device there is a magnetic chip that helps in sticking it to any metallic object and on the other side there is proper ventilation that helps in keeping it cold.

Turing to the back of this Wi-Fi hidden camera, you will find a Wi-Fi button that can be pressed to turn on the Wi-Fi. When Wi-Fi is on, the E002 mini Wi-Fi camera can live stream the video, but it will consume more battery, so make sure to put it on charge while using the Wi-Fi option. By default, the Wi-Fi is off, and you can use it like a secret video recording device.

EHOMFUL E002 — Installation & Application

Packaging of EHOMFUL E002 mini wife camera is very simple. Inside the packing there is the camera itself, a magnetic mount that can be used to stick on wall, dashboard of a car or any other object while the camera is magnetically attached to one of its side. Also, there is micro USB cable for charging and a small quick start guide to help you in understanding the usage of the whole device.

The mobile application used by this night vision camera is called SIPC and can be downloaded both from Google Play Store and Apple Store, both for android and IOS. The interface of this app is very simple and easy to use. First of all, you would need to add your device to that application by entering the name and password for your mini hidden spy camera, both of these are printed at the lower side of your device.

The application gives you the facility to watch online streaming even remotely, and also you can listen to the audio or speak on the other side of camera. The camera posses a mike to record the audio and also a speaker for two-way communication if you want. You can also take snapshot at any instance of the video with your mobile application and record a video. From the setting menu on your SIPC mobile app you can change the alter the video resolution between High definition and standard definition and can check the remaining capacity on the SD card of the camera. There are also other useful settings like email setting and sensitivity setting.

Overall E002 by EHOMFUL is a good performing, high life, HD mini spy camera with audio and magnetic features that can be used to record videos, watch livestreaming with a night vision and motion detection feature.

What Do We like?

The best spy camera and the best hidden camera for home is one that is small in size and easy to hide. EHOMFUL E002 mini Wi-Fi camera is one of the best mini spy cameras to its very small size almost the size of a coin.

What impressed us is its small size and yet having so many features like night vision and motion detection. Magnetically attached to any metallic object in room, you can’t find it even with a thorough look and can deceive anyone.

Live video streaming is something which is not offered by your everyday home spy cameras, a feature that make E002 stand out in the market of hidden spy cameras. What you have to do is to turn on the Wi-Fi option on your camera, connect it to Wi-Fi, install the mobile application and you can watch the live streaming in high definition quality.

The application offered by EHOMFUL is pretty simple to use and still contains every option you would like to use. It is easily available for both Android and IOS platforms. You can use the camera without this application just for video recording, but to enjoy all the features your must install this app and add your device to it.

What We don’t like?

Though in its small size it has covered almost every aspect yet what concerned us is its very short life on battery. Maximum output of the battery we recorded is less than an hour which even drop more with a Wi-Fi on. You would need to connect it to a permanent charging if you are willing to record a video longer than one hour or live stream a video which can lead to exposing the camera.

Also, there is a speaker on the camera which the manufacturer has designed for two-way communication or if you want to pass commands to someone on the other side of the camera. But we didn’t like this feature as it can risk the hidden nature of camera if by mistake you left it turned on, so you should be careful about this option if you are using the device as a spy cam.

  • Small size
  • Auto night vision
  • Motion detection
  • HD live Streaming
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Low battery life
  • Blinking LED lights (can reveal camera during spying)

2. HOSUKU Clock Hidden Cam — Wide Angle Coverage Spy Cam!


We have seen best spy pen camera, the best wearable spy camera, spy watch camera and other mini spy cameras for home but installing a spy cam inside a normal functioning digital alarm clock is a very interesting idea by HOSUKU. It is a 140-degree wide angle camera that works wirelessly and looks like a normal functioning alarm clock. It is useful and non-noticeable camera for bedroom surveillance of kids or elder persons in house and can be used for other security purposes.

Inside the packing you will get a USB charger, a USB and the quick start guide along with the device itself. The camera is concealed on the left side of the alarm clock, just beside the hourly digits of the clock. The video is recorded in a 1080p HD quality with a wide angle covering a bigger part of your bedroom. It can be connected to Wi-Fi to watch online livestreaming from any part of the world and is the best mini wireless IP camera. You can download the mobile application for your Android and IOS devices and put the IP of your device in it for remote surveillance.

HOSUKU 1080p Spy Clock — Features & Functions

It is not just a hidden camera inside an alarm clock, but also offers rich functions like night vision and motion detection with alarm push surveillance system. It contains a built-in 12 Night vision IR, making it among the best night vision hidden wireless camera. With the night vision, you can record faces and objects even during the darkest hours.

The alarm push surveillance system pushes an alarm notification on your cell phone if some movement is detected in your home or room when you are not there, a quick snapshot during such motion detection is also taken by the spy cam.

The HOSUKU 1080p clock hidden camera uses a micro SD card to store the recorded videos and snapshots. It supports all time recording, alarm recording and timing recording with a 1080p, 720p and 640p quality. As already stated, it has 140-degree wide angle and can zoom the picture four times.

What We like?

We really liked the idea of concealing a spy camera inside a normal functioning alarm clock, making it completely unnoticeable. The clock functions like a normal digital clock. It can also ring an alarm, so it is a multi-purpose spy camera. Even if you use it with a charging cable attached, it looks like you are giving power to the clock and won’t risk the concealing of the camera inside the clock.

The alarm push notification system is very useful if you are curious about the surveillance about your home or room but are not able to watch the live video every time. It will push a notification to your mobile which is connected with the camera through IP whenever some motion is detected inside the range of camera. This helps you in quickly responding to any danger if you are outside your home or keeping an eye on your toddlers or aged elders.

Also, the night vision is so clear that you can easily record a video or take pictures with it even during dark, all thanks to the infrared technology. The motion detection even works wonder during night and in dark due to this night vision functionality, making your home surveillance even better.

What We don’t like?

The Android/IOS application offered by HOSUKU failed to impress us. Firstly, we struggled to find the exact application, and then it causes initial issues during connectivity, but after that it was working fine. It also lacks many options like taking snapshots remotely or turning on and off the night vision.

Also, the size of this alarm clock is much smaller than normal alarm clocks, which can cause suspiciousness. We would have loved it more if the size and shape of the alarm clock was more like a normal functioning clock and the camera was not installed on one side but was hidden somewhere inside the digits making it impossible to find. Still, they have done a good job in embedding this much technology inside one small piece.

  • 140-degree wide angle
  • Night Vision
  • Alarm Push notification surveillance system
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Live Video streaming
  • Application lack options
  • Not a very convincing design

3. FACAMWORD Alarm Clock Cam — Best Mini Nanny Cam!


This mini nanny cam is another good performing camera inside a normal looking alarm clock by FACAMWORD and is one of the best mini spy camera. With a 115o wide angle lens and 1920 × 1080p resolution, you can record clear HD resolution videos. Along with a normal functioning alarm clock, it also shows you the current temperature of the room, both in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The design is simple but eye catching with crystal black finishing. On the front side of the device there is a LED display screen showing the current time, temperature and date. A small nanny secret camera is embedded at the front, on the ride of time screen, in a manner that it is hardly noticeable. The time and alarm settings can be changed from the buttons on the upper side of the clock. Turning the rear end, we can see an SD card slot with a recommended SD card of up to 64 GB storage capacity and a USB port for charging the device. The battery and SD card slots can be exposed by removing the removable cover on the back.

FACAMWORD Alarm Clock Nanny Cam — Features

Inside the packaging of Facamword Mini Alarm clock camera there is a USB cable and an adapter/charger along with the Alarm clock mini hidden camera itself. A small guide can also be found in the packaging box that will help you a lot in understanding the overall functioning of this camera.

It is a recommended camera for room or home surveillance due to the motion detection feature. Much likely the alarm clock camera by HOSUKU as we discussed in above section, the Facamword Alarm clock camera will also push an alarm notification on your mobile phone which is connected with it through IP whenever some motion is detected within its range. You can turn on and off motion detection anytime, or set the level of sensitivity for motion detection. It gives you an option of choosing between 4 levels of sensitivity.

With the TF card capacity feature, you can check the capacity or remaining storage on your SD card when inserted. Make sure to turn off the camera before inserting or changing SD card to avoid any type of headache. Like almost all spy cameras, it also has a dedicated mobile application CAMVIP compatible both with Android and IOS. All the settings can be changed and modified with the help of it. The Facamword Alarm Clock nanny camera can be connected with your mobile through Wi-Fi, as it emits its own Wi-Fi signals that can be connected to your mobile phone.

If you are looking for a cheap hidden camera for home surveillance that is hardly detectable or want to have a third eye on your messy toddlers, this nanny camera inside the alarm clock is the best choice for you as it is not very costly, easy to use, good-looking and not noticeable.

What do we like?

The first thing we look for in the best mini spy cameras is how well the camera is hidden inside normal life objects, or how difficult it is to notice it. Inside this alarm clock, the camera is embedded very nicely and cleanly. The overall design is beautiful looking, crystal black in color hiding the camera delicately and cleanly, making it completely concealable.

The motion detection feature works very well, and even you can choose the sensitivity level from the mobile application. If you are very conscious about the movements inside your home or office, you can set the sensitivity level to high, and it will send you a push notification on your cell phone every time there is some movement inside the range of camera. But if you are getting annoyed by too much of push notifications and still concerned about the security of your valuables, just set the sensitivity to a low level, and it won’t push notifications on small movements.

Also, we liked the mobile application that works in correspondence with it, as it is a far better effort looking at the cheap rate tag. CAMVIP comes with a number of options and settings and is easily available on both play store and Apple Store. To connect your device with it, you will have to turn on the Wi-Fi emitter of your device, connect your phone to that Wi-Fi and then add the device to your mobile phone application.

What do we don’t like?

Though the alarm clock nanny camera by Facamword is a well behaving spy camera with recording capabilities, still it misses some of the most important features. First to that list is night vision, as there are no night vision capabilities in this alarm clock camera it is almost useless in the dark. Also, it cannot detect any movement in the dark and won’t push any notification.

It does not come with any built-in memory or any SD card inside the package. You will have to use your own SD card for it. It can only accept an SD card with 64 GB or less storage capacity, which is very less if you are looking to record a long clip or want to record the surveillance of your home or room for a number of days.

  • Best mini spy camera with cheap rate
  • Motion Detection System
  • Push notifications
  • Better smartphone app
  • Lack Night Vision
  • Low storage compatibility

4. KAPOSEV Wireless Charger Cam — Multi-Function Spy Cam!


A smart wireless charger with an internal mini spy camera by Kaposev is a complete solution for your home security and to quench your spying thirst. It is normal looking and good functioning fast wireless charger with a certified Qi-enabled technology. The mobile charger rest on your desk, charging your mobile phone as well as making video of your room and is not noticeable by any mean.

Inside the packing box, there is a camera embedded charging base, a charging stand on which your mobile rest during charging, a USB cable along with the adapter and a quick start guide to help you out in the initial setup of the charger.

Kaposev charging base

The hidden Wi-Fi camera is concealed at the front side of the charging base and is completely undetectable. At the back side of the charging base there is a power on and off button or switch, an SD card slot and port for micro USB cable. The charging base which looks much like a mobile phone is a long vertical stand that fit in the charging base and has an SD card slot and USB port of itself. To turn on the charger, connect the micro USB cable with the power supply and connect it to the charger, put your phone straight up on the charging base leaning on the stand and your phone will start charging without any wire connected directly to it.

With the remote view and record playback option you can record the video, save it in the inserted SD card and watch it later, or you can watch it live after connecting your mobile phone with the camera. It is an essential tool to spy on your kids or babysitter and can also be used as a live spy cam for home surveillance.

KAPOSEV Smart Charger Mini Camera – Features

The hidden camera footage is of 1080p HD quality, making sure that even the minute details are captured with the spy photo camera. It also possesses a highly recommended motion detection features along with the smart alarm. As a standard mini video camera, it also pushes a notification on mobile application whenever some motion is detected in the vicinity of its range. You can set it up to take the snapshot at such instance or start recording after some movements are detected. This is a very useful feature as it also helps you in saving your storage as well as time. By setting the automatic video recording after motion is detected can save you from recording a useless video of empty room.

HDMiniCam app and P2PLiveCam can be downloaded for both android and IOS smartphones to use this fast charger embedded cam. It is very easy to set up the camera on your phone, download the application and add your mini Wi-Fi camera device by reading the QR Code pasted on the back of the charger. It can be used for short range connection as well as for remote live watching by connecting your device to your home Wi-Fi. The Kaposev smart wireless charger is among the best hidden camera with audio for home security as its record’s audio as well as you can speak through its speaker.

It is the best buy spy camera because it is a two in one package. It is a fast-performing wireless mobile charger compatible with the with expensive smartphones like iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X, Samsung S9/S8/Note 8, and other Qi-enabled devices as well as a good covert camera. You can place it on the desk to spy on room activities, or can use it as a spy camera for the car.

What do We like?

The multi-functionality in a cheap price overwhelmed us. The charger is a highly durable wireless charger with fast charging capability and shows support for almost every expensive and mostly used smartphone. The secret camera video recorded is a high-quality video recorder with audio recording capability. Looking at the overall result of charger and camera, we can easily say that it is worth every buck and the asking price is very reasonable.

With the mobile application you can’t just watch live streaming or watch the already recorded videos but can also share your camera with multiple devices like smartphones, tablets and PC and view multiple cameras on a single account. This is very useful if you and your partner both want to keep a secret eye on your kids or the babysitter looking after your kids, you won’t need to install two different cameras but can use the single KAPOSEV smart wireless charging the best mini spy camera.

Motion detection feature is added by almost every spy cam these days, but Kaposev has gone one step further by adding an auto recording option. With this option turned on, your spy cam will start automatic video recording if there is any movement detected inside your room, and you won’t miss a single movement happened in your absence.

It also has a good night vision feature and the quality drop of video during dark is very minimum with a lot of visual clarity

What We don’t like?

There are two USB ports in the overall charger, one in the charging base while another in the charging stand. The charger only works when the USB cable is attached to the port on the stand, and does not work if it is connected to the base. The base port is to charge the actual mini hidden camera. This whole setup can cause auspiciousness if someone is sticking the cable inside the base port to charge their cell phone, something that concerned us.

  • Multifunction spy cam
  • Night vision
  • Motion detection with auto video recording
  • Multi device setup
  • Design malfunctions
  • Need constant power supply

5. MIUFLY Police Body Camera — Best Battery Duration Mini Cam!


MIUFLY 1296P body camera is a wearable spy camera designed specifically for police. With a 2-inch display, night vision, a built-in 32 GB (and 64 GB) of memory and GPS, it is an ultimate security gadget to record and keep proofs of offenses a police officer face.

The packaging box is a big box that contains MIUFLY police body camera, a charging dock to charge the device, a USB charging cable, a charging cable so that as a police officer you can charge the camera with your car too, an extra clip and an adapter for USB cable along with user manual.

MIUFLY 1296p Body Camera — Rugged Design

At the front side of the device there is a camera, two LED lights and IR light for night vision. On the rear side, there is a 2-inch LCD screen where you can watch the recorded video, there is a button at the bottom to play, pause and forward the video and a removable 360o rotating clip for wearing the cam on your belt or upfront in your pocket. Right side of the device there are covered posts for microphone, HDMI cable and also a USB port. Left side we have got a video recording button, a quick snapshot button and button for microphone. A power button and a flashlight button are constructed right on the top of the device.

To turn on the device, you just need to charge it properly first and then press the power button, and it is ready to use. With the 2-inch LCD monitor, you can instantly watch the previously recorded videos. There is no option for external memory connectivity, but it does offer a huge 32 & 64 GB built-in memory, which will be enough for your covert operations.

The most exciting feature that is missing in various hidden cameras is that you can set a password for the camera. This helps you in keeping your recorded data safe and avoids them from being stolen or deleted. The recorded videos can not be deleted via the camera itself, but can only be erased through computer. This is according to the need of law and enforcement agencies.

What do We like?

The discreet wearable camera by MIUFLY is designed keeping in mind the needs and complexity of a police department. The most exciting thing about it is the water resisting quality, saving all the recorded data from getting lost if the camera is exposed to water. This helps police officers in performing their duties even in rainy weather and recording every bit of their operations and duty performance.

What we most liked is its prolonged battery life, with the 2900mAH battery a video of 10+ hours can be recorded in a single charge which is something very impressive. Also, it gives you multiple charging facility. A sheriff can charge it on duty with the car charging cable, or can bring a charged device from home. The charging dock is made very solid and durable where the device fit in tightly.

The security password option adds more to the secrecy of your camera. When the password is applied on MIUFLY police body cam and connected to a PC, it will ask for a password first. This feature helps in keeping the record safe and avoiding any intruder to erase or watch the recorded spy video, making it one of the best spy equipment.

What We don’t like?

Though the design is made in a way to facilitate police or security personals but still it is a bit old school. There are a lot of buttons on every side of the device, making it prone to mistakes. Specially, the video recording button is just beneath the snapshot button that can cause confusion for the user of this camera, and he can mistake one button with another.

Also, it is very heavy and feels like a piece of brick. You would need to fix it up on a tight belt or have a secondary layer on your pocket otherwise it may hang out disturbing your spy camera video recording.

  • Waterproof
  • Good battery life
  • 2-inches LCD Screen
  • Night vision
  • Old school design
  • Very heavy

6. Phreilend USB Charger Camera — Lightweight Mini Spy Camera!


If you want to keep an eye on your nanny, babysitter or employees, we have got you covered with a Phreilend USB Charger hidden spy camera for home and office. It is a normal looking mobile charger with an embedded the smallest hidden camera that more looks like a small LED light than a spy cam.

In a 45$ price, it is among the list of cheap hidden cameras that can be plugged in to charge your mobile phone normally. With a removable USB charging port, you can charge any smartphone with it and at the same time keep a secret eye on your children, babysitters, nannies, personal secretaries and even employees.

PHREILEND USB Charger Camera – A Stealth Charger Camcorder

The design is very simple, 1.3 inches width and 2 inches length, with a black crystal finishing with a red strip around it. At the front side there is a USB port and a small covert video camera lens you can barely see. On the back side just beneath the switch there is a micro SD Card slot.  On the red strip, a small reset button is pasted to reset the recording functionality.

It comes with a unique motion detection function where it automatically captures three quick pictures whenever a motion is detected and send a push notification to the connected mobile letting you know that it has detected a motion. You also have an option to record a maximum 20 minutes video whenever a motion is detected. The video will be available on the inserted SD card and can be watched through the connected smartphone or tablet. It ensures that you do not waste your time on best mini eye camera reviews of hourly prolonged videos without nothing going on.

With the HDMiniCam mobile application that is easily available both for android and IOS platform, you can connect it with your desired device. The connectivity is very simple, just plug in and connect to the Wi-Fi signal emitting from Phreilend USB charging hidden camera. Now open your mobile app, go to settings and choose device settings and then click on Wi-Fi configuration. Enter your home Wi-Fi name and password to connect the device with you own Wi-Fi network.

What do We like?

It is a cheap and simple gadget if you are conscious about the performance of your babysitter or nanny and want to spy on their activities when you are not home. The use is simple, you just need to connect it to the power supply and insert a memory card. It supports up to 128 GB of micro SD card, which is pretty good memory.

The application it uses can support up to 8 hidden security camera devices and also the same charging camera can be connected with multiple devices at same time. It is important as you won’t need to install multiple cameras at your home or won’t need multiple applications for more than one camera at your office.

Phreilend also provide you with a two-year replacement warranty, if you are not satisfied with the overall product or facing some issues in setting it up, you can return it to the company at any time and claim your warranty. If you want another product in exchange for it, they can send you that, or you can have your 100% refund.

Many best mini spy cameras come with a motion detection feature, but the motion activated spy camera of Phreilend USB charger is one step ahead of most of them. With three quick snaps and pushing an alarm notification to your connected gadget, it makes sure that no movement inside your in your absence does not go unnoticed. The hidden camera motion activated system can also record a video that can be played back with the tablet or Smartphone.

What We don’t like?

In such cheap rates we were not expecting too much from this USB charger hidden camera, but still it is missing some basic stuff like audio recording. Yes, the video recorded will be just an audio less moving picture, much more like a CCTV camera. The hidden surveillance cameras with audio recording are much more reliable than those that does not have this option included.

Also, it only operates when plugged to a power source and is not a battery-operated hidden camera. You can not use it for outside spying and can be a setback if an electric shortfall happens during some important event recording. It also does not offer any night vision, so won’t be able to record videos in the dark.

The micro SD card slot is not covered with any lid, if anyone plugged out the charger from power source can easily see a memory card in its back that can leading to exposing the spy cam.

  • Light weight
  • Two in one product
  • Easy to connect and use
  • Can be accessed remotely
  • 2-years warranty
  • No night visions
  • Not fit for outdoor spying
  • Design malfunctions

7. CONBROV T11 HD Video Camera — Most Durable Mini Spy Cam!

CONBROV T11 HD Portable Video camera

Are you worried about burglars and thieves? Are you conscious about the security of your home? Or you want to keep your valuable records in an office safe? The CONBROV T11 HD portable Video surveillance provide you a complete protection with its uniquely designed rotatable head that can be rotated 180 degrees vertically giving a wider angle for video recording.

The packaging is a small box that contains CONBROV mini security camera, a USB cable that can be used both for charging and extracting the saved pictures and videos from the cam, a home security camera installation guide and a 12-months warranty.

Conbrov’s T11 HD portable Video Surveillance is a uniquely designed secret camera for home. The camera head can rotate vertically in 180O giving a wider and adjustable angle for surveillance. At the bottom there is an off and on switch along with an audio button, making it a spy camera with sound. On the back end, there is a micro SD card slot and USB port. The USB port is used both for charging the device and also to transfer saved data from it.

CONBROV T11 HD – Day Night Home Surveillance

With infrared LED, it provides the best result in night. The mini camera night vision can record clear videos even in total darkness with the advanced starlight lens. The night camera vision turns on automatically in dark and with this one you will not miss anything important.

A 1000 mAh battery gives a daytime recording time of 240 minutes, which drop to 90 minutes during night due to automatic night vision on. It also has a loop recording feature, which means that you won’t have to worry about the SD card memory to stop recording when it is full. If the SD card get full, the device automatically deletes the older recorded videos, emptying space for newer stuff.

Also, with a motion detector on, it is the best hidden surveillance camera for home as it won’t miss any movement inside your house. Once it detects a motion, it will automatically start capturing the motion and is very accurate in this feature. It gives up to 1 year of standby time in the motion detection mode.

The mini CONBROV T11 HD Surveillance Video recorded make it to the list of best hidden home security cameras and is one of the best mini spy camera in a very affordable price. With the said functions, small design, it is indeed a recommended hidden camera for home security.

What do We like?

The 180 degrees vertically rotating camera head got a thumb up from us for the creative idea. This helps in adjusting its angle. If you want to hide it in your bookshelf in some heighten position, point the camera head below and if you want to keep it on your computer desk, just adjust the wide angle in straight position. You can adjust it accordingly to your placement planning.

This wireless video camera has a long battery life of 4 hours in one go in daytime and a 90-minute backup with the night vision on. So, it means you can even carry it with you as a small security wireless camera. It can be charged and videotaped at the same time, so you won’t have to worry about the recording when you want to charge your device.

The night vision quality is much better than many home hidden camera systems. The infrared LED light make sure that you don’t miss any important details even during the darkest nights where there are more chances of burglaries.

It is also not very costly, not costlier than your home security. You don’t have to be a spy minded or very conscious about your home security to buy it. You can definitely throw some bucks for the safety of your valuables and important documents, and the CONBROV T11 portable cameras can be your best option for that.

What We don’t like?

You must know how to hide a camera in plain sight as it is not a hidden camera inside some normal household item, you will need to hide it within your books or behind some showpiece. Many people are more comfortable using a spy cam inside some household stuff like speakers or mobile charger etc.

The loop recording option will work well for you if you have already watched the older videos, but can cause trouble if you haven’t checked them yet. You can miss some important details if the device deleted some videos.

Also, we would have liked to have an online live video streaming after connection with Wi-Fi, which is lacking here. So, you can only play back the videos on your SD card after you get back to your home and can’t keep an eye on your house remotely.

  • Unique Design
  • 180° Vertically rotating head
  • Night Vision
  • Motion Detection
  • Durable
  • Not an ideal hidden camera
  • Can self-delete important videos
  • No live video surveillance

8. OHO Sunglasses Spy Camera — Best Waterproof Spy Cam.


If you are a sports enthusiast or a bike lover, OHO sunshine waterproof video recording sunglasses are the perfect gadget for you to record all the thrilling moments during hiking, motor sports or bike racing. This mini spy camera wireless and wearable glasses are considered as the world’s first ever water resisting sunglasses glasses camera having an IP66 level water protection. These are extremely recommended for all water sports including surfing, Water Motorbike and Water Skiing etc.

The sunglasses come in a beautiful black zipper case. There is a charging jack, a USB cable both for charging and connectivity with PC, sunglasses keeper which can be attached to the sunglasses to protect it from falling during extreme sports and is very handy. You also get a nice long microfiber cloth for keeping the glasses clean and tidy, along with a user manual to help you out.

The tiny wireless and waterproof spy camera can be found just in the center of polarized glasses above the nose piece area. The sunglasses are made completely of elastic material and are not very easily breakable. These mini camera spy sunglasses are very lightweight and are really comfortable wearable spy camera. A small LED light is made just at the back side of the camera with a one touch button on one of the glasses arms. There is also a covered USB port installed just beside the power button.

OHO Spy Sunglasses – Audio & Video Spy Camera

OHO waterproof sunglasses spy camera’s audio and video recording quality is very good with an amazing 1080p ultra full HD resolution. In bright day, the camera video is of High quality and snaps taken are crispy, catchy and near to reality experience. It uses impact resistant lenses in accordance with US safety Lens Standard, ANSI/ISEA Z87.1- 2015. A 100% UV400 protection, polarized lenses keep your eyes from harming during extreme weather conditions and let you enjoy your enthralling sports moments.

The secret camera recorder embedded inside sunglasses has a built-in 32 GB memory. With long battery life, it can record a video of 60 minutes in a single charge. To full charge, you will need to leave it on charge for at least 2 hours. With a no compatibility issues with your Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 and also with MAC, you can charge it from your PC along with transferring the data.

Using it is very easy and have one touch button for all operations. Press the power button, wait for it to turn on, a red LED light will turn on when the camera is powered on. Now by pressing the same button again, the video recorder turned on and the LED light start to blink. With a single touch, you can also take quick Snaps.

We have reviewed a lot of micro video cameras, and it is one of the best mini spy cameras available on the market that can be used both for recording sports and also for spying purposes. This small video camera is a digital video recording camera with 1080p HD quality video output. If you are looking to buy a hidden camera with audio and video quality insurance, OH sunshine waterproof glasses are the best HD hidden cameras with audio available in market.

What do We liked?

Before giving our verdict on this mini eye camera reviews, we would like to praise the polarized lenses used by OHO. If you are playing water sports or want to have a mountain bike race, you need to protect your eyes from dust and dirt, water splashes and specially the adverse effect of sun. These polarized glasses provide you with all necessary protection.

The best mini spy camera wireless or wired is the one whose video quality is high. In this regard, OHO sunglasses can beat easily the similar products with a 1080P HD quality video. Everything is clear, every moment is caught, and every small detail is caught with a perfection. After recording an hourly long video, you can relive the moments by watching the HD recorded video, giving you a real look alike second experience.

OHO sunshine made sure that the glasses are overall designed in a comfortable manner and haven’t just focused on the camera thing. To relax wearing and having a neck protector for glasses, won’t let the sunglasses slip out of your eyes or positioned wrongly. Also, the material is elastic, and the sunglasses won’t break easily even if dropped by mistake.

What We don’t like?

No doubt that OHO waterproof sunglasses provides a small spy camera with audio, but there is no way to stop the howling sound of wind waves. There is no protection cap for mic to avoid the wind voice, and you can not mute the audio recording too which we think is a bad thing.

The spy camera battery life is very short for this type of gadget. When you are going for some sports or going outside your home and want to record videos during driving, there is a major change that it will take more than an hour. With just one hour of charging, you won’t be able to record everything.

These mini cameras HD have only one touch button for all functions, which frustrated us. You need a lot of practicing and a first-hand familiarity to do every function right. Once when we were trying to record a video, mistakenly we powered off the camera and didn’t even realize. So, you have to be very careful with that thing, or you can return empty-handed with no video recording.

  • Light weight
  • Comfortable design
  • Polarized Glasses
  • 1080p HD videos
  • Waterproof
  • Audio catches wind voices
  • Short battery life span
  • One button for all options

9. SCS Wireless PC Speakers Cam — Best Audio Recording Mini Cam.


Secret camera filming companies always look for intriguing ideas to hide the hidden camera kit. SCS Wireless IP PC Speakers camera is a good example of such creativity. These are normal computer speakers having a hidden mini camera for home and room surveillance.

SCS Wireless IP speakers are normal fully functional pair of speakers with a good audio quality output. One of the speakers contains a volume up and down knob with a knob for controlling audio base, a power on/off button and an LED light to show the on and off status. The spy camera HD is hidden inside the second speaker just in front, which looks more like a ventilating hole or a small light.

SCS Wireless Speakers Camera — Features & Setup

It has a wide angle of 90 degree, so it can cover your whole room if placed in a corner. The video recorded is a good resolution 720p resolution recorded with a 1.3 Mega pixel lens. The mini spy camera Wi-Fi technology can connect these speakers to your home network like any best mini spy camera. Do you know you can use Network Attached Storage for getting more space without any fear of ever losing it? You can check some of the best NAS for Plex Server to know about such devices.

Setting up your speakers’ hidden camera for house or office security is very easy. This Wi-Fi spy camera for android and IOS can be set-up easily in minutes. Install Lizvie APP, Blue Iris or iSpy Connect application on your smartphone or tablet. Scan the QR code on the camera and input your Wi-Fi password.

It comes with an internal SD card memory of 8 GB, making it a fast-performing camera. The Lizvie application can connect with more than 10 devices at the same time, saving you from the frustration of keeping multiple apps for multiple devices. Similarly, the SCS wireless IP connected speaker hidden camera can be connected with a number of smart gadgets, and you won’t miss a single detail.

What do We like?

SCS wireless speaker hidden camera Wi-Fi connectivity is very good and can even work with a slow Wi-Fi connection. With a signal secured with user ID and password through WPA protection, it stays connected with your mobile application until and unless you home network Wi-Fi is turned off.

What is most important for a real hidden cam is how it connects and how it maintains the connectivity. With a P2P automatic set-up technology, anyone can set up this camera within a few minutes, a feature we liked most in it. The whole set-up procedure is also explained thoroughly and clearly in the user manual that come along with it.

If you are looking to have these speakers, you want multifunction with it, Right? So yes, it does address your need for a quality audio speaker for your computer or laptop. The fully functional audio speakers do deliver sound according to your expectation. We connected it to our laptop to check ho do spy cameras work, while in the meantime we played Alan Walker’s faded on it. The music base is well set, and you can also alter it according to your choice.

Though it does not come with a night vision feature, still can work very well in a very low light but won’t be able to produce results in complete dark. With a wide angle, if you are smart enough to know how to hide a security camera and how to place it well, you can cover your whole room or hall with it.

What We don’t like?

Every home security spy camera must should have an audio recording capability if it wants to lock horn with the best mini spy cameras available currently, which is lacking here. It is not a mini cam with audio recorder, the company explain it this in accordance to the Federal Law: 18 U.S. Code 2512.

An essential night vision is also missing here. Your house or office can be vulnerable in night, which is a more suitable time for burglaries. It does work well even in a very slow light, but gets blind in complete dark. An addition of night vision would have made this mini spy camera best buy camera for home security.

We think the asking price is a bit high with so many essential features missing. Having no loop recording capability, a low memory storage and no night vision, 160$ is not a suitable rate for it. For the best mini spy camera like this, a price near 100 or 110 $ would have made it the best buy spy camera.

  • Good audio quality
  • 720p video quality
  • Light weight
  • Better Concealable camera
  • Multi-Functional
  • Lack night vision
  • Low storage capacity
  • High price

10. Pyle Premium Portable Body Cam — Best Budget HD Spy Cam!


If you are a cop, a sheriff, a security guard or just have that James Bond spy character inside you who needs to record and keep visual evidence of every minute of duty, you do need a best wearable spy camera. The PYLE premium PPBCM9 Portable Compact Body Camera is designed specifically for that purpose. It records a full HD 1080p video and captures up to 8 mega pixel hi-res images.

It is specifically designed for law enforcement officers to capture visual evidence of important and unexpected evidence. Inside the packing box, there is main unit PPBCM9 hidden body camera, a belt and pocket clips, AV cables and a USB cable for charging and data transfer. Also, inside it, you will find a USB charging cable and small remote control.

The front of the device has a lens of hidden camera and microphone. The infrared lights for night vision are also placed on the both sides of camera lens. On the right side of the device there are multiple buttons, one for power ON and OFF that can be pressed for a few seconds to turn on the device, an Ok button to move around in the configurations and menus and at the top a button for picture taking. There is also a USB flapper for connecting USB cable.

Right on the back is a 2 inches LED display screen to play back and watch the recorded videos or configure your device settings and also can watch a video while recording, and a jack to hold the removable clips. On the other side, there is a video recording start and stop button, an audio recording key and an up and down selector. At the bottom, there is an HDMI port(that can be used to connect to a portable monitor on the go) and a micro SD card slot, both hidden inside a flipper.

PYLE Premium PPBCM9 — Multi-functional Spy Camera

The PYLE premium PPBCM9 is a multifunctional gadget that combines a camera, a camcorder and a voice recorder all in one versatile unit. A splash-proof and water-resistant casing is well constructed and very light-weighted. With a battery back up of 8+ hours during video recording, you can record a long operation video, a car chase or any other unexpected incident. A button activated night allows the camera to record a really good quality video even in low light environment.

The hidden camera videos can be played back with an audio due to the built-in good quality speakers, allowing you to watch and monitor the recorded video even on sight. The micro SD card slot has compatibility with a 32 GB FAT formatted memory card. You can easily copy the recorded videos from your device by plugging the USB cable or can also remove the SD card.

With a remote control you won’t even need to touch and operate the device directly, just hold a small delicate remote in your hand, press a snapshot button to take a quick picture. It also has a video recording button to start and stop video recording and a key for audio recording.

Overall, it is the best buying wearable camera and highly recommended. The night vision feature is controllable and work very well. The image taken or video recorded is high quality and crispy. And last but now the least, it is in a very affordable price.

What do We like?

PYLE Premium portable body camera is our personal favorite wearable camera with a lot of features. Water resisting camera lens with 8 Mega Pixels picture quality is suitable for every type of weather and can work in any condition. A visual or audio evidence can be taken, which can provided when necessary. It is constructed with a rugged, durable material, giving it ability to withstand extreme weather condition. It offers protection against dirt and splashing water from damaging the internal structure.

What impressed us most is its multifunction. It is an all-in-one device. A good quality video can be recorded along with a taking a good quality 10000+ images in a single charge. If you are willing to keep a voice recorded evidence, PYLE premium portable PPBCM9 has got you covered here too. With a 2.0” LCD screen display, users can instantly play back the recorded video, watch captured images and can view the recorded audio files.

It also provides you with an option to select among different video recording qualities. You can interchange the video recording among 1080p,720p and 480p video files, saving a memory for more videos. You can also choose different picture capturing options like 8MP,3MP and 1MP image format. With a single charge you can capture up to 10,000+ images or can make an 8 hours long video.

With all the above discussed features, options and capabilities, the asking price is very affordable. It is one of the cheapest wearable cameras available on the market. It is worth your every penny if you are looking for a high-performance body camera.

What We don’t like?

There is nothing much to unlike about this master piece by PYLE but one thing that bothered us is sometime it freezes away. To get back it’s normal functionality just restart your device or remove the SD card. This can also be caused by a corrupt SD card or a low-quality memory card.

The remote control also sometime will test your patience, but do make sure that the battery in the remote is properly working, and also the device is fully charged.

  • Multi-purpose
  • Long battery life
  • 32 GB memory compatibility
  • Water Resistant
  • 2” LCD Screen
  • Affordable price
  • Full charge required for good results
  • High Power usage

11. WNAT Speakers Camera 1080P — Best External Storage Support.


These are a fully functional speakers with a Wi-Fi hidden camera. Having a 180o rotating head, you can set it up in any location at your room or house, providing you a high definition video recording. It has a lens of focal length 3.6mm with a 90O horizontal angle view. By supporting a 2.4GHz wireless band, it can connect to your home network Wi-Fi and you can watch the live stream video with your cell phone.

Before talking about the device, itself, let’s just a have a quick look at what come in the packing box along with it. The packaging box itself is divided into columns, a major section containing the Speaker camera and a small inside box having a USB cable and a charging adapter for the wall. You can plug in the speaker for charge and record the video at the same time, or you can record the video in battery mode. The company also sends a fast-micro SD card reader to facilitate you in transferring the data from the device.

Now, let’s have a look at the posterior of the speaker’s hidden camera surveillance system. These are big, bulky speakers with more than 5 inches in length and are made of black crystal plastic with a chrome essence. At the bottom of the base of the speaker there is a dedicated power button, a USB cable port and a slot to attach a microphone. Here you can attach any headset or headphone ear-pads. A good quality headset like that of the Wireless Gaming Headsets will ensure a better listening and microphone experience. The hidden surveillance camera is also placed in the bottom, but is completely unnoticeable. There is and also a removable lid hiding the 3000 mAh battery and SD card slot which supports memory of up to 128 GB.

WNAT PC Speakers Camera – Features & Connectivity

Having the best mini spy camera features like motion detection and mobile app connectivity, it can be the best solution for your all security problems. It can be set for a motion detection video recording where if it turned on, it will automatically start recording videos whenever some movement is made in its vicinity. It also supports a loop video recording, where if the memory of SD card is full, it will delete the older videos to free some space.

Having a PTZ lens with a left and right 180O rotation, you can cover your whole room, house or office with it protecting your precious property and family or keep a secret eye on your nanny, or you can also use it at your shop or office. These are Bluetooth operated speakers, so you can connect to these remotely with your mobile phone and listen to your favorite tracks.

It shows a good compatibility with mobile hidden camera application HDminiCam. The set-up is very simple, much more like other spy cameras we discussed earlier.  When connected to the application you can set it up to send you a push notification whenever there is some motion detected and start a recording at the same time too. You can also play back the recorded tracks, play music, turn on and off the camera’s light and also can control the base left right horizontal movement with the mobile application.

There are a number of speaker cameras available in market but the WNAT Speakers Camera 1080P have an edge over them due to overall performance especially the sound quality. Having a fully grilled upper side, it can fill your room with a voice of your favorite played audio tracks. It is also very affordable as compared to the competitor speaker cams.

What do We like?

The 180O horizontal rotating camera is a very unique idea implemented in a speaker, and we cannot go unimpressed with this innovation. You will not need to fix these speakers at some corner of your room to cover the whole details. You can even place it in the middle of your hall along with a table lamp or some showpiece and rotate it to save every bit of detail.

The battery life is also pretty good, with a 3000 mAh battery you can record hourly long videos, take a hundred of quick snaps and listen to the music too. The camera is placed just at the bottom of the base part of the speaker and fully hidden. Without a very deep look, it cannot be noticed, and the speaker looks just like a normal sound orator. You must note that it is highly recommended by the company to use the camera with the speakers plugged in to a constant power supply for better result.

It also shows support for a 128 GB memory card which is pretty good as much of surveillance hidden camera do not support more than 64 GB of memory. It can record a few minutes video and can take pictures even with no SD card.

The audio quality is much better and won’t disappoint you. If you are lover of a high base music, you will not need other functional speakers along with it as it will be fulfilling your need. Also, the Bluetooth connectivity gets a liking from us too, as a lover of Alan Walker we played his tracks on repeat with it on a Bluetooth connectivity and not a single frame was lost or missed though the smartphone was sitting on a pretty good distance from it.

What We don’t like?

It is a bit bulky and big in size taking a good space on your computer table. The hidden spy camera which is wireless and concealable is fitted in the lower part of the speaker and this can affect the recording if a book or any other material is kept in front of it on the desk. The upper part should have been made a bit smaller which would have reduced the overall size and weight but we think it is not a major issue.

The most important feature it is missing is the audio recording along with the video recording. It is not a mini spy camera with audio recording capability, and the video saved will be without sound. This is perhaps in accordance with the US Law that forbid recording of audio during home surveillance.

  • Best mini spy camera features
  • Good battery life
  • Motion detection feature with auto Video recording
  • Supports up to 128 GB SD card
  • Affordable price
  • Good video quality
  • Best sound speakers
  • No audio recording
  • Issues during night recording
  • Bulky than usual spy cameras

12. FUVISION Covert Spy Pen Cam – Best Hidden Spy Cam


To satisfy the detective character inside you, you need a best mini spy camera to record videos and take pictures of places and events where you can not do this openly. The FUVISION Covert Spy Pen Camera Recorder DVR pen camera will fulfill your this desire. With an HD 1080p quality video footage, now you can keep the track records of secret meetings, spy on your friends and do a lot of fun with it.

This multifunctional, beautifully designed signature pen comes in a normal pen box along with a small but detailed user manual to guide you about all the necessary information you may need about the device. A small USB cable for file transferring and a charger of 0 – 5 V DC for charging the pen is also included in the package. Note down that micro SD card is not supported by this device. But a good thing is that it comes with a built in 16 GB of Memory which is enough for recording videos up to 2 hours.

Before talking on how does a mini spy camera works lets have a look at the posterior of the device. It is a black shinning pen with a silver color finishing on the middle, head, bottom layer and on the pocket clipper. Lengthwise it is 6.1 inches long with 0.7 inches width. It is having a weight of just 99 grams. It is a normal looking pen having an on/ off switch at the head with a hidden camera just above the pocket holder. On the opposite side of the camera there is a small status indicator light and a reset button. The pen can be opened up from the middle exposing the plug n play USB switch.

FUVISION Covert Spy Pen Camera – Features

It is normal working pen having video camcorder, picture taking capability, date stamps and loop recording feature. The one touch button at the top is used to turn on/off the device, start video recording and for taking quick snaps. The video quality is high resolution 1920 x 1080p with a frame rate of 30fps and a lens angle of 650 enabling it to record a video of wider part of room or wherever you are sitting.

With one charge it is able to record a video of up to 2 hours with its 400 mAH battery. A good point regarding FUVISION spy camera pen is that it is a plug n play device and is compatible with both PC and MAC. You don’t need to install any additional software for this pen to operate or transfer data between PC and pen.

A small writing pen spy camera that also support loop recording which means you don’t need to worry about memory management. During the operation if the memory is full, it will delete older videos to free up some space. You can also record a time-lapse video with it.

This pen is having a stylish and Premium Pen Design. So if you are tired of trying cheap camera gadgets, then this pocket camera is designed as a high quality, everyday pen with undetectable lens that will fulfill your spying dreams and will help you providing a premium look. It also includes 3 extra refills along with one refill inside the pen.

Overall it is a good product in a fair price. With such a small device offering this many features do deserve praise and you can spend few dollars to buy it to have a little fun in your friend’s circle or to show your detective character to them.

What We like?

When first we hold this pen spy camera, we were not expecting much from it because to be honest most of the spy pen cameras out in the market are of really poor quality. But the overall performance of this pen left an impression on us especially the video quality. With such a small device you expect a very blurred video output but the case is not same here. It is a good quality camcorder with a pretty clear result.

Also, it is having a 16 GB built in memory which solves your memory problems. You can record a number of videos with it before plugging it in to your PC and transferring the recorded video. And if needed it can self-erase the older items to free up space for further operations. Though it does not support any external memory but this built in memory is enough for 2 hours long spy camera recordings.

The one touch button operation is also solid for this type of device as a number of buttons can expose it. Initially you will need some practicing to get familiar with it but once you got it right it is easy to remember and set up.

High marks from our side for the motion detection. As many of you we were also thinking about this just as a marketing claim but it works and it really works. We set up the motion detection feature and tried it out a number of times and every time it passed the test, so yeah Thumbs up!

What We don’t like?

If you are a lover of stylish and premium pen designs like that of Parker etc, so yes this pen is pretty stylish and trendy. But the problem with this pen is that it is a bit bulky which make it look like a marker and not a pen. Moreover, it is also having same design like hundreds of other Spy pen cameras available in the market. Due to this design flaw this pen can be revealed if you are using it covertly.

Secondly night vision is kind of missing over here. So if there is low light then this pen is not going to give you desired results. Most importantly, though it is having a built in memory that can support up to 2 hours long recordings but still some people want to have support for SD Card. Therefore those people who want external memory support in their spy pen cameras are not going to love it.

  • Good looking
  • Unnoticing camera
  • Motion detection
  • Loop recording
  • Reasonable price
  • Good Built in Memory
  • A bit Bulky
  • No SD Card Support
  • Night Vision Feature missing

Recommended Mini Spy Camera – Buyer’s Guide

A best mini spy camera is without any doubt an awesome piece of technology. It is really amazing to have such excellent features in such a tiny piece. You are going to use this camera for different reasons such as a nanny cam, home security purposes, to catch a cheating partner, or some other purposes. These mini cams are though easily available and you can buy best mini spy cam from any one who claims it to be the best. But you are going to be confused by such a huge variety and different type of mini cams available. Moreover you will be having different questions regarding a best mini spy camera. So to remove all these queries we have written this comprehensive buyer’s guide for a best mini spy cam to help you decide a Best Mini Spy Camera that can fulfill all your requirements.

What is a Mini Spy Cam?

Mini Spy cam is any camera that is smaller in size such that it cannot be seen easily. Normally it is hidden in normal items like clock, watch, sunglasses, chargers, etc or it can be such a miniature device that it cannot be seen and observed by a person normally. Each of these cams is manufactured differently and you have to choose as per your requirements. The more hidden and concealable the spy camera is the more good is it to fulfill the required functions.

Why Mini Spy Camera?

Spy cameras are becoming popular day by day, not just for investigators and law enforcement but also for different businesses and general public as well.  As mostly the spy cameras are mini in dimensions, therefore these are perfect for catching cheating partners, or keeping an eye on your nanny or babysitter, uncovering any hidden incident or revealing the mysterious thief at work.

Before you even begin your research, looking for a hidden camera you must know what do you want to achieve with it? You should identify your requirements and reasons. As there are many different types of hidden spy cameras available so knowing your requirements will narrow down these choices for you. Ultimately, it will also help you to decide the right type of camera for your situation.

How and When to use Mini Spy Camera?

Everyone is going to have different reasons and requirements behind buying a hidden spy camera. So everyone should be knowing how to use it properly such that not to compromise any Law of the State. As most of the mini cams are hidden inside daily use items so these are not revealed easily. These can be placed properly in their required place from where whole coverage can be done as well as where no one can doubt it. Some of the cams are mini in size and you can install it anywhere as per requirements.

You can use these cameras for whatever reasons you have but you must always remain in the limits such that you do not compromise any person’s personal privacy as well as do not break any law. The reason behind its usage must always be a positive one and it should not be implemented to bring any damage to anyone.

Important Features of Best Mini Spy Camera

There are number of mini spy cameras available in market but if you are looking for a Best Mini Spy camera which is having some awesome features then you must consider these points.

  1. Invisibility & Covertness
  2. Installation & Use
  3. Storage & Resolution
  4. Field & Depth of View
  5. Audio Recording
  6. Night Vision & Motion Activation

As per our analysis, all these features are considered very important before making your final decision regarding a Best Mini Spy Camera. You can check out our detailed infographic as a Quick Buyer Guide for Best Mini Spy Camera.


You can read detailed explanation of all these features here.

Invisibility & CovertnessInstallation & UseStorage & ResolutionField & Depth of ViewAudio RecordingNight Vision & Motion Activation
Each mini spy cam is normally designed in such a way that it is not revealed easily. Honestly no one will ever doubt the alarm clock placed on the table or a pen you are keeping in your coat. These are designed such that you can use these covertly without giving anyone the benefit of doubt.
Some mini spy cameras are not installed inside an item; rather they are miniature in size like the size of coin or even smaller. So you must always check for your requirements as well as the design and dimensions of Camera before deciding your top pick. Always go for the one that is invisible and covert.
Best mini spy cameras are always easy to install but it is not always the case. For example, sunglasses or pen camera does not need any installation. Just wear these like normal glasses, or keep the pen in your pocket, or leave it on a table and you are good to go. A hidden room spy camera will need a little installation as you have to do proper placing of the camera, and if it is not a wireless spy camera you will need to cover the wiring by any means. Otherwise normal operation of spy mini camera will be lost.
Usage of each camera is different and is written inside the manual available with best spy mini camera. You must not choose the one having complex usage instructions as it will hamper your ongoing task. But you must always keep in mind the laws of your state as well as respect the personal privacy of others. The motive behind usage of best mini spy camera must be positive and should be used for constructive purposes.
If you are leaving the camera for recording for hours and hours, then it must be having storage enough to accommodate all your recordings. Some cameras are having a good built in memory whereas other supports SD Cards up to certain limits. Therefore, you should see your requirements. Are you going to use this spy camera for hours and hours then yes you need a lot of storage.
A camera resolution always matters. A best mini spy camera is one having really good resolution so that it can provide you with HD recordings. If it is having poor resolution then you are not going to get your desired results that you want from a stealthy spy camera. But you have to remember more the resolution, more storage space it is going to occupy.

When you are going to choose a best mini spy camera then it is important that it can actually cover the whole area that you want to spy on and get a good picture. Most of the best mini spy cameras are having a good viewing angle so they cover a wide space.
If you have selected such mini spy camera, that the field and depth of view is not satisfactory for the space that you want to record secretly, you may lose the purpose behind a spy cam. The point behind a hidden camera is to capture the evidence. So the more field and depth of view a camera is going to have more properly you are going to get the evidence.
It always depends on your requirements whether you need the audio recording or not. Though it is better if the spy camera is having audio recording function but a best mini spy camera will be having the feature to control this audio. That is, you can actually turn ON or OFF the audio. At someplace audio recording is not that necessary so you can go for the one not having this feature. But again it is always as per your desire as well as requirements whether you want to capture audio along with the video or not.
Important Legal Note: Before you decide to buy a mini spy camera having audio recording feature, you must check your State or Country’s laws on recording conversations. As some States in the U.S. do not allow the conversations to be recorded unless people who are being recorded agree upon this.
Sometimes your requirement is such that you are having a low light in the area where you want to install your mini camera. Most of the times this issue can occur if you want to set up your spy cam for outside; where it is usually dark after sunset. So a best mini spy camera is one that is having Night Vision feature for night time or low light recordings. Usually those cameras that are having color lenses do a better recording at day. But at night time these lenses are going to fail. Therefore if you want better night time video recording always go for a mini spy cam that is having monochrome lenses.
Motion Activation is something that activates the camera for recording once it sense or detects any motion. The camera will go active only once it detects any motion. If the motion stops the camera will go back to standby mode. Therefore, if your requirement is for capturing any evidence in your area in your absence, this feature must not be overlook upon. Moreover, this feature saves power as well as it also saves storage space.

Top Rated Mini Spy Camera

After checking all these mini spy cameras thoroughly and analyzing the specifications as well as getting reviews of practical users; we at DigiChasers selected EHOMFUL E002 Mini Wi-Fi Camera as our favorite pick. Due to its Miniature size, HD Recording, Night Vision, Motion Detection and User friendly setup.

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Technology is an ever green and ever evolving field. So you will find a lot of different mini spy cameras that you consider as best. Moreover, if you have a good or a bad practical experience with any of your best mini spy camera, please do let us know here.

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