Top 12 BEST WIRELESS GAMING HEADSETS 2021 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Do you find yourself not completely immersed in the Game due to the fact that you are not enjoying the actual audio and all of its effects? The Best wireless gaming headsets matters a lot for a Gamer. Especially when you are playing high graphics games like Fortnite; or you want to experience the real thrill of Battlefield V.

best wireless gaming headsets

You have thrown a lot of bucks in raising Graphical Experience. By buying best type of Monitors and also to play without any lag. You have already bought super high-speed computer. But if you are not having a best headset; you won’t be able to hear sound effects, gun shots, background noises and music, dialogues and commands in High quality making your gaming taste sour.

Due to all these facts we carried out a comprehensive research and practically observing all the aspects of some famous as well as Best Wireless Gaming Headsets, we wrote this detailed review on selected Headsets to help everyone decide themselves what is best for them.


Best Wireless Gaming Headsets have an advantage of freedom over the best Wired headsets. Because you can move your head freely without any hurdle or fear of sticking of cord in your hands or at table’s side. This will disturb your game, which can lead to your death during close combats. Additionally, you can also get rid of annoying tangled cords.

Below we have listed some of the Best Gaming Wireless headphones for you. To help you decide and choose what suits you best.  You can find comprehensive review regarding each of these top 12 Gaming headsets along with the sections comprising of our likes and dislikes related to the headset. Moreover Pros and Cons of each of these headsets are also described, to help you make a selection faster & easier.

At the end, you can see a comprehensive but easy guide. It is along with a detailed infographic, explaining what are best wireless gaming headsets? And what are the important features of best wireless gaming headsets? And How to compare different headsets? So using these guidelines you can analyze any Gaming Headset. Then decide even if you do not find it in our given list.

1. SteelSeries Siberia 800 – Multi Platform Functionality


SteelSeries being one of the most promising brands when it comes to quality headsets for games, has its Siberia 800 model as one of the best for a very long time. Although Recently their Arctis series is talk of the town, Siberia 800 still hold a high value for those gamers who play games on different platforms because of its Multi-Platform functionality.

It comes with a pair of replaceable batteries, Power supply, USB Cables. It also contains Battery charger, transmitter and headphone amplifier. A base station holds all these components, which can be connected to PCs using USB and to Xbox one or PS4 through an optical Cable.

One of the most interesting features of SteelSeries 800 is that it has a microphone slot in one of the ear cup, where a mic can be positioned during games that need voice chat and can be tucked away when not in use.

This 325g headset does not contain any metal in its body. It is made of plastic with silky cushion surface and removable covers on ear pieces. The form on ear pads make it comfortable for the ears. You can use it for hours without giving any external pain to ears.

What We like?

SteelSeries Siberia 800 can be placed among the best 7.1 gaming headsets because of its 7.1 Surrounded Sound and over-ear coverage.  The first thing we liked about it is the comfy look and feel with a silky cushion and foam covering ears producing no discomforts even for a long gaming session.

It is also a light weight headset with just 325 grams weight. All connections are hidden inside ear pieces along with the battery. The covers can be removed easily and neatly to change battery.

The best feature which we liked and which make it more expensive than other headphones is the multi-platform function which make it able to switch between Computers and PlayStation with ease without any effect on output sound.

The base station which come in pack providing transmitter and amplifier make Siberia 800 one of special of its kind and worthy of the price range. The station box also works well as a mixer. You can use it to adjust sounds coming from various sources like in-games sounds, and Voice chat.

You can also rotate ear pieces vertically up to 90o ; helping in easy transportation of headset by taking less space.

All these features attract every one. This is the reason we have to place this headset in our list of best wireless gaming headsets.

What we Don’t Like?

The high price of Siberia 800 may be justifiable with all facilities and functions it is providing. But it is still very high as compared to the serious competitors it is facing like Arctis 7 or Arctis 5. Because they do provide similar or may be better experience with a much lower price.

Also, the shape is a bit out dated and many gaming geeks don’t love it, as gamers fall for light emitting, cool looking stuff usually. It also can cause issue during fitting on big heads causing uncomfortable pressure.

The sound quality it provides is a bit heavy bass and can cause headaches if high pitched sound games are played for hours on continuous.

  • Base Station with built in Amplifier and Charger
  • Compatible with All platforms
  • Comfortable Touch and Feel
  • Detachable Mic
  • High Price
  • Out dated design
  • Heavy Bass Sound

2. HyperX Cloud Flight -Impressive Battery Timings


HyperX is a famous brand for production of best wired headphones. But with the introduction of HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset the trends hae finally changed. They took more time than others to introduce their first wireless headset but the wait is worth it. Famously Known as the Cloud Flight offers an amazing combo of beautiful Design, Comfortable feel and touch, Immersive stereo sound and some very cool features

It has a combination of red and black color, where the black color dominates, while the red color logos on both ear buds’ glow when you plugin the headphones. Wires coming out of the earpieces and going into the head portion of it, display a stunning red color spark.

Unlike the SteelSeries Siberia 800, it does not come with any base station containing transmitter. Rather it contains a USB wireless transmitter which when plugged is ready to go. The USB dongle is compatible both with PC and PS4 but it does not give connectivity option with Xbox 0ne.

Inside the Box of the Cloud Flight, comes a 4.5m audio cable having 3.5mm jacks that can be plugged into the headphone and used as wired mode, a USB cable for charging the battery and also a USB 2.4GHz Transmitter.

It has a simple yet eye catching design with light weight because of plastic structure. A soft foam covering the ear pieces make it comfortable for a long usage and clear audio. Thus helping you in pointing out the tangos within game with the minute sound they may produce.

It also has a detachable mic which can be used during online team up matches for chatting with teammates. The mic weight something like 10 grams with total headset weighting round about 290 grams which is a perfect weight for long stretches. These qualities give it a sure place in
best wireless gaming headsets list.

What We Like?

The comfortable feel and touch are something you cannot ignore when playing for long hours offered by the Cloud Flight. Additionally, it offers an ease of use through its smart control layout. It possesses Volume slider on one earbud to control volume. While by just touching the bottom half of another bud you can mute the microphone giving an easy access.

The feature that touched us most about this Cloud Flight Headset is its impressive battery. It works long enough for 30 hours with LEDs off. It can even give 18 hours of life if the LEDs are kept on.

The Stereo sound have an excellent bass making the overall performance a balanced one and with decent treble response. The dialogues during game remain clear and the sound of gunshots are crisp. While the lower frequencies sounds like bomb explosions can be heard with great ease and good bass component in it.

What We Don’t like?

The asking price is not too much with all the features it offer. But other headsets like Arctis 5 and Arctis 7 offer a 7.1 Surrounded sound, which is much better than only Stereo. It fails sometime to isolate between different noises and sounds that are a must part of any high-density game.

The plastic frame may make it light weight. But still many professionals prioritize metal over plastic may be because of durability issues.

The Bass of HyperX Cloud Flight also does not resonate well with Glasses. Gamers who use glasses during gaming can feel a change in Bass with and without glasses.

  • Fair Price
  • Comfortable design
  • Lightweight, Good for long gaming sessions
  • Detachable Mic & Easy Control
  • Impressive battery timing
  • Unable to differ among different voices
  • No 7.1 Surrounded Sound Tech
  • Sound can go completely flat sometime

3. LucidSound LS35X – Outstanding Mic Quality

Lucid Sound LS35X

LucidSound may not be very famous for making headsets as they rarely do it. But when they produce one, they make sure it is one of the best in the market. There can’t be a better example of the former statement than the LucidSound LS35X, a wireless surrounded gaming headset specially designed for the Xbox one enthusiasts.

The stylish LS35X is a simple functioning headset with regular looks. It can connect with Xbox one with a single press of button. The flawless design and use of metal give a tough competition to the competitors inclined towards plastic.

Just two dials are controlling this headset. You can found these on ear cups saving you from any complexity; and provide a good quality sound with comfy fit and non-lagging wireless connectivity.

 The design has a metal base and perfectly shaped ear pieces with having no conical structure or harsh angles. The simple blackish ear cups are surrounded by soft foam, the chassis containing power button, charging port, an audio port and a detachable mic on the left ear-cup. You can press the left ear piece to mute or un-mute sounds. While with the right one the game audio and chat balance can be controlled.

The gaming experience of LucidSound LS35X is very pleasant with easy connectivity by pressing the sync buttons on Xbox one and LS35X and it is done. Playing FIFA, Call of duty or counter Strike; you can feel the comfort with its boasting stellar stereo audio and Bass adequacy. The mic is amazing while you are chatting with your buddies playing some best online games in team.

Overall the LucidSound LS35X is a fair deal to do if you are enthusiastic about playing any game on Xbox one; and is fairly one of the best Xbox one headset available in market. We can say that for XBOX one users it one of the best wireless gaming headsets of the this era.

What We Like?

First thing we look up for in any headset is its connectivity and accessibility. LS35x without any doubt is the best value headset when it comes to fast connectivity as it connects within seconds; just by pressing the buttons on console and then on the headset. It gives you freedom from the annoying fiddling of audio optical cables or Base stations connection.

It also gives you an easy accessibility as it can be controlled just with two dials. Thus you can switch from high sound to low sound during intense fight in a game of your choice; or mute your game if someone is calling you from outside just in seconds.

The second thing which we just loved about it is the mic which is the best microphone for gaming. It does not eat any of your voice and you can chat with your teammates like they are sitting there with you in same room which makes the team jamming insanely effective. It also lights up when in use and give you an indication whether your audio is mute or not

The shining black color, foamy and fitting ear-cups, sturdily but comforted design and the metallic frame, that doesn’t get crushed against your head; and never get hot during long hours of game are the special things to look for in this gaming headset for Xbox one users.

What We don’t like?

However, it is one of the best Xbox headsets. It causes a lot of trouble if you want to connect it to any other platform specifically PC. As it uses Xbox one Protocol you may need a wireless adapter accessory in order to achieve this type of connectivity or use some programs that may allow the wireless connectivity of LS35X with PC.

Considering the asking price it may look a bit expensive if compared to Turtle Beach stealth 700. But if you are looking for a high-quality sound without any loss or lag then this price is a long-time investment and you won’t have to worry much about the durability.

LucidSound LS35X detachable microphone is unquestionable and a perfect gadget. But the secondary mic which is there in case you don’t want to use the primary connectable mic is not something very exciting. The voice can get fuzzy and audio can be lost sometime.

  • High Quality Sound output
  • Gorgeous look
  • Comfortable wearing, No extra pressure on head or ears
  • Outstanding microphone
  • Easy usage
  • Compatibility issues with PCs
  • A bit expensive

4.  Turtle Beach Stealth 600 – Quality Audio

Turtle Beach Stealth 600

Turtle Beach, once considered as the pioneers of producing quality headsets may have lost some charm due to the sharp competitors like SteelSeries but are still one of the best in this business. Their Stealth 600 headphones offering windows sonic surrounded sound that delivers powerfully immersive quality virtual sound for any games or music is an example of their superiority in this region.

It is a wireless headphone for the PS4 or Xbox one with a cheap price tag. It has an old era gaming device design with sharp angles, big and awkwardly looking earpieces having fluffy foams above it for fitting purposes and blue strip highlights for PS4 version and light green color for the Xbox one. A non-detachable or fixed microphone is embedded with one ear cup that can fold all the way back parallel to it.

On the left ear-cup, you can find the volume dial and mic or chat dial which may make it crowded. But give all options at one place. The volume button is one the top with chat one just beneath it. Thus if you got the combination once right it is easy to remember. The right cup is not completely barren too as it is home to the power button, a special equalization button. By which you can switch among different modes and a pairing or connectivity button.

Why Stealth 600 Headset?

Gamers are usually more concerned about the audio quality than looks of any best headphones. Stealth 600 is no way behind anyone in that. It delivers a good quality virtual surround sound with depth and precision. It also offers stereo sound and you can switch between these two without losing the balance and clarity. The sound clash among swords and shields, Gunfire shots, reloading of weapons or the lines of dialogue everything deliver in smooth and realistic fashion with Stealth 600.

Its battery life is about 15 hours which is a pretty good time for such heavy style headset and can connect directly with Xbox one without any base station or adapter needed. One of the most promising and special features it offers is the superhuman hearing. Through which you can even hear the quiet footsteps of your enemy or gun reloads during an ambush in action packed games.

What We Like?

In Range of 100$ you may not find a better wireless headset for your PS4 and Xbox one. Which can give you both stereo and surrounded sounds like stealth 600. You can switch between these modes with just a simple press of mode button present on the right earpiece.

Battery life of stealth 600 is what we like most in it which is 15 hours long. Battery charge is very impressive with all the virtual surrounded sounded it gives.

The special feature they call it Superhuman hearing is really a special thing to look for in this stealth 600 design. Because it is not offered this easily by any other of this kind. It gives you an edge over your enemies who may be setting you an ambush or planning to kill in quiet mode without even letting them know you can turn the tables on them with this feature.

The microphone which is not detachable and may be considered as a drawback by some people is opposite to that because of its folding style. You don’t need it, you can fold it back without risk of losing it and without it coming your way and irritating you. It also offers a non-lagging smooth audio communication with better results during chatting.

It is glasses friendly because of the breathable mesh fabric wrapped around the ear cushions that help in avoiding pressure on glasses. So those people who are wearing spectacles do not feel any issues while using these headsets. Or we can say that these are one of the best headsets for people with spectacles (glasses).

What We don’t like?

Personally, we are not very happy with its bulky looking oldie design that may look heavy from the outside. But it is not heavy at all because of all plastic structure. This look may give an impression of some toy to some people.

It is also not very good when it comes to fitting and its posture feel like sliding down your head anytime. While those big ear-cups may not fit very well on small ears. It also has compatibility issues with PCs and you may have to purchase extra adapter for it and still it won’t work the way you want. So overall not a good choice for those who play on Xbox one and PCs at a same time.

Single piece also does not work both on PS4 and Xbox One. You will have to buy different versions of it if you are interested in playing games on both these platforms.

  • Quality Sound output
  • Virtual Surrounded sound
  • Long battery Life
  • Fair Price
  • Not convincing design with sharp edges
  • Does not fit very well
  • Only made for single platforms

5.  Turtle Beach Stealth 700 – Super Human Hearing Feature

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 and Stealth 700 are the first ever official licensed headphones for Xbox one. Like the Stealth 600, 700 also has separate versions of Xbox one and PlayStation with Xbox one the more famous one between the two. It is an impressive piece with easy and direct connectivity without any base station or adapter needed, an active noise cancellation feature, high end audio, a clear best mic for gaming and Bluetooth functionality.

The dominant black color with green flourishes on both ear-cups for Xbox one. Blue strips for PlayStation version gives it a modern cool sleek look. On the left ear cup inhabit volume knobs for chat audio and game sound, a synchronization button, a port or jack to connect the device with other audio gadgets and one USB port for charging. On the counter ear-cup you will find a power button, Super Human hearing button which is a special mode in Stealth series and a Bluetooth button for Bluetooth connectivity.

Super Human hearing is what makes it totally different.

Big but sloppy foam covers the ear pieces, that make sure to provide comfort to ears. Even during long hours of gaming and its lightweight won’t cause any stiffness in your neck.

Its gaming performance is what cover any drawbacks in the design. The excellent delivery of game audio with perfect bass that give you chill and does not cause any headache with over extra beat. Like Stealth 600 signature feature it also poses that superhuman hearing. It will give you an edge your enemy during quiet ambush situations.

You can hear the explosions, the gunshots, cries of your enemies going down or your mates calling for reinforcements in games like Red Redemption, Battlefield or Counter Strike with a bass but realistic impact.

The Bluetooth can connect to Xbox one as well as to any other Bluetooth device like PC or Smartphone. Thus you can enjoy some music after a long stretch of high combat gaming to refresh for new missions. The Mic like Stealth 600 is fixed and can’t be removed. But can be turned backward making parallel to the right ear-cup.

What’s so different in Stealth 600 and 700?

Both Stealth 600 and 700 have almost same structure, Microphone and direct connectivity. But the difference in prices bring some differences in the features.

Both these models are having The Super Human hearing feature. But Stealth 700 come with the Active Noise Cancellation capability, Bluetooth Connectivity and a 7.1 surrounded sound in the PlayStation model.

Stealth 600 being a cheap one still offers a longer battery life of 15 hours than the 10 hours life of Stealth 700.

What We like?

Not every headphone saves you from the headache of complex connectivity issues. Like need of base stations, adapters and transmitters but stealth 700 offer a fast and reliable connection in just a lapse of few second. Just by pushing the sync buttons on your Xbox one and device itself which we really liked about it.

The high-resolution audio quality It deliver is something which is really impressive. Especially if you are lover of fast combat games like Counter Strike or you want to kill your enemy silently and enjoy his screaming in Assassin’s Creed.

The microphone delivery impressed us because every word and every instruction to your team mates is clear and on time without any lose in sound. The non-detachable mic is always our favorite. Because the detachable one can get lost or crushed by your coffee mug sometimes when not connected to the headset.

What We don’t like?

Stealth 700 same as stealth 600 is all made of plastic and a lightweight headset. Which make it look like some dummy or toy headset. The cushions on earbuds are so big that sometimes it won’t fit your ear and exert extra pressure pulling your ears down.

The battery life as compared to the Stealth 600 is something very disappointing. As it is charging more price so it should have a better battery performance. 10 hours is not a bad deal. But compared to 15 hours offered by the other one it is a disappointment.

Yes, it provide Bluetooth functionality for connectivity with other platforms. Rather than just Xbox One or PS4 but it is not very effective and Bluetooth can get disconnected at a longer range or any other causes making you vulnerable in such situations.

  • Easy and fast Connection
  • Excellent audio output
  • Super Human Hearing Feature
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Good Microphone
  • Relatively Expensive
  • Crowded Ear cups
  • Compatibility issues with other platforms

6. SteelSeries Arctis 7 – Multi Features


The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is a complete package one looks for in a premium wireless gaming headset with great sound quality, comfortable touch and feel, cool design, ready to fit ear-cups and one of the best mics for gaming. The asking price is well justified with the features Arctis 7 comes with.

The elegant design of Arctis 7 seems identical to the earlier of this series Arctis 5. Its sleek and streamline appearance, glossy and lustrous earbuds with gleaming head pad catches eye from a distance.

By adjusting just two Velcro bands, you can reduce and increase the headband size to fit your head.

The ear-cups are rotatable and the device can go flat thus occupying small space in your backpack. The right one is home to power button and chat volume slider. The audio volume knob is placed on the left ear cup with a micro USB port and port to connect audio jack. The audio jack is used to listen to music or other audio. But the high-quality surrounded sound only functions when there is a power supply to Arctis 7.

Unlike many other headsets, it does not exert too much pressure on ears if you tighten the headband properly. But may take sometime to find the perfect fit.

It’s performance during game is amazing with so many options it provides you like switching between stereo and 7.1 Surrounded sound and with some spadework you can attain different configurations using the given option. It uses SteelSeries Engine 3 for adjusting of Equalization settings. Where you can create profile and link different settings to different games.

With stereo sound, you can hear the gunshots, explosions and the shouting of enemies in amazing sense. While with surrounded sound the footsteps of foes, the help call of mates, the reloading during ambush and the directions of fire shots sound in realistic and immediate fashion.

SteelSeries Arctis 7 is a simple to go wireless headset that come with an amplifier. You can plug it in to USB port of PC and synchronize with headset. It also has a flexible mic in the left earcup. Which is can fold and catches a clear and crystal sound.

What We Like?

Without any second opinion it is one of the best wireless PC gaming headsets that comes with a lot of features in a fair price. The SteelSeries 3 engine it uses to control and equalize settings is a feature that is not offered by other headsets in competition with it. With the engine you can switch between different modes and also can make profiles for different games depending upon the nature of that game.

The design is very catchy with sleek and simple look, sophisticated structure and uncrowded ear-cups with a flexible but fix microphone and a stretching headband that can fit to any size of head and any size of ears.

The quality of sound is very impressive and striking making the gaming experience more fun, giving you edge over your opponents helping you win duels and combats. The 7.1 surrounded sound feel more pleasuring in intense gunfire combats.

What We don’t like?

There is nothing much about disliking in this artistic piece produced by SteelSeries if you only stick to games. But if you want to use it for other purposes too like listening to music or watching a movie, the sound may go flat and you may not like it.

The SteelSeries engine on one side is an amazing feature where you can switch between different style of sound and equalization settings. But on other hand is a complex situation too and may take some of your time in understanding and in finding your desired combination.

  • Not an Expensive choice with all the features it offers.
  • Great overall performance
  • Extra settings in SteelSeries Engine 3
  • Stable Microphone
  • Sleek Design
  • Does not go well with music
  • Difficult to understand settings

7. SteelSeries Arctis Pro – Best Quality & Comfort


We have already discussed two of the stunning products of SteelSeries, Siberia 800 and Arctis 7 both with unique features. Following the culture of producing best quality headphones, SteelSeries also introduced another master piece in form of Arctis Pro wireless gaming headset. It is compatible with both PlayStation and Personal Computer. With a sleek glorious design of Arctis 7 and base transmitter of Siberia 840 making it a perfect successor of Siberia 840. Moreover, correcting the mistakes done in sound quality transmission of the previous versions.

The design is not much different to the Arctis 7 as SteelSeries hasn’t modified their streamline sleek aesthetic looks. The overall structure is plain black with no sharp edges and a lightweight matte finishing. Like Arctis 7 it also gives you a comfortable perfect fit-in on head. Thanks to its flexible elastic headband which can be tighten and loosened depending upon the size of your head with Velcro straps.

Like any other good headset, SteelSeries always put a good effort in making error-free mics. There is also a fixed but retractable one residing on the left ear-cup. Which is also home to mute microphone button, a volume slider and a charging port at its back side. On the Right ear-cup you’ll find a removable battery which you can replace with the second battery that comes in the box.

In the box you will also get a big transmitter that you can use for connectivity instead of USB dongles or audio jacks. The box is also a lustrous looking about 4 Square inch device. Which is home to a big knob, two buttons and a small beautiful LED display which shows you the increase of volume, charge and connectivity options.

The gaming performance of SteelSeries is always way better than other competitors. Arctis Pro, either connected to PC or PS4 delivers an excellent quality audio with no background noise or voices lag.

You can connect it to your devices in different ways, thanks to number of ports available on it.

7.1 surrounded sound can be experienced not just on PCs gaming but also on PlayStation with the trademark equalization options of SteelSeries. From the battles of Battlefield V, to the fast combat of multiplayer Counter Strike, from the clangs of swords, to the silent assassination in Assassin Creed, you can experience the realistic and intriguing pleasure of these games. You can even connect these to some of the portable gaming monitors to enjoy the real action of handheld gaming.

As in SteelSeries Arctis 7, using same Engine 3 and the transmitter box, you can adjust your sound setting, make profile for different games and also can mix up sound with equalization option. It also gives you a pretty fair battery life of 10 hours with the secondary battery always ready for backup. So that you won’t have to lose your game just because your battery went down.

What We Like?

Design is always the first thing that catch your eyes and SteelSeries never disappoint in this aspect with its most comfortable gaming headsets. We are in love with how sophisticated, simple but charming are all the products of SteelSeries. The Arctis pro go one step forward with the flexible and adjustable headband with little Ski goggle. That saves you from the efforts of finding a perfect fitting for your head.

The one thing which we like most about SteelSeries Arctis pro wireless gaming headset is the broad options of connectivity and audio output it gives. From USB connection with PCs, to optical cable connectivity with PlayStations and 3.5mm audio cable that can be linked with Xbox One you can switch between number of gaming platforms.

It is without any doubt among the list of best headphones for gaming and music. Because of the quality of music audio it produces when you switch from gaming to music or just want to enjoy some music in background while playing your desired missions. Thus you can enjoy a whole range of multimedia whether you are playing or using it for your home storage such as NAS for Plex.

The microphone makes it best sounding headphones not just in offering a high-end audio but also by transferring your voice in real time without any lag during multiplayer encounters. You can mute it just by pressing the button on the back of left ear-cup. Thus giving you a fast-quick access.

What We don’t like?

Although it offers a lot of features, in headphones ranking rank among high quality headphones. But still the headset price it asks is too much. It depends upon your gaming environment where you may want a headpiece of over 300$.

The transmitter box on one end provide many options in one place. But also can be difficult to understand and adjust for new users of Arctis. It may take some of your time to train yourself in making of all those profiles or usage of equalization options.

The Xbox one experience with Arctis Pro is not very impressive as the out cool gaming music is not as cool as in PC or PlayStation. Because the SteelSeries always only keep the latter two in mind when producing gaming earphones. The Voice go flat and sometimes feel very unrealistic with a bunch of extra noise can be heard during playing.

  • Glorious Design
  • Comfortable fitting, can be worn for long hours
  • High Quality headphones
  • Best Microphones
  • Number of Audio options
  • Expensive
  • Not easy to setup
  • Poor compatibility with Xbox one

8. ASTRO A50 Dolby – Beast of Surrounded Audio


If you are pro gamer and want to invest over 250$ on a headset. Then Astro A50 is the perfect choice for you. The surrounded sound headpiece is a beautifully constructed, deliver great sound experience and worth every penny.

It is a combination of two main components, a base station that connect through USB and the headset device. To go wireless you need to connect the base station to your PC or gaming console through USB which posses a wireless transmitter in turn connecting your device with the headset.

The big bulky structure is not heavy at all and easy to handle without producing ache in neck or head if worn for many hours. Both ear-cups and the lower of headband are covered by soft silky foam providing you a comfortable wearing.

The glimmering black color with semi exposed wires running through the top of headband and getting inside the ear-cups make it eye catching even from a long range. Its bulky structure is not very fit to head. But does not feel like slipping down the ears or putting extra pressure on head.

Setting it up is not a tedious task and you can connect to different platforms using all the available gadgets with it. To connect with PC or Mac book, you need simply to connect the base transmitter via USB that connects wirelessly to Astro A50. If you desire to connect gaming headset Astro A50 with other platforms you can use optical fiber or adapters depending upon the nature of connection.

Super mic with ultra-flexibility, durability and bending quality is like an icing on cake. By fixating it straight up not just lock it but also automatically mute it, and is a matter of 2 seconds if not needed. During multiplayer gaming it prove worthful when you are chatting with your team mates and passing them instructions.

Astro A50 is not just a good-looking headphone. It also delivers when it comes to audio.

The high quality strong stellar sound makes it worth the expensive high price tag.  It offers 7.1 surrounded sound with a lot of sound mixing options and a nice smooth output with a perfect base. Not very huge nor extremely low.

With Equalization options, one can increase the media bass or turns the treble to detect footsteps of foes and get out of ambush. It does not just go only best with games. But is perfect with music and movies too which can be controlled and coordinated through the setup. It comes with a small brief but good Quick guide to make you understand of all the settings and options available.

Overall it is one of the best gaming and music headset with easy accessibility and high-quality audio output.

What We like?

 An overall master piece but the surrounded audio it delivers is the best thing about Astro A50. The powerful bass without any lag and noise free output makes the gaming experience more interesting and the high-resolution audio can help you in defeating your arch rivals. Playing a quick fight games like Mortal Combat or taking ground of battle against your enemies in Battlefield? You surely need Astro A50 covering your audio aspect.

The design may look a bit bulky. But the light-weight and comfortable cushions wrapped around all parts that comes in contact with your body make the overall experience very comfortable. The headset can be there up on your head for a long game even for hours.

Multiplayer gaming experts always emphasize on best microphone for timely and clear delivery of your message through to your teammates who are sitting in other cities or may be other countries. Your cry for help or making them aware of your enemy’s location is always the most important part of any game. Astro A50’s best gaming mic on all basis got you covered which we impressed us and justified its higher price.

What We don’t like?

Astro A50 may not be very affordable for every gamer because of its very high price tag which makes it the most expensive cordless headset. The asking price is a bit or may be very high despite all the amazing features and the quality of sound it offer.

The Bass station is not welcomed by many gaming enthusiasts because of the complexity of connectivity and difficult to understand setups. It also takes some time to connect to your PC or PlayStation because you need to connect the Base first to Computer.

The battery life which is mentioned by Astro as 12 hours long may not be very true. Because with a mic on it won’t go this long and may be last for maximum of 8 hours. With microphone not in use it can go up to 10 and 11 hours also depending upon the quality of sound of game or music played.

  • High Quality Sound
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Fantastic microphone
  • Good looking design
  • A lot of features
  • Very Expensive
  • Can’t connect directly
  • Battery issues

9.  Razer ManO’War – Comfortable & Virtual Audio


In a tough competition of best wireless headsets, Razer ManO’War hold a higher position when it comes to the delivery of high-end audio in a fair price. It is a wireless ready to connect device with a powerful bass and 7.1 surrounded sound. It is a product of well-reputed name in gaming zone.

The big bulky design with huge ear-cup is majorly plastic structure that does not weight too much. The headband with some level of flexibility is also made up of plastic. Like many other headphones the ear-cups or headband here is not wrapped up by soft silky cushion. Rather thick leather cushion cover the ear cups, that get fixed to your ears and won’t allow any audio to bleed outside.

On either of ear-cups there is a large glowing Razer logo, giving it a charming look when powered on with the logo lightened. You can change the color glow of logo using the settings and applications. The headband is not a single piece. Rather it is combination of a middle stiff plastic layer that majorly connects with your head and two metal thin layers going down to hold the ear-cups. But not so thin that it will break easily.

The device contains volume slider to adjust volume level, a chat knob and power button. It can connect to your PC or any other device just by plugging in the 2.4Ghz USB dongle into your device. No need of base station or transmitter or any adapter.

Microphones installment is very smart in this piece with a long flexible rod like mic that goes all way back inside the headphone when not needed.

It transmits a real time voice chat without reproducing your voice or echoing in your own ears.

The surrounded sound is simulated by Razer ManO’war using a 50mm driver covering your ears, projecting the directional sound waves inside. The gaming experience is up to the expectations. With it you can even hear the gunshots fired at a decent distance and the quiet footsteps of enemies behind you.

Its battery can last up to 13 hours before it needs recharging, with the USB cable that already comes in the pack with it. So, you can even enjoy long gaming sessions or complete tournaments with a single charge of it.

The heavy bass component makes music experience of ManO’war even better. With immersive, low-latency and high-quality audio music you can enjoy the tracks of your favorite stars. Overall it is a good headphone for both music and gaming experience in relatively fair price.

What We Like?

The ease of connectivity saves a lot of time and is not very troublesome like in cases of base station, amplifiers and transmitters. The 2.4 GHz USB dongle get connected to your console or PC and in turn your ManO’war is ready to get connected.

The microphone though has no protection on front. But is a good quality flexible and retractable mic with a clear voice chat output, non-lagging and sub immersive audio provider.

One thing which caught our interest most is its catchy design with a colorful and color changing razer logo on ear-cups that when glow in the dark make it look stunning and beautiful. The unique idea of three strap headband increase to its beauty, although its majorly plastic but still reliable and durable.

There is a speculation about it that the headband can get broken if extra pressure exerted on it or worn in unnatural positions. But we think those are only speculations as we haven’t experienced any such thing with it. The Metallic straps gives it flexibly while the plastic middle layer provide comfort to the head.

Last but not the least, the strong virtual surrounded sound fall pleasurable on ears and the powerful bass is not beyond the level of bearing and does not produce any pain in ears.

What We don’t like?

The whole plastic structure makes it vulnerable of breaking. The big ear-cups also feel like empty glasses and a lot of empty space within it. The huge size of ear-cups make it feel on head like it is sliding down a bit and may not fit very well on small ears.

Its compatibility with Xbox one is also questionable. As it won’t deliver the special virtual 7.1 surrounded sound and you may only able to hear the stereo audio playback. Mic also causes problem during Xbox one connectivity and there is bunch of lagging and artificial noises.

One thing which we did not understand about ManO’war is that why Razer is sticking with 2.4Ghz USB dongle. Maybe it makes it cheaper but it is affecting the connectivity and fidelity range in a negative way. It will cause trouble and drop out signals on a range of more than few meters.

  • High Quality 7.1 Surrounded sound
  • Flexible and impressive mic
  • Catchy and comfy design
  • Easy Connectivity
  • Durability Issues
  • Poor performance with Xbox one

10. Logitech G933 Artemis – Unique Modern Design


With phenomenal sound delivery, easy compatibility with number of devices and a lot of features offered by Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum give it entry it in the race of best wireless headsets available in the market. It can be your favorite gadget for both music and gaming after reading about what it offers.

Large bulky nontraditional almost squared shape ear cups supported by relatively equal size headband, a modern and fresh sporty design give goosebumps just even by looking at it. It heirs the shape and design of G633 wired headset and is an updated version of G930. At the bottom of ear cups, an RGB logo of Logitech is pasted and coloring strips on either side of cups which can change color as per your will and choice.

On the rear side of ear-cups dwell number of buttons with each one having different shapes for easy remembering. These include the power switch, Equalization button, microphone button, on and off for surrounded sound and an option to change color patterns of the strips and logo.

A retractable flexible mic that can fold into the left ear cup is placed with such a precision that you may not even notice it with first glance. You can extend as well as unfold it, into a complete functional and even a better mic than its predecessors.

You can also use it in wired style like G633. All thanks to the USB cable that come along with it in the box; and can be connected to it during gaming, charging it at the same time. There are also two other cables with it; a 3.5mm audio cable that you can use to connect to smartphones or tablets and also an audio jack for connectivity with TV or other high-end audio setups.

The gaming performance is even better than the modern looking design, with its realistic and high resolution surrounded sound.

It will fit any genre of your taste. Stark trek, Battlefield V, Call of duty, assassin creed or Far cry series, it just goes with anything. You can hear the distant voices of your enemies planning your killing, the footsteps of approaching foes, the cries of help from your teammates and the fire explosions with its FPS and Cinematic Gaming settings.

The mic delivers an audible clear voice during multiplayer online gaming and also during calling on phone or video chatting with buddies. No noises or fuzziness can be heard on the counter side while you are talking or passing some instructions.

Overall it is an artistic and aesthetic approach by Logitech with a bit fair price considering all the features and modern style of play it offers.

What We like?

First things first, the modern design with RGB color string and an option to select any combination of color, the easiness of button usage all on the back of one ear-cup big coffin shaped ear-cups and a strong headband. These all things make it look so beautiful and obviously recommendable by us.

The sound quality is another blessing by Logitech with a lot of features that you can select and change, using the inside setup and set according to the genre. The surrounded sound that does not bleed outside the ear-cups. With a perfect bass that does not give headache make it worth every penny.

The style and functionality of microphone with non-lagging, clear and timely deliverable voice also touched us a lot . The folding and re-tractability make it look the parallel part of left ear-cup. It won’t cause any problems when not in use, nor posses the danger of losing like detachable mics.

What We don’t like?

The Music experience was not as good as other good headsets will offer in same price. May be because of the long and large earbuds that let the music breath and absorb some of it or whatever. Music on it sometimes feels like a flat flow. Unless it has some good bass which can be a better experience than simple soft music.

The modern and unique looks make it a beautiful piece on one side of coin. But on the other, it adds bulkiness to overall size. So it won’t be easy to carry it. Especially it will take a lot of space in your back pack because of the stiff non-rotatable ear cups.

  • Unique modern Design
  • Fair price comparing to its wired family members like G633
  • Easy usage
  • High quality surrounded sound
  • Better microphone
  • A bit bulky
  • Not easy to carry around

11. Razer Thresher for Xbox One – Best for XBOX


For the Xbox one user, Razer Thresher is both ears and voice because of its sleek beautiful design and good quality audio sound. It is a bulky headset with big round shaped ear-cups. But does not feel heavy in wearing nor it slide down your ears and is a perfect fit for your head. With a springy microfiber pads covering the metallic headband and soft but firm soft foam; it is also glasses friendly covering the ear pieces it stays in place even during stretched hours of gaming.

A windows sonic surrounded sound on Xbox one and Dolby surrounded audio makes the audio clear and gives a pleasant sensation to your ears. It uses the famous 50 mm, neodymium drivers and stereo audio playback with frequency response between 12HZ to 28,000 Hz.

The connectivity is as simple as it could be using a 2.4 GHz USB dongle. Which you will have to connect to your console transmitting signals and connecting to your headset. There are no base stations or transmitter and adapters involved in connectivity as in many other audio wireless headsets.

In box, you can also find a USB cable that you can use to charge battery. Which then can last for more than 13 hours, company guarantee 16 hours of it. Razer Thresher also have an ultimate version which is more expensive than the normal one and a wired version which is cheaper but not as effective as the wireless.

The complete craftsmanship design maintaining the streamline Razer’s comfortable standards. With a retractable microphone that goes all way back to ear-cup when not needed. The mic is a good quality, with crystal clear voice communication and rarely lose frames of your audio track.

There are two scroll wheel which you can press like a normal button. One of them controlling the volume and the other controls the mic.

There positioning can cause confusion at start but you will get easy on it with time. One either of the ear-cups, one can see the glorious beaming logo of Razer that adds to the overall beauty.

Razer’s Thresher delivers and delivers very well when it comes to audio. Offering a good quality rich bass and crispy highs, a clear volume at highest of bass. The mic delivers too with a clear chatting experience during multiplayer gaming and also during other normal chats.

Overall a trustworthy product by Razer keeping in mind its beautiful combination of sleek, clear design and high-end audio output and also is not very expensive.

What We Like?

Razer never disappoint when it comes to creating some beautiful artifact for gamers. This time they have done even better than our expectations. With the overall strong but fairly weight headset with a strong headband. It is made up of metal and covered by a comfortable lattice and leather covered ear-cups that does not slip down your ears.

We really liked the way it handled high notes games like Counterstrike with a lot of gunshot and grenade voices. Making you feel like you are there, yourself in combat zone and not just virtually connected to it. The surrounded sound that does not bleed out and have an extra clarity due to the 50mm neodymium drivers.

The connectivity is very simple, just by plugging in the 2.4Ghz USB dongle and connecting your headset to it. You can enjoy up to 13 hours of non-stop wireless gaming audio. Which is a pretty decent time and you may not need to charge the battery daily if you play for less than 5 hours a day.

Voice chatting using the decent retractable microphone is a pretty good experience which you must try.

What We don’t like?

Some gamers love to play both on PC and Xbox one and the Razer’s Thresher is not a choice for them. Because of its non-compatibility with PCs. It can also cause problems if you try to connect with PlayStation and is obviously not made for a multi platform gamer.

The microphone’s voice is with no doubt very crystal clear on the opposite side. But you can’t hear your own voice through the ear buds and can’t receive any feedback about it.

It also does not deliver the talk of town 7.1 surrounded sound. But rather use windows sonic and Dolby stereo audio which is not a good sign. As users may want to get different audio experiences in this rate.

  • Impressive design
  • Good audio quality
  • Best microphone
  • Comfortable and durable
  • A bit bulky, not easy to carry around
  • No 7.1 surrounded sound

12. CORSAIR Void PRO RGB – Most Affordable Headset


7.1 Dolby surrounded wireless headset by CORSAIR with a modern catchy looking and comfortable feel and touch. A good price relative to other same quality headsets like Logitech G933 and a HyperX cloud Flight; makes it one of the best computer gaming headset. Void pro follows the footsteps of other Void series’ headsets in the design.

Although the design may feel like it is sliding down your ears still it is so comfortable. You can wear for hours and hours of gaming without any pain caused by it. A decent metallic headband having a plastic meshing over it and with unique style almost squared or more of kite shaped ear piece covered with a soft leather lattice provide an appropriate heft and a good fitting. The microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam making it very comfortable

It too like some of the good competitors use top notch RGB lighting. Which is controlled by software with any combination of light possible to get. But the lighting may decrease life by 4-5 hours which is around 15 hours when RGB lighting is not used.

On the left ear cup home, the most beautiful microphone we have ever seen. That is sharply erect, very stylish and can retract backside too. The same ear bud is also home to a power button and a mic button on the its backside.

An easy to connect Corsair void pro connects uses USB connectivity like many other good headsets. It is compatible with all versions of OS above the windows 7. The trademark corsair built ensures that it is a durable headphone. You can always rely on taking care of your headphones yourself to extend its life. Like most of the gamers install a hidden spy camera in their gaming zone to know if someone has misused their headsets or other gaming accessories.

Using custom tuned 50mm neodymium speaker drivers it delivers a high quality, equally good quality powerful bass. A Dolby 7.1 surrounded audio that make all the action more realistic, more entertaining. The audio during fast racing sports or combat gaming, the silent killing in Assassin Creed or the quick action in Counter Strike; it never disappoints and deliver a crystal clear yet powerful audio lasting for many hours.

The unidirectional custom optimizing microphone deliver where it needs. It is not just a stylish piece but also win hearts during performance. With the carrying of smooth and clear voice at frequency response of 100Hz to 10KHz. Which does not feel like some walkie talkie, computerized or an unreal voice. But is a clear, more realistic and timelier delivered audio, Corsair has made a master piece in this microphone.

In this range of Budget you cannot find any headset better than this.

Overall it is a best budget gaming headset for gamers who does not only care about the sound quality. But also love modern beautiful designs and are fond of chit chat during multiplayer gaming or non-gaming calls to friends and families.

What We like?

What we loved most about Corsair void pro (which you may have already noticed) is its beautifully designed microphone. Which also proved to be a good chatting tool. The way it handled the pressurized shouting of help during enemy attacks or silent instructions was just a treat.

The second thing which we really like about it is the battery life. Although it won’t last as much as promised by the company still it goes for 14 to 15 hours on one battery charging; which is a pretty good amount. With RGB lighting the battery life can drop down 4 hours. The only thing about battery which is sting in tail is the USB charging cable which is too short.

We were also impressed by the overall audio performance. During heavy bass long hour gaming and it rarely loses any audio. Which can be due to lagging in game or slow internet connectivity. Audio delivered to us is clear, with rich bass, and a vibrant nature.

What We don’t like?

Personally, the headset feels like it will slip away from head any time you shook your head. Or you just laid down on chair may be because of the non-squared non-circular earbuds and elongated stiff headband. It is never a good experience to be uncomfortable with the wearing of any headset.

It is not a best gaming headset brand for the lovers of multi platform gaming. As it has no compatibility with consoles and only can connect to PCs that too only with the modern Window packages. Though the connectivity with PC is very simple and easy.

  • Best sound quality headphones
  • Most affordable gaming headset
  • Beautiful looks
  • Extremely Amazing PC Gaming mic
  • Loose fitting
  • Compatibility issues with other platforms

Best Wireless Headsets for Gaming – Buyer’s guide

Though it is said that the wireless headphones do not give as good experience as the wired one. But it may not be true in this era of Modern Technology; where the wireless gadgets are giving a tough competition to the wired ones. With a lot of advancements, all the major flaws like connectivity issues or audio losing issues have been resolved to a very high extinct.

Still, you can throw bucks in any headphone that is available in the market. But you should keep few things in mind before making a final decision and going after a specific model. We have enlisted few major points which you should see in any wireless headset before buying.

  1. Audio Performance
  2. Mic Quality
  3. Durability
  4. Design & Comfort
  5. Compatibility

All these features are considered very important and you must analyze these thoroughly before making a final decision. Check out our detailed infographic regarding Buyer Guide for Best Wireless Gaming Headsets.


You can see the detailed explanation of all these features below.

Audio PerformanceMic QualityDurabilityDesign & ComfortCompatibility
A plenty of choices are available for buying a headset specifically designed for a Gamer. In gaming, audio performance matters a lot. Whether it is listening to Voice chats, Dazzling music or mind blowing sound effects of a game, an awesome audio performance of a headset make all these things possible to make a gamer immerse inside a game completely.
Sound quality is considered above all else. There are a couple of wireless and noise-cancelling headsets equipped with latest active noise cancelling and surrounded sound technologies. Some headsets are good in giving awesome sound effects whereas other are best in giving quality music. Different tests such as spectral flatness, quality of a sound, frequency response and dynamic range of a headset are to be reviewed before a final choice is made.
If an audio performance is not good,typically a gamer shun such wireless headphones because of poor sound quality. Everyone’s ear canals are different, and though every Headset is having a different ear cups design and these comes in different shapes and sizes, still sometimes headsets don’t fit perfectly. So if a headset will not fit perfectly over your ears and head then you are not going to enjoy a richer sound experience that you expect being a gamer.
Voice chat is an important feature once playing multiplayer games. Those teams that are well clear in their voice chat instructions always rule the field. Even if you are having a best headset and it is having all latest features like Active noise cancellation but your mic is not an excellent one so all in vain. An excellent one is the one that allows for crystal clear conversations, with no interference at all. So When you’re shopping for a new headset, you’ll encounter a range of different types of microphones with these headsets. Don’t just buy any headset without knowing the mic quality and standard that this headset is carrying.
Some headsets uses dual-microphone technology to make sure the best possible voice input, by improving voice quality along with eliminating external noise during phone calls, or chat sessions. Some mics are detachable where as some mics are fixed and cannot be removed. Most fixed mics can be tucked in and are having a specific spacing for them so that these are safe and are deployed only when required. Most headsets provides a button that can be just pressed to mute a Mic without going inside the software side. Latest ones are equipped with Noise Cancelling Technology and are proving their worth and today’s noisy environments.
Headsets equipped with active noise cancellation, performs a great job of neutralizing external noises along with creating a slightly thinner tone that make it perfect for recording podcasts, voice-overs or other professional audio material. But as a gamer, clarity of communication especially during heat of battle is primary consideration analyzing the quality of the microphones. Thus there are wide varieties in Mic technologies and a lot of options are there for you to choose from.
Durability of a headset is something that can not be neglected at any cost. If you are paying a lot of Bucks then your headset should be durable enough to accompany you for a long time. It all depends on Cost, Quality, Material used and Construction of a headset. Don’t just go for a headset that is cheap because may be it will not even last a month.
A gamer always requires gaming accessories that are durable and rugged as these are extensively used. Sometimes gaming sessions last for hours and hours, so in that case if you had got a cheap delicate headset then you will not be able to survive in a gamer’s arena. In some cases, they are all mass-produced, outsourced, plastic, and bedazzled pieces of crap.
The durability of a headset is one thing, but utmost care is required when handling it by a gamer. Not even a single headset in the world is going to last forever but with proper handling and care it can survive even for years. Whether it is detaching or folding the mike, adjusting the fitting and ear cups, or handling it safely after being used, each and everything matters a lot. A proper handling prevents a headset from going bad even if it is not too rugged or durable.
Once buying Wireless Gaming Headsets, comfort standards of a headset should not be neglected. Headset properties must be examined properly and it must be checked whether a headset which you are going to buy is good for you as per comfort standards. Find and select only those that fits perfectly on your head and ears and do not disturb you or keep you in pain. Every headset is having its own weight as well as the amount of total pressure it exerts on ear and head. So these points are to be reviewed first so that your long gaming sessions are not hampered.
Being a Gamer, and buying a costly headset and if it is not having a beautiful catchy design then what is the worth. These days most of gaming headsets are having awesome stylish designs that were once considered as fiction. Beautiful lights, stunning ear cups, striking mic styles and dazzling designs make these headsets worthy to be used by a Gamer.
Each headset is made up of different material and is having different type of fitting system like straps etc. The most important thing to note is that comfort must not be neglected at the cost of stunning designs. Choose a headset that is having a striking design but at same time comfort must be a priority.
With so many gaming headsets and different designs to choose from, it is essential for you to know which headsets are compatible with your system. Main platforms are Play Station, XBOX and PC. Some headsets are compatible with all platforms whereas some are compatible with only single platforms. Every platform is having a different set of settings so a such a headset is to be chosen that is going to work well with your platform.
The best choice that a gamer can make is a headset that is compatible with virtually every console right out of the box. Some gamers are versatile players and they keep on switching between different gaming consoles. So in such cases a headset that is compatible with each and every platform is a best choice that a gamer can make. Moreover some headsets require specific settings and adjustment when switching between platforms. So in such a case preference must be given to those headsets that are easy to set and adjust while switching between gaming consoles.

With so many variants of wireless gaming headsets available in the market; it is quite difficult to decide which one to buy. Don’t just make a quick decision based on some assumptions. First of all check your requirements and identify what are your main priorities. With so many variants there is always going to be a trade off between different features.

Top Rated Wireless Gaming Headsets

After checking all these headsets and analyzing the specifications as well as getting reviews of practical users; we at DigiChasers selected STEEL SERIES ARCTIS 7 as our favorite pick. Because of its versatility, battery life, greater comfort and stunning design.

There is always a space for improvement when looking for such versatile products. So in case if you think that we left out some other great Gaming Headsets, do let us know here.

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