Top 5 BEST PORTABLE MONITORS 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Having multiple monitors for your personal use or work interface is always better and productive than having just a single screen. But you can’t just sit on your desktop computer for a long time and a lot of work needs mobility and portability. In such cases, you can take advantage of best portable monitors and use them as your dual screens while travelling or working on the go.


In this modern time of portability, if you are not having portable monitors for your workplace or home you are missing on a big thing. Lightweight displays with a full high definition resolution and good contrast ratios make you more productive by helping you in doing your work in a less time span. You can also enjoy gaming on dual screens even far away from home with portable screens.

Best portable Monitors 2022

With a great competition in market between tech giants like ASUS, AOC and ELEDUINO, there is a great deal of Portable screens for laptops, PCs and gaming consoles. Everyday, new ideas are implemented, improvements brought into technologies making the products more appealing. Today, Portable monitors possesses a lot of qualities like touch screen, slim and thin design, higher resolutions, multi-platform compatibility and other features. Sometime, it can be difficult for you to choose among so many products available in market, a single product that will do magic for you.

You don’t have to worry now because we have listed some of the best portable monitors to make the decision making easier for you. You will find a detail review below of our top 14 picks along with the reasons you should buy it or not. Furthermore, we also wrote down Pros and Cons of each these products that will help you out in choosing what is best for you.

We have written a detailed Buyer’s guide at the end that is easy to understand along with an attractive infographic. It will help you in knowing more about Best portable Monitors, the important features of best portable display, and will help you in comparing different portable computer display screens. The infographic will work as a quick buyer’s guide to throw light on important aspects of portable screens. Go through these and you will be able to decide what is best for your laptop/PC or gaming console.

1. GAEMS M155 FHD – Best Gaming Portable Monitor


The Key specifications of GAEMS M155 FHD Portable Gaming Monitor are:

Key Specifications

  • Release Date → October, 2018
  • Dimensions → 20.3 x 11.6 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight → 2 pounds
  • Warranty  → As per Request
  • Resolution  → 1920×1080
  • Video Quality → 1080p HD E LED
  • Refresh Rate → 60 Hz
  • Screen Size → 15.5 inches
  • Compatibility  :
    • PC, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Xbox 360,
    • PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, mobile Devices,
    • Xbox One x, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS 4 pro,
    • PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Mobile
  • Audio Jack  → 3.5 mm
  • Ports   → USB (for Power), 3.5mm, HDMI
  • Speakers   →   Yes (Integrated Built in)
  • Power → Split USB Cable
  • Adapter Voltage → 100 – 240V AC
  • Box Contents  :
    • M155 FHD 1080p Monitor
    • Zippered Neoprene Sleeve
    • Remote Control
    • HDMI Cable
    • USB “Y Split” Power Cable
    • Power Adapter Plug

GAEMS M155 FHD Description

When it comes to Portable Monitors, there are tech lovers who don’t just want their portable monitors compatible with any single thing. Like some monitors are compatible only with PS4, others only with XBOX one, a few with PC and so on. But GAEMS M155 has taken its multi-platform compatibility to a next level. It is compatible with different variants of XBOX as well as PS4. Moreover, it is also compatible with PC as well as Smartphone.

Though GAEMS M155 is designed mainly for gaming, but you can also use it with PC as well as all other HDMI compatible devices as well. It has got 15.5 inches 1080p Full HD E – LED screen which is considered as one of the best screen qualities. This monitor never disappoints once it comes to its awesome virtual lag free experience for any device. Whether you are gaming, or watching a video or doing any other stuff; this monitor is never going to let you down. Therefore, you can say that it is one of the best portable monitors for multi-platform compatibility as well as splendid virtual lag free experience.

You will find tiny anti-slip rubber feet on the back of the monitor that pop out to support 12 degrees viewing angle. Moreover, you can also easily mount the monitor using the built-in 1/4” camera screw socket. GAEMS has also done their best to provide this package with a zippered neoprene sleeve for added padding and protection while storing and transporting. Thus, you can transport as well as store this portable monitor easily without the fear of damaging it. You can also slip it inside any laptop bag easily.

Along the edge of its framework you’ll find a menu button, a volume button, a power button and a brightness adjustment button. At the backside there is a 3.5mm headphone jack, an integrated speaker, and the HDMI port for connectivity. Each port is having a good spacing in between so you can freely use any of these ports without any confusion. Furthermore, these ports are also marked pretty well to remove any uncertainties.

Reasons to Buy

The main reason people are happily buying this awesome portable monitor is its multiplatform compatibility. If you are a multi-platform user, or you are having different consoles at home, but want portable monitor for each one when required. Then GAEMS M155 FHD Portable Monitor is going to solve all these problems at once. You don’t require any extra monitor for your PC as well as for gaming consoles like PS and XBOX.

Another awesome feature that makes this monitor more attractive is its awesome virtually lag-free HD experience. In addition, the video quality is Full HD 1080p that you are really going to love. The screen size is 15.5 inch which is a standard normal laptop screen size but with E – LED monitor. E – LED monitors are considered one of best awesome display monitors providing a great experience. In brief, this monitor is surely going to add colors to your evenings.

Additionally, having the monitor powered by USB means no searching for some other source or power cords. The latest design is also having built in integrated speakers as well as 3.5mm audio jack. Using audio jack, you can connect your gaming headset or normal headphones as well as external speakers if you don’t like the audio quality of built in speakers. 

Reasons Not to Buy

The latest 1080p FHD GAEMS 155 Portable Monitor has got integrated built in speakers. These speakers were not available in its previous 720p versions. But still the audio quality that these speakers provide is not so good. Furthermore, the speakers are situated at back side of the panel of monitor so you are not going to hear it louder. The best alternate is to attach a headphone or attach any external speaker by using the built in AUX port.

Secondly though this is really awesome HD Portable monitor and virtual lag free portable monitor but still the colors are a mess. Everyone keeps on criticizing its color performance issues. Since it has got awesome 1080p HD experience then the colors should not be any inferior. Though the Glossy panels provide more vivid coloring but they might as well behave like mirrors when you add uncontrolled lighting to a room. The glare that these screens produce sometimes makes it impossible to use it outdoors.

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility
  • Lightweight
  • Lag Free Experience
  • Full HD Picture Quality
  • Integrated Speakers
  • Comes with own zippered case
  • Poor Audio quality of own speakers
  • Color contrast issues
  • Not good for outdoors

2. Eleduino 8.9 Inch – Best Mini Portable Monitor


The Key specifications of Eleduino 8.9 Inch Portable USB monitor are:

Key Specifications

  • Release Date → December, 2018
  • Dimensions  → 9.5 x 6.7 x 1.7 inches
  • Weight → 1.49 pounds
  • Warranty  → As per Request
  • Resolution → 1920×1200
  • Refresh Rate → 60 Hz
  • Screen Size → 8.9 inch
  • Compatibility  :
    • Apple PC Computer MacBook 2015, MacBook 2016,
    • Mac Book Pro, MacBook PRO 2 Port, MacBook PRO 4 Port
    • Huawei PC Computer Matebook, Matebook X,
    • Matebook X Pro, Matebook E
  • Display Angle → 170 degrees Viewing Angle
  • Ports  → USB (for Power), 3.5mm, HDMI
  • Speakers  → Yes (Integrated Built in)
  • Power  → Wall wart
  • Box Contents :
    • 8.9 Inch Portable Monitor
    • Mini HDMI Cable
    • Micro USB Power Cable
    • User Guide
    • Bracket

Eleduino 8.9 Inch Portable USB monitor Description

If you are a traveler and a geek at the same time, you do need a small portable monitor as your secondary display even outside your home or office. This monitor by EleDuino is a small 8.9-inch mini monitor that can be easily carried in a back pack. It is a go to potable monitor for laptop and is highly recommended for ASUS, Lenovo and other brands too.

This best mini monitor has a sleek gorgeous design and is only 0.4 inch thin and a 1.4 pounds heavy. A lightweight monitor with plug and plays ability does not need any driver installation for working. It is compatible with operating systems like IOS, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Android and Chrome OS. Due to its compatibility with IOS and Android it is also called mobile monitor or mobile computer monitor.

An on/off button can be found on the rear side of the device along with volume up and volume down buttons. Just below these buttons, there are two others for exit and menu. On the right side of the monitor, there is a USB type c portable monitor port for power which supports a 45w fast charger making it a USB powered Monitor. An HDMI port and another USB-C port are also installed on the same side.

This portable USB monitor is majorly used as a small monitor for laptop or an additional monitor for laptop and mobile phones. With 1920 x 1200 HD resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio it is one of the best portable monitors in cheap price. It also supports a Nintendo switch tv mode, a galaxy phone Dex mode, Huawei smartphone pc mode and MacBook extended mode.

Reasons to buy

It is a best buying option people who uses multiple devices in their routine life. It is a multiplatform compatible monitor and is considered among the best portable screen for laptops. As mentioned earlier it can be used with smartphones like galaxy and Huawei, laptops like ASUS and Lenovo and MacBook. For developers, it is a best option due to its highly functional compatibility with Raspberry pie.

The other reason for buying this cool best portable display is the overall mini and sleek design. With a 0.4 inches thinness and just 1.4 pounds of weight, it is the most used travel monitor of laptops and cell phones. It can fit easily in a back pack and carrying it around won’t be a big issue.

One of the main reasons we see to buy it is the cheap price. Only in around 100$ you will get a constant solution for your secondary display problems. In a low price it provides a better HD result and a lot of functionalities.

Reasons Not to Buy

Many people love to go with the trend and these days touch screen monitors are trending. Unfortunately, Eleduino 8.9 Inch Portable USB second screen does not have any touch screen capability. So, if you are looking for a screen that can have pen and touch functionality, this one is not an option then.

Also, the audio quality somehow does not match the video resolution provided by it and you will have to use external speakers with it. The sound’s volume is low than you may expect and has not a very good base added to it.

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility
  • High resolution Display
  • Affordable Price
  • Thin and easily carriable
  • Bad Audio experience
  • Not a touchscreen

3. G-STORY 11.6″ HDR – Best Portable Monitor for Xbox One


The Key specifications of G-STORY 11.6 Inch HDR IPS FHD 1080P Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor are:

Key Specifications

  • Release Date  → December, 2017
  • Dimensions →  15.2 x 5.5 x 13.2 inches
  • Weight →  3.31 pounds
  • Warranty  →  As per Request
  • Refresh Rate  →  Up to 120 Hz
  • Screen Size →  11.6 in
  • Resolution →  1920×1080
  • Ports  →   Dual HDMI Ports
  • Speakers →   Yes (Integrated Built in)
  • Box Contents    :
    • Monitor
    • Adapter
    • Remote Controller
    • HDMI Cable
    • USB-DC Cable (an assistive cable)
    • User Manual
    • Protection Pad

G-STORY 11.6 Inch HDR IPS FHD Portable Gaming Monitor’s Description

Every Xbox enthusiast desire to get most out of their console and enjoy the gaming experience in a best possible way. The 11.6 inches portable screen for Xbox one X by G-Story is among the best portable monitors to take your gaming experience to new heights. It provides a Full HD 1080p display resolution with a 178 wide degree viewing angle supporting high dynamic range.

The portable screen is attached to the console and can be closed like a laptop lid in case you are not using it now but don’t want to remove. It is light weight, vibrant and easily adjustable. The video adjustment settings, selection of input and controlling of volume can be done from the front as well as a from the remote control that comes in the firm packing with it.

Like any best gaming monitor, it comes with a highly functional integrated multimedia stereo speakers with relatively better bass and clear volume output. But you should never use a USB-DC to power it because then the speakers won’t work and it can affect the overall performance too. It also posses a 3.5mm audio jack along with dual HDMI ports.

As already mentioned, it comes with HDR technology having a good impact on the brightness of the screen. With this technology the bright pixels become brighter and same is the case with darker pixels taking care of your eye-sight. The best refresh rate for gaming monitor should be 60 Hz or higher but the refresh rate of G-Story is claimed to be up to 120 Hz making it one of the fastest gaming monitors.

NOTE: G-STORY 11.6 Inch HDR IPS FHD Portable Gaming Monitor for PS4 Pro is also available for PS4. You can check out this Portable Monitor here. G-Story 11.6 inch Portable Monitor for PS4 pro.

Reasons to buy

One of the main reason people buy this cool monitor is the Free Sync technology which offer gamers a real smooth experience with Plug and play HDR gaming having zero lag time, no distortion and visual interruption. With this best portable monitor, you can now perform better in any FPS/FTS game as it is specifically designed for it.

Another cool and attractive reason you should consider while buying this portable HDMI monitor is the compactivity and portability it provides. Having a flawlessly matching aesthetic and shape to your console, it can be closed like a laptop lid and carry it in your backpack along with the console to enjoy gaming anytime, anywhere.

It also offers an amazing overall audio experience both for single player and multiplayer gaming thanks to dual 3.5mm audio jacks, dual HDMI setup and multimedia stereo speakers. Multi players can enjoy the game at same time without interfering each other’s territory.

Reasons not to Buy

Although we list it among the best gaming portable monitors but still there are some things which you should consider before buying it. Like, if you want a single piece for your multiple device then G-story 11.6-inch monitor is not your option as it is only compatible with Xbox one and not with your other devices. So, the compatibility issue is a real thing but if you just want it for your Xbox one X then go for it.

The other main issue people face and do not like about it is its resistance toward USB-DC charging. It does not function very well if charged that way, the speakers won’t work and the screen resolution may also act weird. You should only use the power adapter that comes in box with it for a good overall experience.

  • HD Resolution
  • Compact and portable
  • FreeSync Technology
  • Eye-care HDR technology
  • Multi Audio outputs
  • Only compatible with Xbox one
  • No USB-DC charging compatibility

4. GeChic 1503H 15.6″ IPS – Best Multi-platform Portable Display


The Key specifications of GeChic 1503H 15.6″ IPS 1080p Portable Monitor are:

Key Specifications

  • Release Date →  October, 2016
  • Dimensions  →  15 x 0.4 x 9.7 in
  • Weight  →  1.75 lbs.
  • Resolution  → 1920×1080
  • Video Quality   →   1080p HD E LED
  • Refresh Rate → 60 Hz
  • Screen Size  → 15.6 inches
  • Contrast Ratio →  700:1(Typical)
  • Audio Jack → 3.5 mm
  • Ports   → USB (for Power), 3.5mm, HDMI, VGA
  • Speakers → 2x 1.0W(Max.) (Integrated Built in)
  • Box Contents :
    • USB-A to USB-C power cable (1.2m) *1
    • HDMI-A to micro-HDMI video cable (1.2m) *1
    • Protective Cover*1
    • Stand*1
    • 5V-2A adapter*1
    • Slotted Screw silver (M2x7.5mm) *1
    • Philips Screw Black (M2x4mm) *2

GeChic 1503H 15.6″ IPS 1080p Portable Monitor Description

Gechic is becoming a famous brand for producing versatile portable monitors for more than 8 years. The 1503H is among the list of best portable monitors produced by Gechic so far. It is a perfect product for those who are looking for a multi-screen setup as it can be connected with your PC, Laptop or any other device as a primary or secondary screen.

It is USB powered monitor with15.6 inches display having a clear and sleek design that provide extra features than normal monitors. At the top houses 2 speakers, 1 at each corner. All the buttons and ports can be found on the left side, among them there is a power button, volume buttons and a button to adjust brightness level. There is also a single HDMI port, one port to attach VGA cable and USB type C port. A 3.5 mm audio jack is also there at the bottom of left side of screen while the front of screen is made clear of any buttons or ports.

It comes with an adjustable magnetic stand that can installed on the right side in a small cut to use monitor vertically. You can also install the stand in horizontal position with the help of three screws with adjustable positioning. On the rear side of the screen there is a strange port called Gechich’s rear dock and used for proprietary cable. It comes with a rubber cover to keep it covered when not in use.

The package contains a lot of accessories including a USB-A to USB-C power cable, HDMI-A to micro-HDMI video cable and a protective cover that can be slipped in on the front of screen when not using. You can also buy other Gechic accessories for extra functionality.

Reasons to Buy

One the main reason while buying a portable screen is multi-screen need that can be compatible with a good number of devices. Gechic 1503H is a best portable monitor when it comes to multi compatibility. It cannot just be connected with a laptop, pc or MacBook but also with gaming consoles.

Another most attractive thing people love about it is the high-resolution display with 1080p full HD IPS wide viewing panel display. It is one of the best Widescreen monitors with a crispy clear display output and is very light weighted.

The detachable stand that comes in box with along with the product is a real solution for positioning of your USB second screen. The stand can be attached horizontally or vertically as per your need and nature of work. In the vertical setup you can then position the stand on three different points. The stand is very firm and magnetic, you should not worry about slipping of screen from the stand.

The buttons and ports are beautifully designed on one side of the screen, making the front free and vibrant. The ports provide you multi functionality as you can attach the screen with any device through an HDMI cable, a USB cable or through a VGA cable.

Reasons not to buy

One of the main issue most people faces is during the connectivity of Gechic 1503H. The company claims it to be a plug and play but sometime it is really not that and can be a headache while using with a windows 7 PC. To avoid this problem, you should read the manual that comes in package with it.

Also, the device packing does not include a rear docking station and you will need to buy it separately in case you need it making the whole price go up. It is already not within the list of cheap monitors and buying a separate dock station will rise the price even more.

  • Lightweight
  • Multi compatibility
  • Better Audio output
  • HD Resolution
  • Detachable Stand
  • Issues during connectivity
  • High Price

5. Eleduino 15.6 Inch – Best Touchscreen Portable Monitor


The Key specifications of Eleduino 15.6 Inch 1080p USB Portable Monitor


Key Specifications

  • Release Date →  July, 2018
  • Dimensions  → 14.89 x 9.45 x 0.37 in
  • Weight  →  5.6 pounds
  • Resolution  →   1920×1080
  • Video Quality    →   1080p HD E LED
  • Aspect Ratio   →   16:9
  • Screen Size   →   15.6 inches
  • Compatibility  :
    • PC, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS 4, PS 3, Nintendo Switch, Huawei P10, P20, Mate 10, Mate 20, Samsung S8, S9+, Note 8, Note 9
  • Audio Jack   →  3.5 mm
  • Touch Screen   →  Yes
  • Box Contents   :
    • 15.6″ USB C Touch Monitor
    • Monitor Protective Stand Cover
    • USB C 3.1 Gen 2 C to C Cable
    • USB C to USB A (Touch & Power) Cable
    • HDMI To MINI HDMI Cable
    • OTG Cable
    • 1x User’s Manual

Eleduino 15.6 Inch 1080p USB Portable Monitor Description

The 15.6 inches display by Eleduino is a cool portable touch screen monitor for laptop, PC, Smartphones and gaming consoles. With a 10-point multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, it offers 1080p high definition resolution having aspect ratio of 16:9. it is a USB type C portable monitor with a light weight and is easily carriable.

It is designed really beautifully with a crystal black finishing and a charming look. There are a lot of ports and buttons on both sides of the monitor. The ports include two OTG ports for connecting mouse or keyboard, a USB type-C port for charging the screen as it supports a PD fast charging of max 45 W. There is also a mini HDMI port and another USB port along with a 3.5 mm earphone jack. On the right side, there are five buttons in a queue including a menu button, an exit and power buttons and two dedicated buttons to increase or decrease volume.

A stand that comes inside the box along with the Eleduino 15.6-inches monitor can be attached at the back of screen and is adjustable. it is very thin with just 9.5mm width and you can carry it easily in your backpack or even in your hand like a small handbag. With a USB A to USB C cable, mini HDMI to HDMI cord and a USB C hub that comes within the package it provides you with a lot of connectivity features.

Reasons to Buy

One of the reasons we will give you to buy it is that it is not just a best external monitor for laptops or PCs but easily a go to screen for your gaming consoles, your smartphones and other electronic gadgets. With its multiplatform compatibility you can connect it with cellphones like Huawei P10, P20, Mate 10, Mate 20, Samsung S8, S9+, Note 8, Note 9 etc. If you are a gaming enthusiast who is looking for a portable gaming monitor then Eleduino has got you covered as it is compatible with all gaming consoles of Xbox series and PlayStation.

Another reason for buying this hot gadget is the touch screen capability along with a good battery life. There are usually very rare such products in market which are portable, touch screen and still have a pretty good battery life. With a 10 points multi-touch feature, it provides a smooth and fast touchscreen experience. Also, it can be charged with a USB type C cable that comes along with it. You can also use the USB HUB for multi-functionality at same time.

While purchasing best portable monitors people usually look for compactivity and portability. This product by Eleduino is very light weight, thin, beautifully designed and easily carriable. It can fit in your backpack, in your office bag or even with your laptop and you can take it from home to office or any other working space with ease.

Another feature that make it more awesome and overwhelming is the lag-free experience with full HD resolution. With a 1920 x 1080 p image quality the whole display image is clear, having no blurs or break within pixels and a colorful screen with 15.6 inches size. It will take your gaming experience and your movie watching to the next level of awesomeness.

Reasons Not to Buy

While buying portable display screen some people want it to have easy connectivity without any extra efforts needed to connect it. The Magedok site may state about this product as a single cable USB-C display but it really is not that simple. It requires both USB-C and HDMI cables if you want to enjoy the lag-free HD experience to the fullest. With only USB type C cable connected you can use the touch or power it but the for video you will have to connect HDMI too.

The other reason that may disappoint you about it is the resistance it shows to earlier versions of Windows than Win 8. Also, if you are buying it for your smartphone make sure that you have any of the phones named above or higher version than those. Because with a lower android version phones it cannot be used.

Best Portable Monitors – Buyer’s Guide

Although we have selected some of the best portable monitors available in the market for you for different purposes. But still we have written this quick and helpful buyer’s guide to help you out select a good portable monitor for yourself easily.

What is Portable Monitor?

A portable monitor is an extension of your available display. Whether you want it as a primary display to attach to your PC or any other device or you want it as an extended secondary display, portable monitor comes in handy for all occasions. You can use it as a monitor for video preview, showing images, displaying presentations, or explaining about any document.

How Portable Monitor Works?

There are different options available in each portable monitor. But the main functionality of each portable monitor is always same. You just have to connect your portable monitor to your devices (such as laptop, PC, gaming console, camera or any other) via USB Cable or Type – C cable. Most of the times these portable monitors are just plug and play whereas at sometimes you have to manually install the required drivers for respective portable monitor. Installation is as easy as 1-2-3. Instructions regarding setup and configuration are available with each portable monitor in its package contents.

Uses of Portable Monitor

There are many different uses of portable monitors. Some of which includes:

1.         Extension of your primary display which can be smaller or may be too much occupied.

2.         For multi tasking.

3.         As a secondary screen for your laptop or PC.

4.         Portable and easy access

5.         Multi Device connectivity options

What things to consider in Best Portable Monitors?

Before getting your hands on any of the best portable monitors, there are some features and important specs that must be kept in mind. You must check all these points and then make your final decision regarding your choice of best portable monitors as per your requirements.

  1. Display
  2. Design & Durability
  3. Portability
  4. Compatibility
  5. Screen Size
  6. Color & Contrast

As per our own research and analysis, all these features are considered very important before you make your final decision regarding best portable monitors. You can check out our detailed infographic as a Quick Buyer Guide for Best Portable Monitors. You can consult it for a quick overview of all the important features.


Detailed explanation of all these features is given below:

DisplayDesign & DurabilityPortabilityCompatibilityScreen SizeColor & Contrast

Display with better resolution most likely delivers the sharp and clear image quality. In our review most of these monitors have got a better resolution. But there is always a difference in different displays. Some of the displays are IPS whereas others are TFT. Always select a portable monitor that is having IPS technology because these are superior to normal TFT LCD display with lower power consumption and wider viewing angles. Thus they have a much improved and better battery life. Next thing you should consider is a touch screen option. Touch screen option gives a user friendly access in different applications.

You must always know what you are going to do with your portable monitor. Because in this way you can select design as per your own requirements. If you are an outdoor user and you are in search of best portable monitors for photographers, then you are going to need a monitor that is rugged enough for external environment. Rugged portable monitor means a durable portable monitor. But you must always keep in mind that ruggedness brings durability but it also adds up some weight. So that’s why always check and decide what is important for you.

Almost all of the portable monitors have got such great designs that they are portable enough that you don’t even feel their weight. But still if you are sleek and slim design lover, it is much better because such portable monitors are lightweight and are easy to carry. But sleek and slim designs must not be such that they are prone to break easily. A better choice is choose a sleek and slim as well as a light weight design but apply some protective coating or some casing to prevent it from damage.

Different users require different connectivity options. For example connectivity for a gaming console user is going to be different from a laptop user. So if you are a gamer always check whether the portable monitor is compatible for gaming consoles or not. Similarly you must also check whether the portable monitor is compatible with different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, or Mac OS if you are using this monitor for some other OS.

For gaming may be you need a smaller screen size but if you are using a portable monitor for displaying charts then the screen size must be bigger. It is an important aspect to consider because best portable monitors are as large as 21″ and as small as 7″. So a better choice is go for the one in the mid range if you are a multi tasking user. Select the one having 13 or 15 inches resolution to use it for multi purposes.

If you are paying a good fortune and investing in buying best portable monitors for yourself, then it must deliver as well. The color and contrast of best portable monitors are adjustable. A wide range of color and contrast ratio or a better color as well as contrast ratio are good for creating a sharp and clear picture.

Top Rated Portable Monitors

After practically analyzing all these best portable monitors thoroughly and checking the specifications as well as getting reviews of practical users; we at DigiChasers selected ASUS MB169B+ 15.6″ Full HD 1920×1080 IPS USB Portable Monitor as our favorite pick. Because of its screen size, display type, resolution, cost effectiveness, sleek and slim design, portability and user friendly setup.

Author Recommended Reads:

This is not an end of top rated and best portable monitors. Better options are always there as each passing day something new as well as better is available out there. So you will find a lot of different portable monitors that you consider as best. Moreover, if you have a good or a bad practical experience with any of your best portable monitors, please do let us know here.

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