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As one of my friends once told me, buy the most expensive running watch, you can, and you will go for a run because you will regret the money spent if you don’t run. And you know it helped me. With my Garmin Fenix 6x Pro, I break all my running records.

Garmin watches are true sports watches that motivate beginners and experienced athletes in a variety of ways. That’s why today we’re going to look at Garmin Insights. What it is, how it works, and I will share my personal experience.

Garmin Connect Insights provides cues that help users achieve their health and wellness goals, and shout-outs for those who have reached milestones. Smart insights provide useful tips and motivational information from experts.

How to check Garmin Connect Insights

garmin insight infograph

It is pretty simple, go to the Garmin Connect application and press on three horizontal lines, which are at the top left and then press on Insights. If you want to see all the received insights, just press View All Insights next.

My Experience with the Garmin Insights Feature

I won’t lie; I love all kinds of stats, and they help motivate me to do something. Things like sleep and step patterns are very helpful. Therefore, I will show you what insight I have personally received.

Garmin Insight Step Pattern

Garmin insight step pattern

Garmin Insight message: “You tend to log fewer steps on Sunday. Even if it’s your rest day, boost your step count by taking a short walk, parking farther away or taking the stairs. Just keep moving!”

As you can see, I got an Insight message that I take fewer steps on Sundays. It’s logical. Many of us take a little rest time on Sundays. I followed this advice, and from now on, I go for a walk in the fresh air on Sundays.

Garmin Insight Steps Goal

Garmin Insight Steps Goal

Garmin Insight message: “You’ve got something to be proud of! You’ve met your steps goal for 3 consecutive days. We think you can make it 4 in a row today! Your dedication to your goals can pay off in better heart health, stronger bones, a clearer mind and more satisfying sleep.”

It’s hard for me to reach the steps goal daily because I live near my work, so I only take a few steps by commuting to work. And sometimes, after a hard day’s work, you forget and don’t go outside anymore. But I am trying to increase my step count.

For example, my average was around 7500 steps a few months ago. Now it’s 8000 steps. It may not be a big difference, but it’s fun when the numbers increase.

Garmin Insight about Sleep

Garmin Insight about Sleep

Garmin Insight message: “We’ve noticed you’re averaging less than 7 hours of sleep for the past several days. Sometimes life gets in the way, but getting enough sleep helps you avoid injuries, improves memory and even enhances your outlook on life. What can you do to get more sleep today?

As for sleep, it is vital to me. I’m always irritable when I don’t sleep enough hours, and I struggle with training and work. So, as soon as I got this Insight, I just started browsing less on my phone at night and going to sleep. I’m currently averaging more than 8 hours of sleep, and I’ve never felt better.

Garmin Insight about Sleep pattern

Garmin Insight about Sleep pattern

Garmin Insight message: “A consistent sleep schedule is healthy habit that keeps your internal clock running on schedule, helping your body regulate everything from hormones to fat storage. A pre-bedtime routine can help get your body ready for sleep”

As you can see from the graph, my sleep was very irregular. As I mentioned before, I went to bed late because I would lie down and surf on my phone. Now I don’t do it anymore. And I sleep much better. And specialists advise avoiding “blue light” before sleep, which is emitted by the phone, computers, TV and the like.

garmin sleep stage and quality

As you can see, it worked perfectly for me, now I start the day with new energy, and I am no longer dissatisfied with everything.

Garmin Insight Floor Climbing

Garmin Insight message: “Nice job! You’ve boosted your health and met your floors-climbed goal 5 days in a row. We think you can make it 6 days! Consistent habits like taking the stairs are the best ways to improve your health, beat stress and live better.

From what I’ve read, it didn’t turn out to be an essential insight for some, but it was the opposite for me. As I used to use the elevator at work, now I don’t and always take the stairs. It’s just hard to keep a streak on days off.

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The Insights provided by Garmin are beneficial as additional motivation for a healthier and more active life. It may not motivate everyone, but it helps me create a better version of myself.

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