What is a Power Supply Shroud? Quick answer.

When picking up a new PC build and choosing a new PC Case, you can see a note on the PC Case specification that it has a Power Supply Shroud.

The Power Supply Shroud is where the PSU is aesthetically mounted, leaving no more twisted wires sticking out. Inside the PC case, there is a separate place for PSU called the Power Supply Shroud, separated by metal walls.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of a PC case with a Power Supply shroud, and I will offer you a couple of more reliable PC cases with it.

PC with and without Power Supply Shroud

PC without PSU Shroud

To better understand what a PC case with a PSU Shroud looks like, I will first show you how the PC Case looks without a PSU Shroud.

We are used to seeing such a design since ancient times because it was almost a standard option.

PC Case without PSU Shroud

You didn’t have that metal piece over your PSU in the past. In this way, the PSU and its cables were always visible.

Also, it is significantly more challenging to perform aesthetic cable management without a PSU Shroud.

PC with PSU Shroud

PC with PSU Shroud

As you can see from the provided PSU is placed in a separate place and is not visible. You can only see the metal walls.

PC case with power supply shroud

Power Supply Shrouds come in many different types. More expensive PC Case models may even offer illuminated PSU As you can see in the picture above, the PC case Shroud with RGB light and separate openings to take air from the whole system.s if you’re a fan of RGP colors.

PC with RGB PSU Shroud

As you can see in the picture above, the PC case Shroud with RGB light and separate openings to take air from the whole system.

Does shrouds power supply explodes?

PSU has its own Airflow

Airflow is controlled by the fan in the PSU and not by PC Case fans. The mesh cover at the back of the PSU, where the plug goes in, is the only air flow exit. This allows for full airflow through the PSU without affecting PC system temperatures.

If you buy a standard PC Case with PSU shrouds, you will not face the risk of PSU overheating.

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I often build a PC from scratch, and having a PSU Shroud on a PC Case is a nice help. It saves a lot of time because of cable management. A separate place for the power supply unit is a valuable thing.

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