How to Undervolt Your CPU & GPU – Complete Guide (Safe)

If you are an extensive PC or laptop user, you must have faced the extreme heating up of your system. Especially during heavy tasks such as high end gaming, video rendering, or some other multitasking. Also, the system becomes overheated due to poor ventilation. You must be familiar with the term overclocking, which means increasing the clock speed of a component above the built in specifications to increase performance levels. So how to undervolt your CPU and GPU?

Best Laptop for SIMS 4 2021 – 12+ Laptops & Buyer’s Guide

Finding a best laptop for SIMS 4 becomes easy, if you are aware of the laptop specifications as well as gaming requirements. In general, a gamer always require such a gaming laptop that doesn’t say NO to any of the present era games. Though, there are tons of cheap laptops available that will fulfill your gaming desires. However, to run every game and especially real life simulation games like SIMS 4, a premium laptop is the best option.

How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually – 10+ Methods

The battery is the component responsible for keeping the laptop alive for hours without any external power. But what if you forget your laptop charger or your laptop’s power port is damaged? In such a case, you must know how to charge the laptop battery manually.

Gaming Keyboard vs Normal Keyboard: The Ultimate Difference Guide

Whether you are a professional gamer, a newbie or just a regular computer user, you would have wondered the perks of using a gaming keyboard. Sometimes one is really bothered between two same devices having somewhat different specs and functionalities. That is why we have written this detailed article covering a complete article on Gaming Keyboard vs Normal Keyboard.