What Battery is equivalent to LR44? Simple Answer.

LR44 Battery is one of the most popular tablet Battery in world. Due to its use, it is widely known for use in watches, calculators, hearing aids, flashlights, electronic toys, cameras and other devices.

Today we present what battery is equivalent to LR44 to make it easier for you to get the right battery for your device.

Main LR44 equivalents is 357, AG13, V13GA, PX76A, L1154, A76. LR44 is an Alkaline battery with a voltage – 1.5V. At temperatures not exceeding + 20 ° C (68 F) and with a resistance of 3 thousand Ω, the battery lasts up to 255 hours.

LR44 Battery Equivalent

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What does LR44 stand for?

The batteries in the IEC codes have their own names.

L – stands for Alkaline type battery, and R for round shape (coin, button or cylindrical). So every battery with the name starting with letters LR is rounded Alkaline type battery.

LR44 Battery Size and Specifications

LR44 size measures inches
lr44 battery size

LR44 battery size is 11.6 mm (0.456 inch) in diameter and 5.4 mm (0.212 inch) thick. Typicaly have from 110 maH to 200 maH. And has Typical internal resistance of 8 ohms. LR44 is an Alkaline 1.5v battery.

Battery Cell Chemistry

There are three main categories of Battery types.

  • Alkaline
  • Silver Oxide

Alkaline Battery

Alkaline batteries are much superior to the old type of zinc air battery. These types of batteries are most widely used, with many major manufacturers offering a range of more specialized batteries for a more specific application, depending on the accessories used in production and structural modifications.

Alkaline batteries are suitable for use in almost all devices designed for these batteries. They have a large capacity, high resistance to higher currents and a longer shelf life (4-7 years).

Downgrade of Alkaline batteries is that battery Voltage decreases with battery life and Silver oxygen batteries retain the same voltage.

Silver Oxide Battery

Silver oxide has a higher capacity, longer shelf life (5-7 years), and a more stable output voltage battery. The only disadvantage is the price which is much higher than Alkaline type batteries.

Alkaline vs Silver Oxide

SIlver oxide batteries will always be a better choice for professional equipment. If you need batteries for children’s toys or a TV remote, alkaline batteries are perfect.

In the graph you can see how Alkaline and Silver Oxige perform.

LR44 and 357 discharge curve

This is because silver oxide batteries retain the same voltage regardless of their age. Graph shows how after 500 hours Alkaline type battery loses its voltage drastically and the Silver Oxide battery remains same voltage.

How to know what battery your device is using?

Each battery has its own name, which is always written on the battery.

If you want to buy a battery before removing it, then the easiest way would be to just read the device manual where the battery type will be written. If the required LR44 battery is listed, then you know from this article what the equivalent of that battery is.

If you have more questions feel free to ask them in the comments section. We hope this article was helpful to you and yes, the best deal for the LR44 equivalent you can find on amazon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LR44 the same as 357?

  • In terms of measurements, they are essentially the same, but chemical composition varies. LR44 is an Alkaline type battery and 357 is a Silver Oxide type battery. 357 battery can be safely used as a replacement for the LR44

LR44 Battery Equivalent from Energizer?

  • Energizer 357 battery is equivalent to LR44 type battery.

Is LR44 the same as 357 battery?

  • They can be used as equivalent to each other, although their chemical composition varies. 357 battery should last longer than LR44.

LR44 Battery vs 357?

  • The 357 battery is a Silver Oxide and LR44 is alkaline type battery. Silver Oxide performs much better than alkaline batteries but costs as well more.

Are LR44 and 357 Batteries the same?

  • By measurement – yes they are the same, but by composite and performance they are different. 357 battery wins in all categories.

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