Best CPU Coolers for i7 9700k 2021 – 11+ Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The times of 3rd and 4th generation of Intel processors is past now. The 9th generation processors were introduced in October 2018 by Intel. Presently, these are the latest, powerful as well as potential processors manufactured by Intel. In this context, the i7 9700k is a true beast, 9th generation Intel processor is an excellent value for money for professional work as well as gaming. However, every CPU requires considerable cooling if used extensively. That is why you have to look for the best CPU coolers for i7 9700k to let your temperature remain within limits.

11+ best-cpu cooler for i7 9700k

Now once it comes to cooling, a number of options are available in market. These range from air cooler to AIO or liquid coolers. However, you have to go for the one that is completely suitable and fulfill your usage needs.

Best CPU Coolers for i7 9700k in 2021

As mentioned before, due to plethora of options in market, one really gets confused. However, you don’t have to worry about anything. In this article we have selected some of the top of the line best CPU coolers for i7 9700k. All these products are selected based on professional analysis, practical user experience, and number of tests as well as real reviews. Thus you may pick from these Top 11+ best CPU coolers for i7 9700k according to your requirements.

Furthermore, in the end there is a detailed buyer’s guide. It will explain all the basics behind buying any CPU Cooler. You may use that guide to clear all your confusions and make any final choice with great ease and comfort.

Now coming towards the detailed reviews of each of the best CPU coolers for i7 9700k.

1. Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO – Best CPU Cooler for i7 9700k

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo best CPU Cooler for i7 9700k

Key Specs:

  • Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 3.1×6.3×4.7 inches
  • Material: 4 Direct contact pipes/Aluminum fins
  • Fan Speed: 600 – 2,000 RPM
  • Power Consumption: 2.64 W

The product we are reviewing has been released to cover the cost and performance gap of its predecessor Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus. However, amazingly due to its performance and low cost, it became one of the most popular air-coolers of all time. With airflow of 82.9 CFM and noise level of 36.0 decibels, it is among the best coolers for i7 9700k.

The 120mm fan comes in a rectangular box and is pre-mounted to the heatsink tower. The fan and shroud are semi-transparent which adds to the beauty of black finishing cooler. From the sides you can see the heat pipes surrounded by an excess of aluminum fins. At the rear end, you will get a default empty surface. Here an additional 120mm fan can be attached too with the help of clips that comes with the Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler. At the top of this best cheap CPU cooler, four heat pipes can be seen making their way through aluminum fin and a Cooler master logo.

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Cooler Master has employed their patented CDC or Continuous Direct Contact technology in heat pipes. It is claimed to act as virtual vapor chamber dissipating a large amount of heat. Moreover, Hyper 212 is one of the best CPU coolers for i7 9700k under 50$ price tag which comes with a 120mm PWM fan. The fan is capable of pushing 66 CFM of air at speed of 600-2000 RPM.

Additionally, it is not only useful with Intel build processors like Core i7-9700k or i5-9600k but also upgraded to include mounting brackets for AM4. At the stock clock, Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO was able to maintain the temperature in range of 65°C. Overclocking the core i7-9700k at 5.1 GHZ, the temperature could go only as high as 76°C while playing games like War Zone and Battleground.

If you want to buy CPU cooler that does not cost you too much as well give best performance and maintain a suitable temperature for your PC, Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO will do the job for you. With efficient performance, low price tag and easy setup it is one of the best-rated air coolers for CPU.

  • PWM Fan
  • Not noisy
  • Low price
  • Mounting compatible with a good range of Intel and AMD processors
  • No RGB
  • No second fan in box

2. Be quiet! Dark Rock PRO 4 – High performance CPU Cooler

be quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 best i7 9700k CPU Cooler

Key Specs:

  • Weight: 2.49 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5.35 x 5.74 x 6.4 inches
  • Fans: 1 x Silent Wing 120mm PWM, 1 x Silent Wings 135mm PWM
  • Fan Speed: Up to 1500 RPM
  • Noise level: 24.3 dBa

Dark rock PRO 4, another flagship cooler from be quiet! With a stunningly handsome deep-black metallic finish. It comes with two fans and same number of radiators to take up the cooling performance up to 200 watts. Therefore, this will work enough for any processor, especially the i7-9700k family. It possess two silent wing fans, the top one of 120mm and 135mm in the middle.

Inside the box, you will get thermal compound, brackets, common assortment of mounting hardware, a magnetic screwdriver and PWM splitter that is two-way. Further, the packaging also includes six manuals in different languages. These manuals include detailed mounting steps for both Intel and AMD processors including i7-9700K.

The aesthetic deep black Dark rock pro 4 is a heavy cooler with high performance. The top side features a brushed-aluminum plate having caps that cover ends of the 6mm-diameter copper heat pipes. The 7 heat pipes each with a diameter of 6mm are made of copper. These are used to offload thermal energy into cooling towers.

It is been termed as one of the best silent CPU coolers for i7 9700k due to its non-noisy, high performance. The 120mm fan at the front moves air through the first tower. Similarly, the second SilentWing 135mm moves it through the second tower and out of the rear end, respectively.

It is not just a best CPU fan for gaming but also keeps the temperature at optimal level while you overclock your CPU with heavy 3D editing software. The combination of two Silent wing fans and seven heat pipes make it one of the most desired and best CPU cooling system.

  • Aesthetic Looks
  • High performance
  • 7 heat pipes
  • Highly compatible
  • Heavy
  • Not suitable for small casings

3. Noctua NH-D15 Premium – CPU Cooler with Long Life

Noctua NH-D15, Premium CPU Cooler

Key specs:

  • Weight: 2.86 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5.91 x6.34×6.5 inches
  • Material: 6 copper heat pipes/Aluminum fins
  • Fans: 2 x NF-A15 PWM premium fan
  • Fan Speed: Up to 1200 RPM
  • Paste: NT-H1 high-grade thermal compound
  • Mounting kit: SecuFirm2 Mounting Kit
  • Power Consumption: 1.56 W

Noctua, known as the champions of CPU coolers after they introduced a giant dual-tower heat sink with a pair of fans that stunned the world. They gave us NH-D14, which set a trend of dual-tower coolers. Although, their popularity dropped down with time as new players introduced other revolutionary models but it won’t be wrong to say that they have reclaimed the throne with latest flagship cooler NH-D15, the best i7 9700k cooler.

It is an updated and improved version of NH-D14. It comes with two powerful 140mm NF A-15 PMW best CPU fans for i7 9700k along with six heat pipes. Moreover, there is the infamous mounting system of Noctua known as SecuFirm-2. Amazingly, it supports almost all type of sockets available today. This D-type cooler with enhanced cooling system is step ahead as compared to its predecessor. The reason is better compatibility, improved cooling process and less noise.

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There is a fan installed in the middle when you examine cooler from sides while the front fan is optional but recommended. The six heat pipes expand outward and go up into the 45-fins set. The lower 7-pins are smaller than upper 38-fins to make installation easier. Also, it is an upgrade in design of NH D-14, while there is gap between first set of fins and middle fan to make cooling process better.

It is indeed one of the best CPU air cooler for i7 9700k, which can keep your temperature in range of 50 degrees while the CPU runs on stock clock. The temperature remained below 70OC at overclock while running AIDA64 Extreme 3.0. Not just that, but also with a 7.5V of supply while the fans span at 1100 RPM, it only produces noise up to 24 decibels, which is remarkable.

This best Noctua CPU cooler is a bit expensive but looking at the overall air cooler performance, high compatibility, low noise and the reputation, it is worthy of every penny. If you desire a best value air cooler for a long term than we highly recommend Noctua NH D-15.

  • Dual-Tower
  • Quiet CPU cooler
  • Efficient
  • User-Friendly mounting system
  • Six years Warranty
  • Expensive
  • Big size
  • Color combination

4. Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro RGB – Best Closed Loop CPU Cooler

Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler for i7

Key specs:

  • Weight: 5.34 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18.66 x 5.75 x 7.28 inches
  • Fans: 3 x ML Series 120mm PWM fan
  • Fan Speed: Up to 1600 RPM
  • Paste: Pre-applied thermal compound
  • Mounting kit: Intel mounting plate

Lately, we have a seen a high raise in usage of All-in-one closed loop water CPU coolers by people who are looking for highest possible CPU overclocks. Also, for users in need of an effective and dependable cooling system, it is best fit. For quite some time, cooling systems composed of single 140mm or double 120mm radiator sizes were in extensive use. But now the trend is shifting more towards 140mm and even triple 120mm size radiators to achieve lowest temperature possible.

The Hyrdo Series H150i Pro by Corsair is also one of such 120mm triple radiator. It is a best all in one liquid CPU cooler that comes with all the typical features of infamous Corsair. This big processor cooling system supports almost all current AMD and Intel processors. The radiator comes with three ML series 120mm PMW fans with 47.3 CFM at 1600 RPM. In the box, you will get a USB cable that connects the head unit or Pump to the motherboard to achieve granular control of Corsair iCUE software.

The H150i pro head unit draws power from SATA 12v integrated adapter. A triple, 4-pin ribbon cable comes out of the Pump that connects the trio of best 120mm fan for CPU cooler, which are then controlled by Corsair iCUE software. The acrylic pump top is ringed with RGB lighting that can be customized with the software.

Corsair H150i Pro is one of the top liquid coolers for i7 9700k because of its silent nature along with a good temperature result. With Intel core i7 9700k CPU, MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB graphics card and Patriot Viper 4 3000MHz 4x4GB of primary memory, it was able to maintain the temperature below 55O C at Stock load. While overclocking the CPU, H150i was able to keep temperature below 75OC. Similarly, the noise level can vary between 23-30 decibels at overclock; making it a quiet liquid CPU cooler.

Although, it may not be able to beat its competitors in temperature control; but still it is in our best closed loop CPU cooler list. The reason is Low noise combined with a fine temperature result. The corsair iCUE software, which is highly customizable, gives it an edge over the mentioned competitors.

  • Trio of 120mm PMW fans
  • Low noise level
  • Great software
  • Highly compatible
  • RGB Lighting
  • Need too much space
  • Expensive

5. Thermaltake Floe Triple Ring RGB 360 – CPU Cooler with RGB Control

Thermaltake Floe Triple Ring RGB 360

Key Specs:

  • Weight: 3.55 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 1.1 x 4.8 inches
  • RGB: 12 separately controlled RGB LED
  • Fans: 3 x Ring Plus 120mm PWM fan
  • Fan Speed: 500-1400 RPM
  • Paste: Pre-applied thermal compound
  • Noise Level: 24.7 dB
  • Power consumption: 3.9 watt

As we already mentioned, there is high surge in production of AIO liquid coolers with all top players of markets investing in it. The Thermaltake is behind no one when it comes to producing highly compatible, affordable and best performer liquid air coolers.

With a bit complex name or we can say a name as big as the its size, Thermaltake Floe triple Ring RGV 360 TT premium comes with a 3-pin connector for head unit, a 3.5” FDD power cable and a 9-pin Internal USB header with outputs for controller hub. 3 special 9-pin fans, a controller hub and mounting brackets for Intel and AMD CPUs, accompany the radiator. The box also contains standoffs to support brackets, fan and case mounting screws with washers.

One of the most amazing feature is the controller hub, which can support up to 5 devices that includes RGB control for both fan and pump. The head unit or Pump is aesthetic black with a ring backlit, a TT premium logo and comes with a company applied thermal compound. The bottom cold plate of the pump is made up of copper and can run at 3600 RPM with drawing 12V from fan header.

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The Radiator of this best CPU water cooler for i7 9700k is 360mm long and 27mm thick with 326mm long tubes. The 3-Ring Plus 12 LED RGB TT premium edition fans are 120mm each and runs at speed of 1400 RPM with a delivery of 42.34 CFM of airflow.

Thermaltake Flow Ring 360 turns out to be the one of best AIO CPU cooler when its performance is matched with other competitors. At Stock Load, it can maintain temperature of i7-9700k to as high as 51.5OC, which is better than Corsair H80i GT, NZXT kraken X62, and others. Similarly, while you overclock your CPU at 5.1 GHz, with 12v of power, you can manage your temperature below 68OC.

If you are more concerned about temperature and not looking just for a best quiet CPU cooler but also a best liquid cooler for i7 9700k with most dependable temperature control, then Thermaltake Floe Ring 360 should be your first option.

  • Highly customizable LED controls
  • Great Cooling
  • Low noise
  • Aesthetic looks
  • Not synced with motherboard RGB
  • Expensive
  • Space needed in casing

6. ASUS Rog Ryujin 360 RGB AIO – Quiet & Durable CPU Cooler

ASUS Rog Ryujin 360 RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

Key specs:

  • Weight: 6.05 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9 x 5.5 x 18.5 inches
  • Fans: 3 x Noctua 120mm iPPC PWM fan
  • Fan Speed: 450-2000 RPM
  • Paste: Pre-applied thermal compound
  • Noise Level: 29.7 dB

ASUS being a well-known name in the world of technology and computers are behind no one when it comes to making best processor cooler. If price is not an issue for you and you are only looking for the best performance all-in-one liquid cooler, then ASUS Rog RYUJIN 360 can be your ultimate thermal solution.

The radiator is a classic looking aesthetic black 27mm slim combined with a trio of best quiet computer fans from Noctua with a 2000 RPM fan speed. At full speed they produce sound lower than 30 dB and are designed to run 24/7 without an issue. 11mm tubes are connected to the radiator through 7.5mm wide connections giving it a unique but strange look.

There are four cables plastered to the cooling head that includes a USB, fan connector for motherboard, fan splitter for Noctua fans and a SATA power cable. As many other Liquid coolers, Rog Ryujin 360 also comes with a pre-applied thermal compound. It is compatible with a whole bunch of AMD and Intel processors but make sure you got enough place in your casing.

ASUS Rog Ryujin 360 comes with its own software namely LiveDash which got plenty of options to control the cooler. Connect it with your Asus motherboard and you can control fan speed, display and RGB light on the cooling head.

Not just that, you can also check for stats like temperature, noise and RPM. LiveDash is one of the most customizable software we have ever seen with a cooler but the only drawback is that it may not work well with other motherboards than ASUS.

The price tag is justifiable when you look at the performance of this best CPU cooling system. It will keep your temperature as low as 20OC at stock speed while you put load on it. Overclocking your CPU, you will not cross a 40OC mark with any game you may play.

It is also one the most quiet coolers as all the four fans – 3 Noctua fans and one extra fan inside the cooling head which go to the max of 4800 RPM – could produce sound only around 31 dB which is remarkable.

  • Great performance
  • 3 Noctua fans
  • Highly compatible
  • Durable
  • Good software
  • Very Expensive
  • Software goes well only with Asus motherboard

7. Cooler Master V8 GTS – CPU Cooler with Best Aesthetics

Cooler Master V8 GTS High Performance CPU Cooler

Key Specs:

  • Weight: 3.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6.6 x 5.9 x 6.1inches
  • Fans: 2 x 14025-16CB-4FBP-F1 140mm fans
  • Fan Speed: 600-1600 RPM
  • Noise Level: 36 dB
  • Power consumption: 3.72 watt

Here is another masterpiece by Cooler Master, a high performance, aggressive style and one of the best CPU cooler for Intel i7 9700k. V8 GTS belongs to the infamous V-Series of Cooler Master with extended features and better performance. V8 GTS is a refresh of older version with three towers rather than four, dual fans and eight heat pipes.

It is a 154mm tall, 149mm wide and 166mm wide from intake to exhaust and highly compatible with almost every type of Intel and AMD processors thanks to the LGA775 and AM2 sockets. The tower is surrounded by a chunk of plastic shroud and comprised of a vapor chamber, 6mm eight-heat pipe, 37mm aluminum fins in smaller stacks and 45mm aluminum fins in main stack.

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It comes with a pair of 14025-16CB-4FBP-F1 140mm fans specifically made for V8 GTS. With a fan speed ranging from 600 RPM to 1600 RPM, they spin on the fourth generation of POM bearings and can deliver up to 82 CFM each.

For all the best non-liquid CPU coolers we have seen till now, V8 GTS by Cooler Master is one of our favorite not just because of its aesthetic robot-face like looks combined with a beautiful black color and red lighting but also due to its remarkable performance. At stock clock, while you throw load on your CPU, V8 will make sure to keep the temperature below 50OC. Similarly, at overclock while you play your favorite games like Valorant, Battlefield V or War Zone, you can keep your temperature in range of 73OC.

Although, with its all-aesthetic looks, new horizontal vapor chamber technology and good control of temperature, the noise factor is what we did not like. At stock clock and 7.5V supply, it produced 34 dB of noise but at overclock and 12V supply, the noise raised prominently to 57 db. Besides that, we found nothing in V8 GTS to complain about. From looks to installing and excellent performance it is worth the asking price.

  • Aesthetic looks
  • Combination of red lighting with black skin color
  • 2 140mm fans
  • High performance
  • A bit noisy
  • Relatively Expensive

8. Noctua NH-L9x65 Premium – Best Low Budget CPU Cooler

Noctua NH-L9x65, Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler

Key Specs:

  • Weight: 0.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 3.74 x 2 x 3.74 inches
  • Fans: 1 x 92mm NF-A9x14 PWM fan
  • Fan Speed: 600-2250 RPM
  • Noise Level: 25 dB
  • Paste: NT-H1 thermal Compound

NH-L9x65 is another best low budget CPU cooler by Noctua with a compact layout rather than normal tower or C-style design. Although, it does not reach to the level of NH-C14 and NH-C14s but still a worthy competitor. Noctua tried to prove a point that how a low price and low profile cooler can also meet the average cooling needs of any processor specially an i7 9700k.

It is a 65mm Cooler as obvious from the name and will fit LGA115x and LGA2011 version Intel processor. Moreover, the NH-L9x65 is also compatible with AMD CPUs due to the AM4 sockets. Likewise, it comes with a 92mm NF-A9x14 PWM fan, which is 14mm thick and can spin on SSO2 at 2250 RPM. The airflow is at 57.5 cubic meter per hour, lower than 30 CFM.

The NH-L9x65 may not possess too many features but it is one of the cheapest and best air cooler due to its 100% RAM compatibility. It has 95 x 95mm footprint, which complies exactly with Intel LGA115x socket. This means, there will be no trouble connecting it along chipset coolers, nor will it overhang RAM slots. Additionally, it sit very well in motherboard and does not block PCIe slots like many other coolers.

Although it is one of the best cheap CPU cooler but we will not recommend to use it at overclock or if you are planning to throw high load at your CPU. At stock load of i7 9700k it is able to keep to keep the temperature lower than 58oC but at overclock, while you play high-end games like Battlefield V the temperature may shoot to 82oC which is not good for the health of your CPU.

If you are looking for a cheap quiet CPU cooler that do not produce noise more than 25 dB at stock load and 36 dB at overclock and not planning to throw too much load on your CPU then Noctua NH-L9x65 is the answer to your problem. However, we will not recommend using it on overclocking with high load.

  • Fan speed up to 2250 RPM
  • Quiet cooler
  • Low price
  • Average performer
  • Not recommended for overclock enthusiasts

9. NZXT Kraken X63 280mm – Quietest CPU Cooler for i7 9700k

NZXT Kraken X63 280mm - RL-KRX63-01 - AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

Key Specs

  • Weight: 4.62 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.7 x 8.35 x 6.18 inches
  • Fans: 2 x 140mm PWM fans.
  • Fan Speed: up to 2850 RPM
  • Noise Level: 21 dB
  • LED: Mirror ring LED

NZXT although do not have a vast variety of CPU coolers like other manufacturers but their handful products are few of the best quality CPU coolers. Kraken X63 is a 3rd update to infamous Kraken X series of NZXT with a bigger LED ring and rotatable NZXT LED-logo. It belongs to the award winning line of RGB best all-in-one liquids coolers of NZXT.

In the box, you will get a 280mm of radiator giving it more cooling surface area, a pair of 140 mm PWM fans, tubing and cooling head unit. You will also find a back plate that supports a variety of processors from both Intel and AMD. Other than that, NZXT sends USB, HUB and Power cables along fan/radiator mounting screws and a quick start guide.

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The most exciting feature of NZXT X and Z-Series is the CAM software suite, which allows you to observe different variables like temperature, RPM, noise level, and controls Fan speed, RGB lighting etc. NZXT did something annoying in this X63 model as the fans are no more controlled by LCS unit and CAM suite. You may need to connect them with motherboard or you will have to buy an extra CAM compatible FAN hub to control them.

After mounting it to your Intel i7-9700k and being done with the installation process, you are surely going to love the performance of NZXT Kraken X63. At default clock level and without putting any load on system, the temperature can smoothly be maintained below 24oC which will may go up to 57oC if you apply a 100% load. Kraken x63 will not disappoint you if you want to overclock your CPU at 5.1GHz. Moreover, it will keep the temperature below 70oC even at 100% load, which is a notable performance.

For audiophiles, NZXT Kraken X63 is one of the best budget AIO water cooler, as the noise level will not cross 35 dB mark even at overclock and highest load. The only time it may make noise is when the fans run at 100% or 2850 RPM. The CAM software will never allow for such RPMs unless you customize it manually.

Our final verdict on kraken X63 is that if you are not willing to have a giant casing nor you want to throw too much money in fans and coolers but still looking for good air cooler performance then NZXT Kraken X63 is the recommended CPU cooler from us.

  • 280mm Radiator providing more cooling area
  • Quiet CPU cooler
  • Pre-Fitted
  • Best CPU cooler software
  • No support for fans control in CAM

10. DEEP COOL Assassin III – Best Temperature Control CPU Cooler

DEEP COOL Assassin III CPU Cooler

Key Specs:

  • Weight: 3.22 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.19 x 72 x 11.57 inches
  • Fans: 2 x 140mm fans.
  • Fan Speed: 400-1400 RPM
  • Noise Level: 34.2 dB
  • Ram Clearance: 54mm

Deepcool being one of the oldest manufacturer of computer products gradually became a heavyweight in the world of thermal products for Laptops and personal computers. Assassin III belongs to the Assassin family of DeepCool coolers with many additional features as compared to its predecessors.

The cooler has 7-heat pipes along with dual 140mm best processor fans. These spin at the speed of 400-1400 RPM. Inside the packaging comes a long-reach screwdriver, spreading cord, syringe of thermal compound, 2 x RPM reduction cables, mounting brackets that goes with a variety of Intel and AMD CPUs and PWM splitter cable. The nickel-plated mounting brackets with a chromed finish contrasts nicely with the black color scheme of fans and cooling tower.

The 7 heat pipes, which run the entire height of cooling towers, are nickel-plated and account for the cooling prowess of DeepCool Assassin III. It uses a fix twisting plate at the top of cooling base that is affixed to mounting plates with screws during installation.

DeepCool GamerStrom Tf-140s fans with 1400 RPM installed to the cooling tower using wire spring clips make the airflow possible. Both the fans work in Unison where one moves air through front of first cooling tower and the other one moves air front-to-back on the second tower.

Looking at the performance Assassin III makes it easily to the list of best-rated air coolers for best CPU brands. Keeping your i7-9700k processor at stock clock without pouring any load into it, DeepCool Assassin III will keep the temperature at stable 26oC. Even at 100% load on stock clock, the temperature will not cross 60oC Mark. Overclocking your CPU at 5.1 GHz and applying 100 percent of load on CPU, Assassin III will not let your temperature go above 74oC.

Assassin III is not just a killer when it comes to aesthetic looks and outstanding temperature control but also one of best quiet CPU cooler. You will not even hear a hum at a feet distance as even while overclocking and at its maximum capacity, the sound it produce is just below 32 decibels. Our verdict after reviewing DeepCool Assassin III and so many others top CPU cooler brands is that it is right in competition with the best performing air coolers like Noctua DH-15 or may be ahead of it.

  • Great processor cooling fans
  • Easy installation
  • Nice packaging with a good deal of accessories
  • Compatible with a vast variety of CPUs and Casings
  • A bit Expensive
  • Old style

11. Corsair Hydro H80i GT – Compact Design CPU Cooler

Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

Key Specs:

  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.7 x 9.1 x 6.1 inches
  • Fans: 2 x SP120L PWM fans.
  • Fan Speed: Up to 2435 RPM
  • Noise Level: 38 dB
  • Paste: Pre-applied thermal paste

There are not many best budget All-in-one liquid coolers in market that will match the caliber, performance and price tag of Corsair Hydro H80i GT Liquid CPU Cooler. It is one of the smallest offering in sealed loop Hydro series lineup of corsair with a new octagonal shape design and backlit Corsair logo surrounded by angled section.

The 120mm radiator with its extra thickness of 49mm is armed with a duo of 120mm fans that offers a speed of 2435 RMP; deliver 70.7 CFM and 4.65mm H20 of pressure. Like other traditional coolers of Corsair, this one is also compatible with almost all AMD and Intel processors. Also, it comes with an AMD top bracket and the Intel LGA1366 and LGA115X back plate.

Another exciting feature of Corsair Hydro H80i GT or perhaps every Corsair CPU cooler is the awesome LINK software. Connect the lead from power head to your motherboard and here you get access to LINK. From here you can monitor variables like temperature, RPM etc. while controlling your fan speed, LED lighting and Pump RPM. It is highly customizable where you can adjust all the indicators, buttons and even background according to your ease.

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Looking at the 120mm radiator or 120mm dual fans one may think of it as a low performance all-in-one liquid cooler, which is not the case. Mounting it to your i7-9700k, at performance mode and stock load the temperature will remain below 45OC. Similarly, in quiet mode it may touches the 52.5OC mark. If you want to overclock your CPU at quiet mode, but worried about the temperature, then again, H80i GT is there for you. The reason is H80i GT will keep the temperature below 69OC which is an outstanding result.

Corsair Hydro H80i GT is without any doubts one of the cheap CPU heatsinks with an amazing overall result. The only thing where it disappointed us the noise level. At stock clock, while the fans spin at 840 RPM, it delivers only 26 dB of noise but overclocking the CPU and letting the fans spin at 2220 RPM, the noise level just shoot up to 57dB of noise.

Our final word on it will be, if you want to give your processor a long life and are looking for a Cooler that really cool your processor and does not care about how much noise it may produce in result then Corsair Hydro H80i GT is not just best option but also will not be hard on your wallet.

  • Compact design
  • Highly efficient software
  • Good performance
  • Low price
  • Difficult installation
  • Noisy at overclock

Best CPU Coolers for i7 9700k – More Suggestions

Some other most recommended CPU Coolers for i7 9700k that are really great in their overall performance are given below.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB CPU Cooler

Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition best CPU Cooler for i7 9700k

To know about the specifications, features and current price of Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition, visit below link.

Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC240E RGB Close-Loop AIO Cooler

Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC240E RGB Close-Loop AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

To know about the specifications, features and current price of Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC240E AIO Liquid Cooler, visit below link.

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R ARGB Close-Loop AIO Cooler

Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC240E RGB Close-Loop AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

To know about the specifications, features and current price of Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R ARGB CPU Cooler, visit below link.

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO Liquid CPU Cooler for 9700k

To know about the specifications, features and current price of Corsair H115i Platinum AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, visit below link.

Corsair iCUE H115i Elite Capellix Liquid CPU Cooler

Corsair iCUE H115i Elite Capellix Liquid CPU Cooler for i7 processors

To know about the specifications, features and current price of Corsair iCUE-H115i Elite Capellix Liquid CPU Cooler, visit below link.

Thermaltake Water 3.0 ARGB Motherboard Sync Edition

Thermaltake Water 3.0 ARGB Motherboard Sync Edition for 9700k

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Best CPU Coolers for i7 9700k – Buyer’s Guide

While building a PC, one of the most important decision is choosing a right cooler for your CPU. If you want to play heavy games, develop software, work on high-end engineering applications or planning to overclock, your CPU is going to produce a lot of heat, which will not just affect the overall performance but also have a negative impact on life of processor and other devices. To cope with the thermal energy and noise output, you must choose a right cooler for your PC.

Although we suppose that, you have a good idea of what you are looking for. If not, we have got you covered, as our buying guide will help you understand what basics things you may look for in a best CPU cooler as per your needs and preference.

Categories of CPU Coolers

Every CPU cooler falls in Any of these three categories: Closed-loop AIO (All in one) coolers, Air coolers and Open-loop cooing systems. The first two are the most used coolers while open-loop coolers, although deliver unmatchable results, are not widely used due to their complexity and high price.

Air coolers are the most simple and cheap type of coolers. These are made of combination of some top CPU fans and metal heatsinks, comes in a number of shapes and sizes with different thermal dissipation capabilities. Air coolers are easy to install, keep temperature moderate and does not take too much space in your casing.

Air coolers can be U-type/twin Tower air coolers or C-type air coolers. U-type are the most commonly used form with a vertical stack of fins, arranged in parallel to the heat base. The formation for fins looks like a tower of fins, which help in the dissipating heat energy dually through heat pipes using fans.

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C-type coolers have C-shaped heat pipes that curves from the heat fin stack. The fin stack connect to one end of heat base, while the fan can be connected to either the top of bottom of fins. This setup helps in installation of multiple fans.

All-in-one liquid coolers are always expensive but quieter than air coolers and keep the temperature lower.  It does not require the complications of cutting/fitting tubes and comes in ready form. Using a combination of radiators, coolants, head pumps and fans, they will need quite a room in your casing but are surely the best performing CPU coolers.

How to select a suitable cooler for your PC?

A right cooler for your CPU will ensure that it operates at the appropriate temperature, making your PC efficient. Following are some of the most important factors you need to consider while choosing a best performing cooler for your CPU.


First and foremost, allocate a suitable budget for your CPU Cooler. If you are planning to make a new system or upgrading your PC, you should not underspend on your cooler and end up with something that will not be able to cool down your CPU. Neither, you should overspend on your cooler wasting the money that could have spent on other essential components of CPU.

Usage of CPU

Choosing a CPU cooler and allocating a perfect budget for it depend on your specific use case. If you want to overclock the processor, we would recommend you to go for expensive high-end liquid coolers.

Similarly, if you are planning to build a low-budget PC for light gaming or basic usage, there are a number of best small CPU coolers that will work fine for you.

There is a huge variety of top best air coolers and best liquids cooler ranging from low price to high price but you have to choose wisely according to your requirements.

Thermal Design Power

TDP or thermal design power is the most important factor in deciding a right cooler for your CPU. It is the max amount of heat generated by CPU that can be dissipated by a cooler under any workload. A TDP rating is assigned to both CPU and cooler. If the TDP rating of CPU cooler is less than processor, it will not able to execute the job of cooling processor. A recommended CPU cooler is one that has TDP rating either same or higher than TDP rating of your processor.

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Almost all best air cooler brands manufacture top CPU coolers in way that will fit any of the most famous processors of Intel and AMD. However, still there exist, number of coolers that will only fit specific kinds of CPU sockets. To make sure that you do not buy a wrong product for your central processing unit, do your research before making a final decision.


By clearance, we means that your chosen CPU cooler is not just compatible with your processor but also fit well inside the casing. There a number of best liquid coolers with a high number of fans and radiator size, that may not fit well in small casings. In addition, most high-end coolers can have clearance issues with DIMM slots or top PCIe lane due to their bulkiness. Therefore, it is very important that you are well aware of the space inside your casing and choose a most suitable CPU cooler.

Noise level

There are a number of good CPU coolers in the market but all of them are not very quiet. Some top brands focus more on the cooling side of CPU cooling systems and install a number of fans that can produce a lot of noise. Other brands keep a balance between noise production and cooling performance of a cooler. While there are some coolers, which are not just, best performing CPU coolers but also the most quiet CPU coolers at the same time.

 A thumb rule is that bigger the fan lower the noise because the small fans have to spin too fast as compared to big fans while producing same level of cooling.

Design and lighting

Now this factor completely depends on your preference. There is a good variety of CPU coolers with different designs and aesthetic. Some of them carry RGB lighting; some have unicolor LEDS while other does not include any lighting. Similarly, some builders go for sleek low-profile looks while others like the extreme and high-end bulky CPU coolers.

There may be ton of other factors too but we have tried to cover all the basic and most important factors that one may consider before making a final decision of buying a CPU cooler. We hope that this will help you in choosing a best CPU cooler for i7 9700k.

Recommended i7 9700k CPU Cooler- Editor’s Choice

In the end, after detailed analysis and overview of all specifications and features along with practical experience and reviews of professional gamers and CPU users; we at DigiChasers selected Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler as our Best CPU Cooler for i7 9700k.

If you think that we should also have included some other best CPU Coolers in our list of Top 11+ Best CPU Coolers for i7 9700k, share your experience in comments.

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