Corsair RM vs RMX. Which one is Better?

A good power supply unit (PSU) is very important in PC Building. If you’re trying to find an answer to which is better, Corsair RM vs. RMX, then you are already on the right track because this both PSUs are graded 80 Plus gold certification levels. It means that no matter which one you choose, you should achieve great performance.

But if you still have trouble deciding between RM vs. RMX corsair PSU, then we will try to help you make a decision.

Which is better, Corsair RM vs. RMX?

Corsair RM PSU is a little older than RMx but still has a great value in terms of how much it costs. Corsair RMx is a newer version of the RM series PSU.

Both RM and RMx are modular PSUs, which provide an additional option when bundling a computer. Comparing the performance of these two PSUs, the RMx is a little better but costs a bit more.

For example, the 1000w PSU average efficiency (40-100w load range) is 85.28%, and the Corsair RMx series is 84.67%. The 40-100w load range is not big, and RM is a little better in this load.

When load diapason is bigger, from 20-100w load range, Corsair RMx gives slightly better numbers. RM series 92.05% and RMx 92.06%.

Corsair RM uses a rifle-bearing HongHua fan, whereas RMx uses a Corsair-designed low-noise rifle-bearing fan, which is noticeably quieter. Also, the RMx series PSU have capacitors in the cables, which gives about 10mV higher ripple, and the RM series do not have capacitors in the cables.

Both PSU series have the Modern Standby option, which allows you to optimize your computer’s work.

What is 80 plus certification?

To get 80-plus certifications, manufacturers send samples of PSU to voluntary certification, which Ecos IQ, Inc. makes. To get 80 Plus certificates, they must have at least 80% efficiency at three load levels of 20, 0, and 100 percent of loading.

PSU @ 115 v10% Load 20% Load 50% Load 100% Load
80 Plus Standard80%80%/PFC 0.9080%
80 Plus Bronze82%85%/PFC 0.9082%
80 Plus Silver85%88%/PFC 0.9085%
80 Plus Gold87%90%/PFC 0.9087%
80 Plus Platinum90%92%/PFC 0.9589%
80 Plus Titanium90%92% /PFC 0.9594%90%

Both RM and RMx have an 80 Plus Gold certification level, which means they are effective.

RM and RMx on the Unofficial PSU tier list

In the pc world, there are many geeks who deeply examine various aspects of computers. We found invaluable information which can help you when you are choosing for a new PSU.


On this forum you can find both PSU RM and RMX which accordingly fall into the A tier list of PSUs. If you want to check this list, press this URL.

Corsair RM and Corsair RMx price

Corsair RM and RMx prices are very similar, so if you pay a few USD more, you can get a newer and quieter PSU. But, again, you can check amazon links for price and make your comparison.

CORSAIR RM 850 costs 119.97 USD, and Corsair RM 850x 128.99 USD. In this case, the price difference is not so big, not even a 10 USD.

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BOTH Corsair RM and Corsair RMx are high-quality PSUs; just RMx is a little bit newer and quieter. If you find large price differences between these PSUs, we suggest choosing a better price ratio.

If you have more questions – feel free to write them in the comment section below. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cables have RM series and RMx series PSU?

Corsair RM and RMx have different 24-pin. RMx uses the Type 4 design and has capacitors.

What power PSU do I need?

The more W power the better, as having a reserve is always good. But if you want to calculate accurately, you can use a PSU calculator. We only advise you to always use a PSU that is slightly higher than the number obtained after the calculation. logo

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