Do CPU’s come with Thermal Paste? Answered.

Each of our PCs has been updated from time to time. Therefore, when buying a new CPU, the question often arises, do CPUs come with a thermal paste? Will it need to be purchased separately?

So, does CPUs come with Thermal Paste?

If you bought a CPU with an attached cooler, then the thermal paste will be applied to the cooler. If no cooler is added, then no thermal paste is included.

If you buy a 3rd party cooler, there will be thermal paste added already on the heatsink in most cases. However, if the thermal paste is not applied to the heatsink, then the thermal paste will most likely be added separately.

Do Ryzen CPUs come with Thermal Paste?

picture of ryzen CPU box with cooler

If the Ryzen CPU comes with a stock Cooler, the thermal paste will be applied to the cooler’s bottom – heatsink.

Of course, the photo on the boxes does not necessarily mean that the cooler is added or not. Therefore, you should still read it before purchasing what is included in the packaging.

For example, if you check this Ryzen 5 5600X CPU on you will see, that even in the title it writes – Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler.

Do AMD CPUs come with Thermal Paste?

AMD no cooler picture on box

The Ryzen, which was discussed earlier, is a processor from AMD manufacturers. Therefore, the same rule applies if the box contains the cooler for CPU, in which case the thermal paste will be included. Therefore, if you bought a CPU with an original cooler, you can not worry and do not buy extra thermal paste.

But it happens that AMD packs more powerful processors without the added CPU cooler. This is because a powerful cooler needs a powerful cooler, which gamers often buy separately.

Example – AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-core, no cooler is included with the processor, you must purchase the cooler separately. But keep in mind that most 3rd party coolers have thermal paste applied or added to the smear itself.

Do Intel CPUs come with Thermal Paste?

The same situation as with the manufacturer mentioned above. If the CPU comes with a cooler included, the thermal paste will be already added to the heatsink. If the CPU box is without a cooler, then there will be no thermal paste included.

intel no picture of a cooler

For example, if you buy this Intel Core i7-10700K Desktop Processor, you will need to buy a cooler separately because it is not included.

Do new CPUs come with Thermal Paste?

No, not all new CPUs come with thermal paste. There is no thermal paste on any of the new CPUs. However, thermal paste is added if the cooler is attached to the CPU or is in the box.

Do all CPUs come with Thermal Paste?

As mentioned earlier, if a cooler is added to the CPU, then thermal paste will be applied on the cooler heatsink.

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