What causes Horizontal lines on a TV screen? Guide to solve this problem.

Hello, today we will discuss TV problems that appear as horizontal lines on the screen and ways to solve them. Did you know that horizontal lines and vertical lines appear for different reasons?

For example, vertical lines appear mostly because of faulty TCON. The data is sent to the panel vertically through the ribbon cables connected to the screen.

Short answer

Horizontal lines usually appear due to Panel damage, Software problems, or HDMI issue and can also be a TCON problem. This problem can be solved in the following ways.

  1. If there is a valid warranty, contact the seller or the manufacturer’s representative.
  2. Try disconnecting the power cable, waiting for 5 minutes, and turning it on again.
  3. Connect the TV to the internet and try to update its software.
  4. If you have an LG TV, try to perform a pixel refresher (under display settings).
  5. Try to gently press the TV body around the edges and from the back and watch if the lines disappear. If the lines disappear, you can use clamp as a temporary solution to the problem.

And a quick tip, always keep YOUR RECEIPT when you buy a TV. Repairing modern TVs is often not worth it, as repairs can cost as much as a new TV. If there is still a valid warranty, you can contact the seller or the representative office of the TV manufacturer with a request to repair your TV.

Further in the article, I will try to discuss various ways of solving the horizon line problem in more detail.

Possible reasons for appearing Horizontal lines on a TV screen

  • Panel damage
  • Software problems
  • HDMI issue
  • Film from the back of the panel. Often people forget to peel it off, which raises the possibility of overheating. Some manufacturers do not provide warranty service if the film has not been peeled off.


Navigate to one of the smartTV menus. If the lines persist, it could be a problem with the display panel or internal hardware.

If the lines disappear, you can try another HDMI cable and different ports on your TV. You may also test the console (if one is connected) with a different monitor or TV to determine the source of the problem. If you find a problem related to the TV, it will be hard to find replacement parts, and they will usually be about half the price of a new TV.

TV with Warranty

If you have a valid TV warranty, contact the TV manufacturer or the third party with sold you the TV for help. Because if you start working on the TV yourself, you can void the valid warranty.

  • If you have warranty, call for support help. If you don’t have warranty, can try things that listed below.

TV without Warranty

  • If squeezing the frame works, the issue will be in the connection to the panel. Either a loose ribbon cable or bad solder joint or corrosion on the contact pads. If you remove the frame, and the issue isn’t obvious you can shim the frame with something like card stock or electrical tape in the spot you squeezed earlier.
  • Scotch taping the right ribbon cable in the T-CON like in this video (5.28 min).
  • Loose ribbon cable connecting to the main board.
  • If you have Samsung TV try to perform Samsung Factory Reset
  • Live with it

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Horizontal lines appearing accidentally on the TV screen can spoil the evening. I hope my article was useful and helped you solve this problem.

If you solved this problem differently, please leave a comment. It may be useful for others.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What to do if horizontal lines appear on LG TV?

Try to perform a pixel refresher (under display settings). Select automatic pixel refresher mode in Display settings. It can always be done manually immediately.

What to do if moving horizontal lines appear on Samsung TV?

Try to do a full power restart. Just unplug the device from the power outlet for 2-3 minutes and turn it on again.

What to do if horizontal lines appear on VIZIO TV?

There was an official software problem with several problems with horizontal lines appearing on the TV screen. Try to connect the TV to the internet (via cable or WIFI) and update the TV software. This may help.


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